One of the reasons I like to tune into the BBC is to hear the mad delusions from leftworld as it tries to spin for McDoom when we ALL know that it’s over bar the shouting until he is prised out of Number 10 next June with a crowbar. This morning on Today the BBC was pushing the idea that the recession is over. Or so says the Chamber of Commerce. No room for dissent, alas. Mind you, unemployment may rise to 3.2m so not all exactly green shoots but at least they are trying to give poor Gordon some hope.

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48 Responses to THE RECESSION IS OVER!

  1. Mailman says:

    Oh thats good. So I suppose all those people being made redundant at work can relax now the depression is over.



  2. piggy kosher says:

    Oh thats a relief. Good ole Gordon.
    Now its gone away I suppose the BBC can makes lots of gritty dramas about it. Phone Alan Bleasdale!


  3. will2001 says:

    After bigging up the opinions from the Chambers' survey under the headline

    Worst of the recession 'is over'

    the BBC do have to find room for the data that has been released today to rain on their parade

    However, official data showed that manufacturing output fell 0.5% in May. Analysts had forecast a rise of 0.2%. (That would be more opinions then)

    Economists say the surprise contraction now makes it less likely that the economy returned to growth in the second quarter.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Whichever government wins the next election, there will be major cuts in the public sector. As the public sector is now so bloated, this will have a significant negative impact on any "recovery" being created at the moment by government borrowing and quantative easing. Both quantative easing and eye watering government borrowing will have to end fairly soon – We aint seen nothing yet.


  5. piggy kosher says:

    "the Girls From The Lloyds TSB Call Centre"


  6. Martin says:

    Yes and remember the other week when the BBC had to 'admit' that we were actually in recession 1/4 earlier than the BBC had admitted? Even though on this website we continually laughed at the BBC calling the recession the 'downturn' and that the BBC were claiming we were not in recession yet jobs were going down like a beeboid on a virgin rent boy.


  7. frankos says:

    I know fear that this recession has only just started.
    The government will have to eventually stand up + pay its debts.
    The subsequent rise in tax will subdue any spending.
    This is why Labour are hiding away until the Election, lying their heads off and denying everything.
    The next gvt will find themselves in the worst economic shape in our history, worse even than that inherited in 1979.
    Of course the BBC never mention the criminal financial irresponsibility of Labour in government, but are only too happy to mention any historic Tory mishaps.


  8. Martin says:

    BBc News 24 again talking about mixed messages and that those are what you expect just before the economy starts to pick up.

    Oh really?


  9. Grant says:

    I had lunch today with a socialist friend whose sister is a former Minister in the Scottish Parliament.
    She has been telling him that the recovery has already started, so I asked him where it is coming from ?
    Manufacturing ? Financial Services ? Media ? Tourism ? He had no answer.
    Seemed quite unaware that the political, economic and military power has shifted significantly from west to east in the last year.
    I may be wrong, but …..


  10. Martin says:

    BBC News just HAD to quote Queen Mandy about the recovery, yet had to admit that there is no sign of recovery and no tto mention Coffee Republic going down the pan.

    How can the BBC take that camp twat seriously?


  11. John Horne Tooke says:

    "£41m to help 'stimulate economy'"
    "Education minister Jane Hutt has said £12.2m would be spent on education schemes, including £4.5m in Ebbw Vale and £1.8m in Anglesey."

    "Education Schemes"? Here is the first lesson – "The economy is recovering" Now repeat after me children "Vote Labour".


  12. Anonymous says:

    Vance as usual spouting his Tory propaganda while pretending to be an impartial observer! We know you hate Brown Vance, but you haven't provided any actual evidence of BBC bias. The Chamber of Commerce is not a political organisation!

    The most absurd thing about Vance's paranoid website is that it pretends to be attacking the BBC for impartiality while the posts are actually just hardcore right-wing missives.


  13. John Bosworth says:

    Anonymous says: "The most absurd thing about Vance's paranoid website is that it pretends to be attacking the BBC for impartiality while the posts are actually just hardcore right-wing missives."



  14. John Horne Tooke says:

    Anonymous 8:51 PM

    Someone else who doesn't know the meaning of bias. So the Chamber of Commerce say "THE RECESSION IS OVER!"

    Is there no contary view? Does everyone agree with the CofC? Have you ever heard that there are usually 2 sides to an argument?

    Like everything that is on the BBC there is only one side reported.

    "UK recession is not over, says NIESR"

    And as for the "hardcore right-wing missives" – I suppose that will include anyone who is slighly to the right of Red Ken.


  15. Grant says:

    Anon 8:51
    I don't know whether , in legal terms, this is " Vance's website", but it seems to me that anyone is free to post here.
    This is in stark contrast with the heavily censored BBC website.
    Leaving aside you ad hominem "argument", what exactly is your point ?


  16. Grant says:

    Word verification, " Slatilia" !


  17. Martin says:

    Anon: You will find plenty of us here hate the Tories as much. We just think the BBC would be balanced in its output. Not much to ask is it?

