The Holocaust Tool

This is not straightforward bias, but an example of painfully elaborate impartiality. AKA tolerance of the intolerant, or the other one: ‘there is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals’.
The BBC has been announcing in its hourly news bulletins, that Hamas has “slammed” its friend and supporter UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) for having the audacity to suggest the Jewish Holocaust might be included in the curriculum of the schools they run in Gaza.

The BBC reports this in the simplified manner they deem appropriate for their simpleminded readers. But although they have omitted to add the usual scare quotes or indeed “Israel says” to the penultimate paragraph,
‘During the Holocaust, Nazi Germany murdered some six million Jews’
the last paragraph goes some way to counterbalance the omission.

“However, the event’s significance is often disputed in parts of the Middle East where Israel is seen as the enemy and the Holocaust is seen as a tool used by Israel to justify its actions.”

Contrast this with the other report, from a Chinese news agency.
This report, written for adults, includes some rather revealing quotes from one Husam Ahmed, including this one about the material in question:

“”…..was formed in a way that shows sympathy with the Jews.” He warned of having an attitude “to construct a generation that supports the Jews and the Holocaust” in the Palestinian territories.

The article takes care to show that the thing Hamas fears most about teaching the Holocaust is that it might spark sympathetic feelings in the children, and they might stop hating Jews and striving to eliminate the Zionist entity.
Less danger of that sentiment coming through in the BBC’s report; they must at all times be careful to avoid any traces of partiality.

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