Mr Doolittle, McDoom is determined to talk to the Taliban as part of his fantasy strategy in Afghanistan. British Governments have proven rather good at selling out to terrorists over the years and I do appreciate that Brown is merely following in the same dishonourable tradition as Major and Blair but I do wish the BBC would provide balancing voices to those sirens such as Col Richard Kemp. The meme is that if we listen to those wise old coves in the F.O. and sit down and talk to these dark age barbarians then perhaps we can conquer and divide, although I note that the Colonel does make the precautionary suggestion that talking to Mullar Omah is not possible….”at this stage”. How very shrewd. How long before we have a chat with Bin Laden?

I have been a long time advocate of the war on militant Islam. 9/11 marked the dividing moment for me but I feel that under Obama and now with McDoom the original momentum has gone out of things as liberal values re-assert themselves and we forget what happened the last time the Taliban got their base. I don’t think that there is any such thing as “moderate” Taliban but the political left and their courtiers in the BBC believe otherwise. Hence this sort of ever so helpful item to Brown and his white flag brigade.
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