It’s almost pitiful to watch the desperation of the BBC as it continues to seek out those illusive green shoots of recovery. Today, they have been located in France and Germany where we are now informed that they have “exited recession.” Not that long ago Gordon Brown assured us all that the UK was better placed than any other major economy to withstand the recession. Yet here we have other European economies seemingly moving out of economic stupor so I am sure we can expect the BBC to now challenge Brown and ask him to explain why we still languish in the doldrums with soaring unemployment. Then again…

The Keynsian fantasists that drive the UK economic policy are not only prolonging the recession here by their gross folly but also ensuring that this country will be an economic basket-case for years to come. But when one reads the BBC portrayal of events, one could be forgiven for thinking that Captain Brown has steadied the ship and with a bit more spending we will soon move into clear blue water.

Perhaps you read this quote from Brown speaking in 1996…

“I tell you we have learnt from past mistakes…. Just as you cannot spend
your way out of recession, you cannot, in a global economy, simply spend your
way through a recovery either…. losing control of public spending doesn’t help
the poor”

I wonder if the BBC will pursue the rather obvious problem this gives McDoom? Of course not. This is all about trying to construct a narrative that suggests we are moving into slow recovery mode and by the time of the GE next June we might do worse than stick with experienced Captain Brown rather than the novice Cameron. It won’t wash, of course, but they will give it a try. Then, once that fails and Labour is removed from power, the new narrative will be all about Tory cuts and protecting “the weakest” in our society. (Welfare parasites to you and me) The BBC never really changes colour – always red.

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