Had to laugh at the wriggling of Andrew Lansley on Marr this morning. We have to be honest here and acknowledge that assuming the Conservatives come to power next June, we WILL be hit with an instant increase in VAT, we will be stung with income tax rises, and Cameron will continue to shovel cash into the gaping maw of the NHS. All good reasons NOT to support such a minded incoming Conservative administration.

The more interesting question is why the Conservatives adopt such an anti-conservative set of policies. Perhaps the fact that it seeks to ameliorate criticism from the BBC is but one? Triangulating around a leftist position may help bring a victory for David Cameron but it then means that the BBC memes of “more cash for the NHS and “higher taxes for the middle class” continue regardless of who is in power. The biggest triumph of those like the State Broadcaster has been to emasculate the Conservatives to the point where the mushy ideology between it. Labour and Lib-Dems is almost indiscernible. Perhaps this sounds harsh to conservative-minded readers who may think that Cameron will change his approach when in power but media approval seems central for Cameron and the BBC lies (and boy does it lie) at the heart of this!

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