I picked this up from my good friend the All Seeing Eye and thought it merited some focus here. It relates to the arrest of a farmer for having the temerity to carry farm tools in his car. Now the farmer being persecuted by the police is a certain Mr Tony Martin – a man whom the BBC carefully labels “a vigilante.” I wonder could he sue them for defamation of character?


I received this email from a visitor to B-BBC and thought I might share it with you…

Your Email: [email protected]
Subject: who the f*** is david vance

Message: your anti BBC thing is very slick. must be getting funded from somewhere. Sky if im any judge, and if the connect to sky in your masthead is anything to go by.

who would I put my faith in to give me the truth through my telly, and to produce stuff I want to be entertained, informed and educate by? a bunch of overpaid public servants, feeding off their specially protected tax on telly ownership, employing the likes of marcus brigstocke and jonathan ross and bringing to account those we should respect, like bankers, media barons and right wing demagogues?

or rupert murdoch. your ultimate employerno competition. my telly licence is the only tax I DON’T quibble about, although yes, I too have my reservations about how the money’s spent. that’s the point isn’t it? at least with the beeb we CAN object.
because we all have a stake. long live the beeb and all who gouge a living out of it

answer to the original question? david vance is one of saruman murdoch’s many wormtongues. me? im a working stiff, a million miles from the media.

Or, a million miles from reality! What more can I say – we’ve been rumbled, good and proper!


Just watching Nicky Campbell’s “The Big Question”. Amused to see that the panel of experts contained Zulfi Bakhari – head of the Muslim public affairs committee. Remarkable how such a tiny part of the UK population has such constant representation on these kinds of programmes.


Did you read that one of the BBC’s most senior executives is involved in running a media training company that makes thousands of pounds a year by teaching the Corporation’s own presenters how to perform in front of the cameras? Jay Hunt, who earns up to £280,000 a year as the Controller of BBC1, is company secretary of the firm, which is owned by her husband. Perhaps I am being cynical in seeing a slight a conflict of interests here but surely all this does is reinforcce the very special relationship between the State Broadcaster and the taxpayer. They loot us for revenue, we pay.


Quick – Universal Shami alert. Yes, the doe eyed champion of human rights and liberty is guest starring on the Andrew Marr show, along with philospher king Tony Parsons. Stephanie Flanders is filling in for Andrew but the usual balance is there – left and hard left. Further update – Saint Vince Cable is on – introduced as ” a bit of an economics guru” by the lovely Stephanie!