Good news for pensioners. We may be leaving summer behind and the days turn that little bit colder but why not just put on an extra jumper and turn the heating down! It might mean that you save the planet. Here is a treat for connoisseurs of global warming alarmism; It’s Roger “the science is settled” Harrabin talking to McDoom’s new energy adviser Prof David McKay. At one point during the interview, McKay berates the public for refusing to accept the need for change and then he makes the suggestion we should turn the thermostat down and wear more clothing. He suggests that “industrialising the countryside” is an option we may need to be looking at, in fact he suggests many things other than the blooming obvious – follow the example of the French and built new nuclear power stations. From week to week, this eco-quackery goes largely unchallenged as the BBC provides a bully pulpit for one global warming alarmist after another. It is a sustained bias.

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