Martyn Gilleard

So, I’m driving home from the airport at the end of a long day and I turn on the radio to relax. Mistake. I happened upon the first in a new series of File on Four. It was about the terrorist threat we face here in the UK. It was about the extremists that seek to cause mass slaughter. It was about….the “extreme right”.

Intrepid BBC reporter Alan Urry sets it all up by reminding us of those dreadful attacks……on mosques. Then there is the nightmarish English Defence League and their endless provocations. Throw in some Hitler memorabilia, white supremacists and lots of “right-wing” references and the groupthink meme is reinforced.

Now I believe that ALL forms of terrorism need to be tackled in the most vigorous way possible but I find the suggestion in this programme that “extreme right” terrorists constitute the single greatest menace to the UK at this time surreal, Did I imagine 7/7?
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24 Responses to THE THREAT IN OUR MIDST…

  1. Martin says:

    Try posting this again. Yes David the left have written out of history Islamic terrorism, 7/7 21/7 the shoe bomber, the liquid bombs on planes, Glasgow airport, the car bomb outside the London nightclub and the Bristol bomb just to name a ‘few’ from the Muslims.


  2. Gus Haynes says:

    David, on the radio did they say that far right extremists are ‘the single greatest menace’ or are they your words?

    Clearly they are a potential threat, and yes, clearly the bigger threat by some distance comes from Islamic terrorism and Irish republicans.


  3. Bob says:

    I knew you’d pick up on this, and simply because it focuses on the far-right instead of your own pet hate – if you can bring yourself to admit there is a threat from some far-right extremists (as seen in luton lately) then what’s wrong with covering it? Nobody’s saying the biggest risk doesn’t come from islamic extremism


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Which country poses the greatest terrorist threat to the US? Iran? Saudi Arabia? Not according to the CIA. The real menace, say the boys from Langley comes – there is no way of putting this nicely – from Britain. It’s not Afghan badmashes who haunt the nightmares of Washington’s security men, nor Iraqi insurgents, nor rogue North Korean generals. It’s British Muslims.”


    • Gus Haynes says:

      Yeah whilst they have a point, one must remember that

      1. No British Muslims have attacked the US, so it’s a theoretical threat.
      2. Dan Hannan is mad. He is also a publicity seeking ego maniac, who is saying anything controversial in the hope of building up a media profile.
      3. You respect the CIA much? They who effed up the WMD intel? They who missed 9/11? They who spend all this time gathering intel on the Saudi terror threat for the US govt. to do what exactly? Get more chummy with the Saudi regime?


      • Bob says:

        In fairness Gus – those liquid bombers were attacking the US, they were British muslims and convicted


  5. Norton Folgate says:

    They were trying to push the far right terrorism as the biggest threat bullcrap a few weeks ago, looks like they haven’t given up.

    When was the last time a far right party suicide bomber blew up innocent civilians on public transport or beheaded someone on video or flew planes into towers?

    The only people who can conceive of muslims not being the biggest terrorist threat are muslims and the bloody BBC.


    • Gus Haynes says:

      Again, where does David say (or the BBC for that matter) that the far right are the BIGGEST threat. They are threat, you must agree with that. Islamic terrorism is much bigger threat, and I’m sure the BBC will devote a similar show to that topic. After all, David said this was the first in a series.


  6. Wally Greeninker says:

    The programme was acting as a mouthpiece for the government. Denham recently announced that the government ‘Prevent’ anti-extremisst programme was to be extended beyond Muslim radicals to include far right groups as well. The game is given away by the response of the NLGN deputy director whose think-tank had helped prompt this change, to this announcement:
    “As our recent report Stronger Together showed, there was increasing concern from the local government community that the programme did not have the support of many within Muslim communities who felt that its sole focus on one particular faith was potentially stigmatising. Broadening out the approach and ensuring that other forms of extremism – including racist and fascist groups – are to be covered by this programme is a more sophisticated and astute approach.”


  7. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Dan Hannan is mad”  – Oh yes I see because he only says he against the EU dictators for publicity – he does not hold that view sincerly.

    “He is also a publicity seeking ego maniac, who is saying anything controversial in the hope of building up a media profile. “

    Where is your evidence for this?


    • Gus Haynes says:

      Do you even follow politics?

