Excellent article by Chris Booker here.

BBC viewers were treated last week to the bizarre spectacle of Mr
Ban Ki-moon standing on an Arctic ice-floe making a series of statements so laughable that it was hard to believe such a man can be Secretary-General of
the UN. Thanks to global warming, he claimed, “100 billion tons” of polar
ice are melting each year, so that within 30 years the Arctic could be “ice-free”. This
was supported by a WWF claim that the ice is melting so fast that, by 2100, sea-levels could rise by 1.2 metres (four feet), which would lead to “floods affecting a quarter of the world”.

Everything about this oft-repeated item was propaganda of the silliest kind. Standing 700 miles from the Pole, as near as the stubbornly present ice would allow his ship to go, Mr Ban seemed unaware that, although some 10 million square kilometres (3.8 million square miles) of sea-ice melts each summer, each September the Arctic starts to freeze again. And the extent of the ice now is 500,000 sq km (190,000 sq m) greater than it was this time last year – which was, in turn, 500,000 sq km more than in September 2007, the lowest point recently recorded (see the Cryosphere Today website). By April, after months of darkness, it will be back up to 14 million sq km (5.4 million sq m) or more.

Wonder why the BBC can’t provide this balance of facts? Simple – it has concluded that the “science is settled” and it acts as an echo-chamber for global warming alarmists . Not just biased, but dangerous.

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