I see that the BBC is suggesting that “at least 10 militants have died after missiles were fired by a suspected US drone aircraft at a Taliban target in Pakistan, intelligence officials say. “ Finally, a strike that doesn’t involve a “wedding party.” Go USA. Of course the thing that gets me is the use of politically correct language at play here. Those killed weren’t “militants” – they were Islamic Jihadists. Why not SAY it? Why imply that the Taliban and Al Queda are some sort of professional army when in fact they are merely opportunistic and cowardly killers driven by the mad pathology of Islam? I wish we could speak a little more truth but then again the BBC has contorted and bent so many words out of all recognition.

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  1. Swiss Bob says:

    I couldn't make the live chat, I was too busy uploading it. Shame really as I think that was one of the better ones. Harman was very 'entertaining', epsecially her struggle with Laws over the bufget red book and Hitchens comment on her sending her kids to grammar school: QT July 2nd – Poor Old Harriet.


  2. Mailman says:

    Dont you mean "driven mad by the pathology…."?




  3. anton says:

    Paul Weston's article on the BBC's brainwashing of our children viz a viz Christianity and Islam is a must read:


  4. George R says:

    Meanwhile, bypassed by BBC:

    (but reported by 'migrationwatch'):

    "Surge in Remittances Points to Sharp Rise in Illegal Immigrants from Pakistan."


    "The number of illegal immigrants from Pakistan in the UK could be as high as 200,000 according to a new report out today which has compared official statistics on the number of Pakistani born workers with a dramatic increase in the level of remittances being sent to that country.

    "An examination of workers remittances shows that they are now more than six times higher than in 2001 but, according to the Government’s Labour Force Survey, the number of Pakistani born workers in Britain has risen by only 67%, says the report (Briefing Paper 1.24) from think tank Migrationwatch."


  5. George R says:

    Will BBC's John Humphrys understand the real truth about Islam and Pakistan's madrassas, late in the day?:

    'Daily Mail'-

    "Inside a Pakistani school where children are being brainwashed into terrorists"

    And, as Anton [above on thread, 9:51] points out in his link, the BBC is also 'brainwashing' British young children against Christianity, and towards Islam:

    'gates of vienna blogspot' (July 2):

    PAUL WESTON's article is entitled:

    "Islam, the BBC and Young Children"


    "That the BBC should peddle such overt and dishonest propaganda is obscene in itself, but to whitewash Islam with its arranged marriages, honour killings, global violent jihad etc whilst painting Christianity as a religion of racism, sexism, colonialism, enslavement and murder leaves me struggling for a word stronger than 'obscene.' And to peddle it to innocent school children? Words fail me.

    "The BBC hate the Britain our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. They realised many years ago they needed to eradicate Christianity if they were to destroy Britain from within. And they have virtually done so.

    "The Rt Rev Paul Richardson penned a recent article in which he argued that Christian Britain was dead, destroyed by multiculturalism and heading for complete extinction within 30 years. He did not mention the part the BBC has paid on their long ideological march to economic, social and moral ruin, but as you can see, they have certainly played their part. Perhaps the BBC felt it was only possible to select a Muslim as the head honcho of its religious affairs department now Christianity is powerless in its death throes."

    (Paul Weston, 'Gates of Vienna blogspot' 2 July.)


  6. John Bosworth says:

    David Vance says: "Finally, a strike that doesn't involve a "wedding party." David, Ye of little faith. While the "wedding party" story is a tarnished coin, I have no fear that it will not be revived in a few weeks. The BBC has never let us down yet. The enemy knows it always hooks the liberal media with that one.

    NB: For Beeboids: "enemy" is a term used for people who are against us.


  7. pounce_uk says:

    The reason the bBC refers to the Taliban and such as militants/rebels and such is simply because the bBC are Mull-allah light fans.

    Anyway its friday can't be upsetting the faithful on their holyday.


  8. The Beebinator says:

    only 10 dead? better luck next time


  9. piggy kosher says:

    33rd anniversary of the Entebbe raid. The original (unbiased I must say) news report is on the Beeboid website, "On this day" section. Rabins' remarks are truer than ever today.


  10. DP111 says:

    Of course the thing that gets me is the use of politically correct language at play here.

    It works both ways. The militants were killed by a drone. Note, not a human being holding and firing a weapon, but a mute non-thinking totally non-sentient drone. Therefore no one to blame.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I find a dictionairy always helps David.


  12. Craig says:

    So do I Anonymous. By "dictionairy", did you mean "dictionary"? lol