Right, been away all day and just back in at B-BBC central. Did you catch this item that the BBC ran this morning on how UK arms are used when exported? The narrative was simple – it is wrong for the UK to export arms components if these are used to fight terrorists. Roger Berry MP was visceral in his misrepresentation of how Israel and Sri Lanka used the weapons supplied. Loved his repetition of the “occupied territories” mantra during the interview, wonder had he a little keyiffeh on when being interviewed? The BBC might have provided us with a little background on Mr Berry, and in particular his call back in March to ban all arms exports to Israel. He’s just one more Jew-hater and given a free run by Today. At no time did the BBC interview ask Mr Berry how Israel or indeed Sri Lanka can fight against Jihadists that deliberately shelter amongst civilians? This was an exercise in bashing those Nations that FIGHT terrorism rather than appeasing it.

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