Right, I will admit that I am a long term critic of US former Senator George Mitchell. Met him during the Northern Ireland peace process talks, figured him as a smooth-talking appeaser of terrorism, and told him so. Not that he could care less what people like me think, after all, we don’t kill people who disagree with us. It’s Georgie-boy who is now leading efforts to appease the thugs who run Syria and who support terrorism against Israel. This glowing BBC report does mention, in passing, that Boy Bashar supports the Palestinian..ahem… “militant” group Hamas, backs Hezbollah in Lebanon, and has close links with Iran. But hey, apart from that, surely he is an ideal partner for peace. That’s what Mitchell and US State reckons and that’s what the BBC pushes. In truth, Syria is a pro-terror tyranny but in this golden age of Obama, it is now seen as a beacon for hope and change.

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