Had the misfortune to listen to Thought for the Day this morning. The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool. gave a little three minute sermon on the wisdom of those who accept that it is right and proper to accept terrorists in government here in Northern Ireland. I do not deny the BBC the right to provide a bully pulpit for clerics who urge appeasement but in the interest of balance they should also allow those morally opposed to gangsters and killers in power to have their say too. Naturally, this does not happen.

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  1. Martin says:

    Anyone else see and hear the BBC’s agony over the MP expenses. Those evil Tory bastards have gotten off lightly unlike those poor Liebour MPs.

    All I’ve heard on Radio5 this morning is Nicki Campbell bleating on about poor Gordon Brown and how HE WAS THE ONE who tried to clear up the MPS expense mess. Really?

    The Tories were the ones who got hammered by the BBC during the expense scandal (duck ponds and moats) yet leftist vermin like Tam Dayell and his 18K book cases got off lightly.

    So the BBC were claiming this morning that poor Gorgon was being penalised for wanting to pay his cleaner above minimum pay.

    Of course one might ask why any politician needs a cleaner in the first place when they have a wife? Is the best use of MY taxes spent on cleaners for lazy politicians?