Thought I would share with you those words that the BBC attack you for daring to use on-air. I’m not talking about vulgarity – that’s the job of Jonathan Ross and so many of the BBC “Comedians” and they are well paid for debasing our language. No, I’m talking about the political vocabulary and the things that must not be aired.

A few years ago, I took part in a BBC debate with Gitmo poster boy Moazzem Beggs. During the interview, and considering this took place not long after 7/7, I made reference to “Islamofascism”. I was instantly stopped and asked not to say this again. Beggs smiled as this took place and when I later asked him to condemn Islamic suicide bombers, he would not. The host had nothing to say about that. But gosh – I had dared profane Islam and that is just not acceptable.

Yesterday, I took part in a BBC debate on “anti-racism” and used the words “race hustlers” to describe specifically Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Anyone with any knowledge of those two will realise how accurate that term is. Again, I was instantly attacked by the host for using these words. You can listen to it here. Go to 34 minutes in to hear bias in action. Note the lack on interruptions on one side! Not sure of time allocation but it felt a got about one third of the time afforded to my debating opponent. Is that fair?????

There are quite a few other terms that the BBC are uncomfortable with; “Welfare parasite” “IRA/Sinn Fein” and of course “Illegal Immigrants.” Then you could try “Killing terrorists” “Workshy scroungers” and “Romanian beggars”. Perhaps you can think of some others

Of course the entire left wing vocabulary is fine, no problems for anyone using it. But the minute you open your mouth and spell out some home truths – BANG – you know what bias feels like. It is VERY frustrating.

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