On the Big Question, with Nicky Campbell, the first question being asked is whether it is right to break the law to “save the planet”. In the audience were those from the London Climate Camp (all hideously white, I might add) who were there to insist that they have the right to do what they want to save us from global meltdown. One Swampy wannabe compared himself to Martin Luther King! There was a Human Rights lawyer in the audience to point out that it is appropriate to commit a crime if it prevents a greater crime. There was a lady from the Anglican Church who agreed that it may get to the point where criminal action is required to prevent climate change! There was a Rabbi on the panel who also supported Swampy and the gang breaking the law. There was an Imam from the Islamic Society of Britain who took issue on this and bizarrely, Nicky attacked him. (Not often the BBC take issue with Islamists but hey, when it comes to climate change there is a lefty moral dilemma) Mind you, the Imam did praise Obama’s approach to dealing with the issue. Nicky was pontificating that the Maldives may disappear if we do not take action. (Wonder if he holidays there) This programme is liberals talking to liberals and it is bias incarnate.

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