    I hope Cameron has the balls to sort out the BBC that's all.


  18. dave s says:

    The worst thing about all this " recovery " rubbish is that they know it is all untrue. This will lead to massive disillusionment with the media-political class.
    Commercial property is in serious trouble. Exports and imports are falling.There is huge private and commercial debt. Oh and our misgovernment is printing money.
    Stagflation, inflation currency crisis take your pick. We desperately need an honest government and media. False hopes destroyed are the worst of situations and perilous for us all.


  19. frankos says:

    Sorry anon but I believe in smaller state control and the right to express myself financially and politically.
    If that makes me Right wing, so be it.
    You stick to rigidly following the Left wing circus and I will plough my own furrow.


  20. John Horne Tooke says:


    The problem is that some people like Anon cannot manage their own lives Therefore anything that restricts the state from thinking for them is labelled as "right wing". Libertarians frighten them to death.


  21. Anonymous says:

    This is no recession – it's a major depression. A once in a hundred year event.

    These economists that are quoted. Are they the very same ones who said 'no one saw this coming'? Like Greenspan and Geithner and Larry Summers in the US? Oh, those economists. Those ones that couldn't see an express train bearing down on them at 150mph at point blank range.

    That's OK then. I'll sleep a little easier tonight.


  22. Scott M says:

    Anonymous: "We know you hate Brown Vance, but you haven't provided any actual evidence of BBC bias. The Chamber of Commerce is not a political organisation!"

    While I hate to interrupt anybody criticising the idiot Vance — who, let's not forget, tries to set himself up as a critic of the BBC deserving of respect while being not intelligent enough to tell when he's watching a completely different channel — you're missing the point with his post.

    Far from implying the recession is over, the British chambers of commerce said not that the recession is over, but that the worst of the recession seems to be over and the future remains fragile at best.

    Yet again, the accuracy of his criticism is found wanting. And yet again, the mindless dittoheads that make up the Biased BBC commenters choose to primp his insatiable ego rather than face up to what an incompetent idiot he really is.


  23. Ratass Shagged says:

    I personally don't see this as all about politics, although it does annoy me the amount of postings made on this site about the poor old tories being given a hard time by the BBC.

    Let me just say that the Tories are the answer to NOTHING. They are just a lighter shade of red and this country will remain on it's pathway to doom as soon as they take power next year.

    The BBC will be no better under their new paymasters. All they will do is align their PR to fit the Tory perspective.

    I despise the BBC for what they are: arrogant, talentless, preachy spongers who have systematically decimated what was once a great national broadcaster into a televised mosque.

    They are scum. And if broadcasting house was hit by a Boeing tomorrow, I'd be cheering in the fucking street.


  24. loathingnewlabour says:

    Are the BBC biased toward New Labour? Good God, Watch This and Learn!! It's ridiculous.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Scott: Please keep refuting points but for god's sake, stop the juvenile insults.


    Will Jones


  26. JohnA says:

    It looks to me like a W shaped recession. Fast down, then signs of levelling out, false signs or real improvement – then DOWN again.

    The BBC made a big fuss over the NIESR report last month that seemed to be grabbing one month's figures to suggest a turn-round. NIESR are now eating humble pie, they got it all wrong, output is still going down.


  27. JohnW says:

    Scott M: "…yet again, the mindless dittoheads that make up the Biased BBC commenters…"

    Of which you, by your comments, appear to be one…


  28. Martin says:

    St Vince on BBC 1 AGAIN. Spouting crap as usual.


  29. George R says:


    'Daily Mail':

    "Gordon Brown was 'responsible for letting MG Rover go bust'"


    " MG Rover went bust in 2005: Brown has been blamed by the 'Phoenix Four'.

    "Gordon Brown was responsible for 'pulling the plug' on MG Rover, leading to the loss of 6,000 jobs, a report by the firm's former executives claims.
    The dossier blames the Prime Minister and his former adviser Shriti Vadera for scuppering a rescue deal with the Chinese.
    The allegations came as Lord Mandelson revealed a long-awaited £16million report into the collapse of MG Rover could be published within weeks."

    BBC has nothing on this; one has to go to BBC 'England, West Midlands' page, and even here, there is no mention of Gordon Brown's role:

    "Workers' shock over fraud inquiry".


  30. Ethan says:

    I recall last time we had one slight downturn and about fifty "the recession is over" announcements.
    Wake me up when we get past fifty….zzzz


  31. Martin says:

    George R: Yes and this inquiry has been done to try to prevent this story getting out before the next election in a sensitive area of the Country for Liebour.

    The BBC happily obliges like a good rent boy does.


  32. frankos says:

    Some bloggers on this site don't seem to like the free speech element.
    They also object to some "right wing" and other seemingly unfashionable opinions.
    The blog is free unlike the BBC. If you object so strongly, either offer constructive structured criticism or better still move to another site.
    This will allow the more intelligent bloggers to continue unhindered by your childish interruptions.