      Hannan takes the non-Tory line on issues where the Tories are trying to tread carefully (Europe, NHS, immigration etc) with the sole purpose of standing out. He knows he has popularity with grass roots types but not party senior brass, so he figures he will make a point of being loud on issues where many are staying on message – in the hope that he becomes too popular for Cameron to avoid. Ie, he’s doing it for his future career ambitions. Why dya think he went on American tv to criticise the NHS (a body which he knows nothing about, being a wealthy private healthcare user)? He loved the fact that the yanks loved him.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Do you even follow politics? ” Yes I do. The fact that some conservatives do not agree with their leaders policies is hardly new.  But it does not mean the motive is to “stand out”.  How about the proposal that he speaks for a lot of conservatives as well as his constituents who voted him in.

    In your world free speech is a no no and you must follow the party line for the good of the party. Otherwise you are just a publicity seeker.


    • Bob says:

      EU politicians are not voted for directly by constituents – the party is

      Not that he wouldn’t win a tory seat


  9. Norton Folgate says:

    Is Gus Haynes another guise of hillihunt, he certainly trolls like him.


  10. londongal1979 says:

    GUS HAYNES: you’re such a troll!

    firstly why exactly are they are threat? to your sensitivities? to the overly politically left bbc?

    or perhaps, heaven forbid eh, they might just be a threat to our established BIGGEST threat. and well, when you look it at that way, it can’t exactly be such a bad thing now can it.

    It’s time for some much needed balance on our shores! 


  11. londongal1979 says:

    These so-called ‘fascists’ targetted by the bbc happen to include many people of different colour, shapes and sizes including blacks and asians. It’s as though the BBC is ready and waiting to fly the black flag of islam over number 10, is getting all geared up for sharia law, and ready to oppose anyone who is defiant against it. How is standing up against islamo-fascism a bad thing exactly? how is putting up voice up against this bad? and how is trying to protect the western ideals of freedom, democracy, liberty, women’s and gay’s right frowned upon? It’s a wonder that the ironically named U.A.F can stand and catcall against anti-sharia protestors, when the very persons they stand to protect are the worst committers of fascism the world over, but in much more heavy-handed, brutal and sadistic ways. Like I dunno – murder perhaps? The irony is too much to bear.


  12. londongal1979 says:

    I suppose you’re much more knowledgable than the C.I.A is about who their biggest threats are?

    Let’s all forget 7/7 then shall we.


  13. Un:dhimmi says:

    I’m glad you caught this – I heard the trailer in the car whilst on a long trip and thought ‘I’ll try to catch that later’, but subsequently forgot. *DONT_KNOW*

    Just listening to the trailer I could guess what was coming, though.

    The BBC reaches incessantly for the ‘far right’ blame-monkey to support its relentless selling of Islam.

    Whatever you may think of the EDL and their ilk, they are a reaction to the spread of radical Islam in Britain, not the cause of it – the BBC has shamelessly created a moral inversion here in order to uphold its pro-Muslim bias.


  14. deegee says:

    Let’s see what the next three threats will be. ‘Militant’ Buddhists, Hindus and Jews? I think that just about covers it.


  15. deegee says:

    Is far-right extremism a threat?
    He (mosque official Farasat Latif) said mosque officials have been considering whether people should be searched before they enter, which could be a wise precaution in the current climate.

    Yet another instance where Muslims fit into the mores and customs of the society they live in. Mosques will become just like synagogues.


  16. Opinionated More Than Educated says:

    Dunno David,

    The programme blurb says: As the government’s strategy for combating extremism is revised to focus on white racist groups as well as Islamic radicals, Allan Urry assesses the threat of attacks by right-wing extremists and fears that they could lead to a rise in racial tensions.

    Looks to me as though File On Four fully acknowledges the Islamic issue but is simply asking whether there’s a threat from the right as well.

    Mysteriously, it did not claim to be about the terrorist threat we face here in the UK as if that was solely a right-wing issue. I am sure you would never twist the BBC’s words for your own ends, so I can only assume you misheard.

    Perhaps we should revive my suggestion from some time ago that each time the BBC covers a particular subject that it runs a long pre-amble criticising all the people you’d rather see covered before getting on with the story they were going to give us in the first place? Even an excellent documentary series like FOF might find itself short of time to run fresh information, but it seems to be a small price to pay to fit in with Biased BBC’s prejudices, sorry, commitment to impartiality. 


  17. Arthur Dent says:

    Remind me, when did the BBC last air a major programme covering the Islamist threat to the UK?