Well, Question Time is back this evening and there is an interesting panel of pundits in the form of Yvette Cooper, George Osborne, Sarah Teather, Sir Stuart Rose and Ian Hislop for us to discuss. I imagine the boot will be put into Osborne so I trust he is well prepared. Hope you can join the liveblog at 10.35pm!

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10 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE!

  1. james caine says:

    I can’t stand that Sarah Tether. A real jihadist apologist. Freedom loving people should be protesting outside the studios.


  2. james caine says:

    Sarah’s future…


  3. Grant says:

    James 12:18
    Is she the one that describes the Binyan Mohammed as “my constituent” ?  Or is that someone else ? 


  4. David vance says:

    She is an appalliing creature.


    • Martin says:

      She’s another one of these silly Muslim loving women, you know the sort of dippy cows that like violent men because of the ‘excitment’ even though they end up with a thick lip every few days.

      Why any so called ‘liberal’ would stick up for terrorist Muslims is beyond me.


  5. Heads on poles says:

    Will Hislop discuss why a number of copies of the Eye had to be pulped last week – allegedly?
    All will be interrupted by Dimblebore and booed by a bunch of smelly lefties however, I will still be looking forward to it thanks to the liveblog!


  6. Martin says:

    Just as I was about to comment on how Toenails totally distored Camerons speech up pops ITV news to point out what I was just going to point out.

    That Cameron put Afghanistan at the start of his speech and clearly laid out what he wants to see, yet on the BBC it never got a mention. Last week one eye got slapped by the press (not the BBC) for only giving about 5 seconds to Afghanistan, so you’d think the BBC would have made something of Cameron today? But no, Toenails makes no comparison to what Cameron said about Afghanistan and one eye at all.


  7. Barking Spider says:

    Thanks for another good night, DV, my last message didn’t get through before closedown.


  8. beness says:

    Great night. loved watching another cabinet minister get totaly outed as a useless idiot.


  9. Antonia Stern says:

    The BBC had Osborne on with Hislop as his attack dog sidekick, topped up with a Lib Dem who was never going to side with Cooper, and Rose who, well,  this from the Evening Standard

       ‘David Cameron will appoint scores of younger Tory peers if his party wins the next election… names in the frame include Sir Stuart Rose …’

    How do you work out that this was a pro-Labour biased set-up when it was precisely the reverse? Dimbleby even joined in with Rose for a jolly bout of the obligatory BBC lampooning of Brown as an ‘incompetent’.

     Clearly this site is the reddest of red herrings, set up to show one thing when the opposite is in fact the case, and although you won’t publish this because it debunks a myth, do at least try to be a little more clued up about your work.