Isn’t it remarkable that despite the extensive coverage the BBC affords those who squat on the northern French coast awaiting their first berth into land of hope and welfare, there is never any proper consideration as to WHY they cross vast land masses in order to get into the UK? The BBC meme is that the United Kingdom should welcome all who decide to come here and this permeates every item it broadcasts on this topic. That’s why it hesitates to ask those at the receiving end of this multiculti tsunami how THEY feel about it. Like Climate change, the debate is over. The fact that our country has been turned into one vast fetid Welfare swamp by the current government is dismissed as not relevant to the narrative and instead all we get is a series of items sympathetic to the likes of those who infest “the jungle.” Is that too harsh? No. It’s an opinion and not one the BBC care to hear even they are mandated to reflect all views rather than the cosy liberal consensus produced day in day out.

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  1. Philip says:

    Looking at the video David linked to, I see it didn’t take the keffiyeh-wearing soap dodgers long to arrive and start disrupting the long-overdue dismantling of this fetid dump.

    But just where were these brain-donors when the Dutch student was raped here? I don’t recall any protests by the Antifa useful idiots then.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    Isn’t it strange that all the focus is on Britain taking these people – Imaging what the BBC news would be if this camp was in Dover and riot police were used to get rid of them.


  3. Alex says:

    We’ve been over this before, if it was just benefits they were after they could stay in France and get nearly twice as much. The allocation for asylum seekers there is €9.83 per day, about £69 a week, compared to £35.15 a week in Britain. That’s just living allowance of course. They also get guaranteed housing in France.


    • Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

      Alex, surely you have learnt by now that facts don’t hold much sway on these pages? Opinions count, facts are just a distraction.

      They want to come here because, believe it or not people, Britain is seen abroad by many as a desirable place to live and work. I know that’s hard to grasp as the papers constantly inform us that we are an overcrowded island full of potential terrorists, and none of us can find work to pay for overpriced food etc., but Britain has a great image in the world, and a lot of people want to come here. They love our history, our culture, our way of life, our tolerant and welcoming nature (present company excluded of course).


    • beness says:

      If France give better benefits Alex, they would be queing there. Problem is that proof is needed and resourses are hard to obtain for someone not approved.


      • Alex says:

        If France give better benefits Alex, they would be queing there.
        That’s patently false, as France does give better benefits and they’re not queueing there. This is what happense when you counter solid facts with vague conjecture.

        Problem is that proof is needed and resourses are hard to obtain for someone not approved.
        Also complete rubbish. See here:
        Si vous voulez demander l’asile en France, il vous faut avant tout une adresse :
        <img src=”http://pajol.eu.org/puce.gif” alt=”-“/>  ou bien chez un particulier qui doit vous remettre un « certificat d’hébergement » auquel il joindra une copie de sa pièce d’identité, d’une quittance de loyer(ou de son titre de propriété si le logement est à lui) et/ou d’une facture d’électricité ou de téléphone fixe.
        <img src=”http://pajol.eu.org/puce.gif” alt=”-“/>  ou bien auprès d’une association : celle-ci doit être agréée par la préfecture. (voir la liste présente dans le guide asile). Elle vous remettra une attestation de domiciliation.

        Avec cette attestation, vous devez ensuite aller à la préfecture de votre département pour y obtenir l’autorisation de rester en France…Allez-y tôt le matin avec 4 photos d’identité. Vous n’êtes obligé de présenter ni document d’identité ni passeport.

        The “proof” you need is a registered address and four passport-sized photos.


        • beness says:

          So Now I’m supposed to understand French?

           A registered address would suggest a place of domicile would it not?


  4. deegee says:

    Did anyone, BBC or other, ask them why they prefer Britain to France or whether that was an option?


  5. Guest says:

    Hey, but hasn’t it been great to hear the Radio 2 bullitins every hour remind us that the police moved on around 270 ‘men, women and children’. As opposed to cats, roses and zombies? Or just a lachrymose attempt to cast the police who moved the virtually all young and male campsters as baby-kicking savages.


  6. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    What a contrast Channel 4 news was last night. Far more to the point and less bleeding heart. The reporter asked an Afghan there bluntly why they were trying to get to Britain and he replied that he thought the British government provided more for immigrants than in France.

    I also believe Britain is seen as easier to “disappear” in work illegally in.


  7. Grant says:



  8. Guest says:


    “Many of the migrants had scabies from living in the woods.”

