Well, I picked up some flak yesterday for my criticism of the NHS but it seems that MANY people feel similarly, based on their direct experience. One correspondent suggests to the BBC that the standard of care delivered in some of our hospitals and nursing homes would shame a third world country. So, in fairness, Today picked up on this issue yet again today, and interviewed three nurses on the subject. However, and this is just a thought, maybe the BBC should have found three patients to interview on the subject? Maybe those at the receiving end of NHS “cruelty and neglect” should have the priority of attention? And just how representative are the three nurses selected by the BBC for this interview? Certainly the last nurse interviewed made points running against the meme that the NHS is the envy of the world but Humphrys then did his best to try and ameliorate her points be suggesting that it is the patients with more chronic conditions that are the root of the problem. To be clear, I am sure that there are many caring and professional people working in the NHS but that does not stop it being a monstrous unfeeling bureaucratic socialist folly that swallows up £££billions – a bit like the BBC.

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