  33. Anonymous says:

    The BBC is part of the public sector. For them, there has been no recession. The present government has continued to squander huge amounts of money — taxed, borrowed and now printed — on its client state, of which the BBC is a propaganda arm.

    The BBC itself is continuing to "invest" licence-payers' money in its pointless part-move to Salford. Now it is having to spend even more in bribing reluctant Beeboids to relocate to the North West — an unpopular destination, being so far from Islington.


  34. frankos says:

    It is noticable that the BBC "talent" constantly tells us that they "feel our pain", Unfortunately I don't think someone with a cushy K200+ a yr job with a cast iron pension pot could truly feel our pain.
    I think they are crocodile tears from hugely overpaid employees way away from the front line.
    The BBC must feel the sharpness of true competiveness or it will always be regarded as a fat overprivileged organisation.
    Incidentally is it me or did the BBC use Jacksons death as a cover to hide the report on BBC overpaid staff and claims?
    There was virtually no coverage of this on the BBC, whereas the papers had considerable amount.


  35. Umbongo says:

    Strangely the BBC seems not to have reported this from the NIESR, one of the (left of centre) think tanks hitherto quoted at every opportunity by the BBC. Having taken another look at the figures the NIESR is reported as having revised its forecasts down and now considers that the recession is not yet over.

    Now, how does Pravda deal with this? It seems that, rather than report it – even with a positive spin, the BBC apparently prefers to be "impartially" silent on this news item. Evidently, the NIESR is not on-message and must be punished through publicity starvation by the BBC. Using the BBC search engine, it appears that the last time the BBC quoted the NIESR was in May this year when the NIESR was reported as stating that "the UK recession could be the worst since the early 1930s". Oh dear – that's not what the BBC (or Brown) wishes (us) to hear.


  36. Scott M says:

    Don't know what search engine you're using, Umbongo: I searched for NIESR and was directed straight away to the single story that covered both the BCC and NIESR findings.


  37. Ratass shagged says:

    Scott, what is your problem? Do you and the rest of your cohorts feel so certain your jobs at the BBC are threatened you have to come here to lash out?


  38. Scott M says:

    I don't work at the BBC.

    Sorry if you think that David Vance's dishonesty isn't an issue. I do.


  39. Anonymous says:

    'David Vance's dishonesty' can you show proof of this scrotty ? also the BBC has enough sycophants,they nay need you'r help so why do you think they do ?.


  40. Scott M says:

    See my first comment on this thread: Vance's opening post is a complete misrepresentation of what the BBC were actually reporting at the BCC's finding.


  41. George R says:

    What does Scott M. know about "incompetent idiots"?
    Is he talking about his recession-proof BBC?


  42. Anonymous says:

    Is this the recession which wasn't caused by Gordon Brown? Looks as though he's finally saved the world then.


  43. Grant says:

    Anon 4:34
    It does rather puzzle me why people who post here in defence of the BBC, and claim not to be BBC employees or have any other connection, are so persistent.
    Even if they do genuinely, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believe the BBC to be impartial and unbiased, why feel so strongly about it if they have no ulterior motive ?
    All very strange.


  44. Umbongo says:

    Scott M

    Mea culpa – I went to this and ignored the first item which didn't display "niesr" in the link. As you say the item quotes the NIESR. However, the spin applied to that mention attempts to convey that everything's coming up roses:
    1. by implying that NIESR's gloom is in reality good news since the rate of decline of the economy is slowing (ie the economy is still declining but at a slower rate)
    2. by quoting the CBI prediction that the economy will grow at 0.7% next year and
    3. by quoting the government prediction of 1.25% growth in 2010.

    In other words, the report from the BBC is upbeat – led by the BCC report – despite a weighty set of negatives. Headlined as "the worst of the recession is 'over'", the message the BBC wishes to convey is clear. It's certainly a matter of interpretation but the figures and the think-tank reports are more equivocal than the impression given by the headline.


  45. George R says:

    Has Mr. Darling been watching too much of the Tour de France?:

    DARLING (today, in the House): 'Our policy is one of leaning into the cycle'.

    (As seen on BBC 'Newsnight'.)


  46. JohnA says:

    I keep seeing stories in the US about Obama slipping rapidly in the polls. With patallel stories about his attempt to stimulate the US economy being a disaster, and people fearful of yet worse economic and debt effects of his cap-and-trade climate change legislation and his healthcare plans.

    Not a hint of any of this from the BBC. But Justin Webb managed yet another poisonous blog post on Sarah Palin.

    BBC news values, eh ? Just like the 10pm news finds rume for a sob piece about water on the West Bank but nothing I have heard about the bankruptcy of California – the 8th largest economy in the world.

    Oh – and has anyone heard from the BBC about China and India vetoing anything on climate change – which torpedoes Obama and Brown ?


  47. JohnA says:

    Obama crashing in the polls


  48. George R says:

    How interesting to see BBC 2 'Newsnight's Emily Maitlis (a presenter, not an actress from 'Taking the Flak') appear to be so genuinely concerned about the ending of 'final salary pensions', given the BBC's economically privileged position.