On the Big Question, with Nicky Campbell, the first question being asked is whether it is right to break the law to “save the planet”. In the audience were those from the London Climate Camp (all hideously white, I might add) who were there to insist that they have the right to do what they want to save us from global meltdown. One Swampy wannabe compared himself to Martin Luther King! There was a Human Rights lawyer in the audience to point out that it is appropriate to commit a crime if it prevents a greater crime. There was a lady from the Anglican Church who agreed that it may get to the point where criminal action is required to prevent climate change! There was a Rabbi on the panel who also supported Swampy and the gang breaking the law. There was an Imam from the Islamic Society of Britain who took issue on this and bizarrely, Nicky attacked him. (Not often the BBC take issue with Islamists but hey, when it comes to climate change there is a lefty moral dilemma) Mind you, the Imam did praise Obama’s approach to dealing with the issue. Nicky was pontificating that the Maldives may disappear if we do not take action. (Wonder if he holidays there) This programme is liberals talking to liberals and it is bias incarnate.


I see the BBC news has been running a story this morning about a group of eco-wackos in New York who have built a waterpod (out of recycled materials, natch)and are showing how they could cope if New York was to be submerged under rising sea level. A figure of a 70ft increase was mentioned, but not in the context of a sci-fi movie. The tone of the item was very favourable towards the eco-loons , as one might expect, and a little bit of global warming alarmism is to be expected from this propagandist for global warming alarmism.


It’s endless. I was listening to the BBC news at 9am and up popped yet ANOTHER item on Ted Kennedy. Both those interviewed were acolytes of the great man and were trotting out cliches like he was “A Lion” and “The champion of the ordinary man.” The BBC propagandising for Kennedy has been absolutely stunning, they are running it 24/7 and are determined that their hero be cast in the best possible light. But providing balance is not a BBC requirement, is it? As has been noted on another thread, can you IMAGINE what we will get from the BBC when that old terrorist Mandela finally pops his clogs? Or Castro? Or Gerry Adams? And then, of course, Lady Thatcher. You know what is coming….


Oh god, just when you thought our Armed Forces were up against enough in Afghanistan, I regret to advise you that Jonah Brown has decided to pay them a “surprise” visit. The BBC bigs up the import of this, suggesting that Brown will provide edxtra support those who serve. Maybe the BBC should focus on articles like this which demonstrate just how terrible is the scale of betrayal of our military by the scum in New Labour. Still – a photo-op is worth a thousand lives, sorry, meant to say words.


I read this shocking instance of NHS incompetence. One can only imagine the upset felt by the family of Mr Milner. What struck me was that whilst the atrocious bungling of the NHS is set out in the first part of the report the BBC makes sure that not just one but two NHS apologists get to have the final say, assuring us that this was just one of those little misunderstandings that happen. (In a vast bloated unfeeling bureaucracy, that is.)


And so the BBC’s fawning coverage of Ted Kennedy’s funeral continues. The One has pronounced Kennedy “the greatest legislator of our times” and “a champion for those who had none”. Like the Kopechne family? Mind you, if you wade through this nauseating bilge from the BBC, you will find in the very last sentence, a mention that “others” have “noted” Teddy boy was less than angelic.


Did you read about Alex Hilton’s hoax concerning the Mayor of Baltimore? Iain Dale has the insight here. Entertainingly, the BBC fell for it, hook line and sinker! When you consider the VAST resources the BBC has you would think that checking up on the veracity of alleged stories before running them might be a good idea. Still, The Graniard also fell for it!


Delighted to read James Murdoch attack the BBC.

“The expansion of state-sponsored journalism is a threat to the plurality and independence of news provision, The BBC is dominant,” Mr Murdoch said. “Other organisations might rise and fall but the BBC’s income is guaranteed and growing.”

That is the problem. The BBC, like the NHS, is insulated from commercial reality and is the perfect example of state sponsored journalism. Some of our left wing visitors manage to miss the central point that it is not BBC bias, per se, that concerns us so much as the fact that we are forced to fund it. Murdoch does us all a favour by flagging up the anachronistic and monopolistic position of the State Broadcaster. The sooner we have a Fox News here the better – fair and balanced would be a nice change.


God but hasn’t the BBC gone over the top in it’s coverage of Ted Kennedy’s death? The sanitisation of the life and political career of this man has been astounding. We are invited to believe that the US in particular is in mourning over the death of this favourite son. Well, I doubt that the Kopechne family is too bothered and judging by reaction on the blogs, my own contempt for Kennedy is shared by more than a few. He is an icon for the hard Left and that is why the BBC are lionising him.