    Apparently, you catch scabies from, er, “living in the woods”. Funny, I thought you caught it from people who were infected with scabies. Hmmm…


  9. Martin says:

    The whole of the media seems to have gone mental over this story. Refugees? I think not. Watch REAL refugees on TV and who do you see? women and children, I’ve seen no women or children at these camps, seems very odd to me. All I see are Muslim males, the most dangerous people on the planet and totally untrustworthy.

    Why all the simpering? France is a fantastic Country great landscape, great food and great drink, who wouldn’t want to claim asylum there?

    I have friends who moved to southern France and they love the lifestyle, so why would some Muzzie coming from a shithole like Afghanistan not jump at the chance to live in France?


  10. battersea says:

    I agree that this whole affair in Calais is being covered shamefully by the Beeb. The pictures of sobbing youth is mainly set up for the cameras. A well known tactic by Muslims, Arab or not. This is a well known tactic by the Beeb in ‘Palestine’ where people were coached to sob in front of the nearest camera. 

    This is FRANCE’S problem. The French would love this country to take them in en masse, suckers that we are. No doubt Al-Beeb is praying that some useful idiots here will lobby the govt. to let them in.


  11. Martin says:

    Can we have a new general thread someone please?

    The poor old beeboids MUST have been gutted to report this about St Vince. looks like finally people in the media have woken up to this retarded old fool. We’ve been saying it here and on Guido’s blog for years.


    Question is why didn’t the beeboids use the ‘codswollop’ comment as the headline? or the ‘seriously damaged’ comment?


  12. dave s says:

    The Afghan young men could join the Afghan army and fight for their own country and bring the human rights they are so keen on to their own people. No silly me- our young men are fighting and dying for that while they are looking for an easy life in Britain.
    There is nothing so distasteful as a liberal leftie in full sentimental mode. And our media is full of them.


  13. David Preiser says:

    Perhaps this quote from Alan Johnson sheds some light on why these “migrants” are trying to get into the UK and not stopping in France or anywhere else on the Continent:

    Mr Johnson said he was “committed to helping individuals who are genuine refugees, who should apply for protection in the first safe country that they reach”.

    In other words, there is no place in Europe where these peopel feel “safe”.  I wonder why that is?


  14. Don't_forget_about_us_Infidels says:

    What did we expect? They love to paint out the victim rather than the truth of the matter so long as it serves their own political agenda.

    Does anybody else wish that everyone in the BBC, being paid by our hard-earned taxpayer’s dosh should be forced to make a public profile of themselves declaring their political interests? The last time that somebody got a whiff of that (on a facebook group where a 78% liberal bias emerged (underestimated if anything)) they pulled down the whole entire evidence off the internet. What have they got to hide? As far as I’m concerned until the BBC workers are sacked and replaced with balanced C.E.Os, reporters etc. this outrageous bias will continue. Which would be fine, if it were a private organisation, but we have to pay for this damn thing. They feel they are the ‘force’, a law unto themselves, and not to be reckoned with. They expect the politicians to show transparency, but not themselves, and especially not their accounts! Just like any left-winged organisation caught like a deer in the headlights, they will play deaf, dumb and stupid. If all else fails, why not play the favourite left-wing trick of trying to tarnish the opposition with accusations of ‘Racism’. That old card. An old favourite hat-trick of the BBC and it’s left-wing guardianista fans.


  15. Don't_forget_about_us_Infidels says:

    By that same token, it really does make one wonder how anyone figured that the U.K was somehow geographically a first ‘safe haven’ to afghanistan, iraq, saudi arabia etc. etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t brilliant at geography whilst at school, but hey I sure do put the BEEB and the labour politicians to shame…


    • Alex says:

      You know I’ve never thought about it like that. I mean, if there was some way to get from one country to another without touching the ground in between, then yeah, it could be first port of call. But that would not only require some kind of flying machine to be built, but also some huge international hub in Britain for flying-machines from all over the world. But that’s a pipe dream.


      • Ed (ex RSA) says:

        And there I was thinking these Afghans were trying to sneak in in the back of lorries and on freight trains when all the while they’re arriving economy class at Heathrow on direct flights from Kabul. Silly me.


  16. Philip says:

    Couldn’t help noticing this post at the Calais soap-dodgers’ site, which I thought I’d share.

    For me, it exemplifies the middle-class Student Grant hypocrisy of these leftiods, which of course is reflected at al-Beeb: