Ok – so another Thursday night no liveblog. My colleague and co-host Geoff is improved a little and the serious perils reduced a little. He is aware of all your good wishes and I wanted to thank you for your understanding re my slight reduction on posts here as I am now keeping three blogs going! That said, still as incensed with Al Beeb as ever. Glad Sue picked up the Shamnesty report on Israel which the BBC just lurved and regurgitated in the usual manner – haven’t had time to cover it myself.

Anyway, this is now an OPEN THREAD – the floor is yours…

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  1. DB says:

    Lidbem blogger has QT live chat going. "All are welcome" apparently.


  2. woman on a raft says:

    Best wishes – will keep dropping by.


  3. Umbongo says:

    I stopped viewing tonight's QT after Cocker's first – predictably ill-informed and rambling – contribution concerning the veracity of the prime minister was broadcast to the nation. I understand Cocker was invited on to QT when last week's events made it impossible for Michael Jackson to attend as planned.


  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Anonymous says:

    Cocker is a twat


  6. John Horne Tooke says:


    Who voted for him? I want to hear the opnions of our elected representatives not some puny pop singer. I just wonder if Robin Day would have been happy with the present QT.


  7. John Horne Tooke says:

    "Analysis of figures from the European Commission showed a 77 per cent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offences in the UK since Labour came to power.

    The total number of violent offences recorded compared to population is higher than any other country in Europe, as well as America, Canada, Australia and South Africa."

    Can't find any piece on this by Mark Easton on the BBC website.


  8. JohnA says:

    Continuing good wishes and the best of medical luck to Geoff.

    God Bless


  9. Llew says:

    Question time? That was the Harriet Harman show.

    Every question that came her way was met by a long and rambling speech about Labour policy – trying to cram in about 5 policy points across even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the question asked.

    Then there was the usual ganging up on the Tory by HH and DD, clearly led by HH especially when she lovingly touched his arm to get him to intervene and shut him up when IDS was making a valid (and popular) point.

    Jarvis Cocker? Did he forget his Labour supplied lines? What a complete waste of space.

    I can't see the point of the programme now other than to throw things at the TV screen.


  10. Anonymous says:

    With 'friends' like these…

    Next time, Jacko, try to die in London



  11. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    This morning's daily "Tories are nasty" slot news headline

    "Minister in Tory homophobia claim"

    I mean it has to be orchestrated. Some little shit somewhere with a desk and a blank piece of paper wondering which smear next. "Tories eat babies"? Hmmm….Yup, its got legs, lets run with it.Get the BBC in the line.

    "Tories in baby-eating row"


  12. Grant says:

    In the absence of a QT thread earlier in the day, I completely forgot about it and went to bed early. Get the felling I didn't miss much.


  13. Grant says:

    feeling !


  14. pounce_uk says:

    How the bBC lies about how our soldiers die.

    UK forces launch Taliban assault
    More than 700 UK troops have launched a major offensive against insurgent strongholds in southern Afghanistan……Thousands of British forces have been fighting the Taliban in Helmand since 2006, with 171 so far losing their lives and hundreds more injured.

    So according to the bBC, 171 soldiers have died since 2006. Making it around 50 a year that their so called freedom fighting rebels -The Taliban Milatants- have managed to murdered armed only with 99 Islamic super powers.

    Sorry to inform you Al-bBC but the date time stamp starts in 2001 5 years before the figure given in your revisionist version of history.

    How the bBC lies about how our soldiers die.


  15. cassandra says:

    Best wishes and my prayers to Geoff.

    Are you a scientist desperate to feed off the multi billion £$ global warming fraud and cant get funding anywhere else?

    Well just apply to the loan sharks of the science funding quangos, itll be great, toe the line and spew the propaganda its easy to do, sticks in the throat a bit at first but gets easier over time, the price you(science)pays is its reputation for years to come(such a small price eh?).

    The BBC toady show has become the mecca for such sellout 'vichy scientists' to spew out wonky mumbo jumbo in the guise of science and these reports get whackier by the day!

    This time its sheep, they are geting smaller sprouting earlier arriving earlier and…thats it really, all a load of horse shite and no proof whatsoever of anything other than natural and normal cyclic climate variation as the last two have been occuring for centuries, a quick look into botanical and bird watching journals over the last two centuries would confirm.

    But hey! WTF! what does it matter about the facts when the toady comrade will giggle and comply as ordered, Mr scientist gets his funding and the global warming fraudsters get their airtime, a victimless crime eh? er well no because when the global warming house of cards collapses the political class will lay the entire blame on scientists and science will suffer hugely, the commissars will claim that they only acted on the advice of scientists when in fact its the commissars that bought off and bribed the scientists with funding promises in the first place.

    The environazis and watermellon ecomentalists in association with vichy scientists have almost total control of the MSM and they guard it jelously, no wonder because when actual real resistance fighters in science(and there are many)actually get to be heard then their evidence is explosive and damning, it destroys the weak and made up psuedo science mumbo jumbo in short order!


  16. George R says:

    Labour (and BBC) court the 'gay' vote.

    'Gay' Labour minister, and ex-Beeboid, Mr. B. Bradshaw:

    "Minister in Tory homophobic claim". (BBC report.)

    Apparently, the Labour Party thinks that it should be compulsory that Cabinets to be packed with certain sorts of homosexuals,women and Muslims.

    (Hint to Tories: there are votes to be had by pointing out that you intend to have a Government based on ABILITY, not PRESSURE GROUPS.)

    There is to be a sizeable turn-out of Labour 'gay' supporters tomorrow:

    "This Saturday in London, Sarah Brown will become the first prime minister's wife to take part in a gay pride march.

    "She will be accompanied at the event by veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

    "Mr Brown himself will not be marching, for 'security reasons, but he will be hosting a reception for the organisers. " (BBC 'Politics page.)

    I wonder how many Labour politicians will turn out next TUESDAY, 7 JULY as a protest against Islamic jihad, or isn't that on Labour's political preferences?


  17. Roland Deschain says:

    Ah, Cassandra, you beat me to it. I actually thought the headline Climate change is shrinking sheep was extracting the Michael, but apparently not.


  18. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Missing Penguins

    "We know that emperor penguins rely on sea ice to breed – like the polar bears in the Arctic depend on sea ice for their hunting. Although the sea ice at the moment is reasonably stable, we know that in future decades it will decrease rapidly,"

    "We need to know where they are and to assess how many there are before we can really work out how threatened they are by climate change."

    If you hear cheering and applause in response to missing penguins and polar bears, its coming from all the fish, who now have a better future.


  19. cassandra says:


    Spot the lies time eh?

    In effect and reality they are saying there is no threat to the penguin populations, sea ice is stable/growing and habitat is OK.

    Because there is no threat they then lie about 'knowing that sea ice will rapidly dissapear' they actually know no such thing, its a guess based on highly flawed computer models already proven utterly wrong.

    Then comes the funding request of course, give us more money to assess and plan and blah…gimme…etc and there you have the global warming fraud in a nutshell, wank on about non existent AGW garbage and get the reward(funding) good doggie.
    Going on a jolly to watch penguins in antarctica is very expensive and the results of a two or three year highly costly study about a non existent problem with a species doing well aint exactly gonna set the world on fire with exitement and there aint gonna be business spin offs at the back end so they go crawling to the only source of funding availible and thats the AGW circus.

    Spew the lies and hey presto doggie gets its treat, sit up and beg theres a good boy, trained like a pavlovs dog and some lucky post grad in search of adventure gets his funding.


  20. Emperor Zog (All Hail Zog! ) says:

    I don't usually see much of BBC Breakfast, but having the morning off to wait for the gasman, and since Valentine Warner ('What To Eat Now') was on, I decided to have a dekko this morning.

    WTEN starts on Monday and is basically concerned with seasonal produce, how to obtain it, and how to cook it. Not much room for controversy there one would think.

    Ha !

    Bouffant: "It's a bit, well, posh, isn't it?"

    VW (Slightly confused as to what's prompted this): "Umm, I don't think so. How do you mean?"

    Bouffant (With distaste): "Well, you're cooking lobster, aren't you ?"

    Obviously a killer point, that one.

    Now I know that ,whenever I or the memsahib fancy a bit of lobster for supper, I'll have to flaunt the old school tie and flash my Athenaeum member's badge to the fishmonger in order to get my mitts on one, but I never realised before that there was anything unusual or wrong about that.

    The scales have well and truly fallen from my eyes now, though, and never more shall a crustacean denied to the proles grace my plutocratic table.

    Thank you ! Thank you, BBC for educating me !


  21. GCooper says:

    Good catch, your Highness!

    It's in a myriad little ways like this that the BBC's core attitudes are revealed.


  22. George R says:

    Unending BBC dhimmitude towards Iran.

    While Islamic republic of Iran treats Britain as its 'public enemy No. 1', the BBC is happy to peddle the Ahmadinejad version of one-sided 'history':

    BBC report:

    "'Iran trial' for UK embassy staff"

    -contain this:

    "Historians says the distrust between the UK and Iran stems from the 1800s, when Iran – then Persia – was forced to concede territory to Russia in a treaty drafted by a British diplomat."

    How unscholarly, BBC; "historians say" ! How many marks would that phrase get you at GCSE history exam?!

    And how politically one-sided of the BBC to omit the insult to the British people which the Islamic republic of Iran inflics by its support, in all ways to the Islamic jihadists of Hamas, of Hezbollah' and of Iran's jihadists in Iraq, let alone Ahmadiniejad's viciousness against its internal opponents, and even against British embassy staff.

    And the BBC makes no counter-demand against the Iran regime's censorship of the BBC in Iran, that reciprocally, Ahmadinejad's mouthpiiece, 'PRESSTV', which broadcasts 24/7 from LONDON studios, on the Sky satellite, should be CLOSED DOWN NOW.

    The Labour government,with no demur from the BBC, censor Geert Wilders, but not Ahmadinejad.


  23. robert says:

    Ho ho! Italian governmet has the sheer nerve to follow the wishes of the people and make illegal immigration a crime…
    BBC expends usual sneaky "fascist" jibes:


  24. Ron Todd says:

    Did I see Harman give Dimbelby a nudge when IDS started on an answer she did not like. Dimbelby then imsdiatly interupted IDS.


  25. Llew says:

    Ron Todd:

    You did. IDS was making a perfectly valid point but at that moment the audience were clearly taking in what he was saying. Harriet didn't like that and not only nudged Dimbelby but whispered something to him. He nodded and whispered something back.

    I couldn't make out what it was but I could imagine it went something like:

    HH – 'You can't let this continue, he's winning the audience and we can't have that'

    DD – 'Don't worry I will stop him right now'



  26. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC its adoration for Hamas and half the story.

    Gaza girl killed in border clash
    A 17-year-old Palestinian girl has been killed in Gaza by Israeli fire.After initial denials, Israeli army officials said the girl was killed by Israeli troops during a clash with Palestinian militants on Thursday….
    Also in the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has stepped up arrests against people suspected of Hamas membership.
    A Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament said that the number of Hamas detainees had almost doubled from 460 to 890. Reports say that members of the rival Fatah faction have also been arrested in the Gaza Strip.

    Lets start with that young child. Hamas attacked an Israeli patrol the IDF fired back, explosion at house Hamas says IDF tank shell. IDF says sorry we didn't fire any tank shells. Now is that deliberate or simple answers to unfounded statements.
    Newsflash as of last night the IDF say they made be at fault for the explosion, but they don't know the full answers yet.
    The bBC aired news that was a day old as new.

    Now to my main point. according to the man who has his hand up Abu Bowen arse. Fatah has arrested a lot of Hamas operatives this year.
    Why this year alone they have arrested around 800. He also mentions that Hamas has arrested a few fatah types as well.
    So how many Fatah types got arrested on the 6th of June alone?

    73, that's a pretty large figure to pass of as some.


  27. Craig says:

    Ron Todd 5.23, Good spot!

    For anyone who missed the collusion between Dimblebore and Harman on 'Question Time' go to 14.29 on the BBC i-player & be amazed and appalled.


  28. Roger C says:

    Puff report about the Norwich election on the news web.The greens get their normal glowing report even UKIP get a brief note but needles to say no mention of the BNP even though they are standing. BBC bias for all to see.


  29. Craig says:

    Ron Tod & Llew,

    I've just posted this complaint to the BBC:

    "I wish to complain about David Dimbleby's aggressive interruption of Ian Duncan Smith on last night's 'Question Time'. Watching the i-Player from 14.26, we see Harriet Harman whisper something to Dimbleby (just after Duncan Smith has started speaking eloquently). Dimbleby makes eye contact with her & Ms Harman smirks. Three seconds later Dimbleby interrupts Ian Duncan Smith and begins a sustained attack on him. Can you explain this sequence of events as anything other that shameless collusion between a government minister and a BBC presenter? What did Ms Harman say to Dimbleby? If David Dimbleby interrupted Ian Duncan Smith at Harriet Harman's request he should be sacked."

    We will see what happens.


  30. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Brilliant Craig. The Internet will find these bastards out. No more "one-way communication" from the Liberal Ruling Class to the Proles. Dimbleby requires a dedicated length of piano-wire, as an evil co-conspiritor of the Ruling Class (Islington and West London Chapter)


  31. North Northwester says:

    ts' Friday night at 9.26 and I still don't have anything more important to do – except to point out that this

    Revolution and Democracy

    is currently on – the BBC's Soviet-loving, Reagan-deriding history of how Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War despite Reagan's 'schizophrenic' attitude to nuclear war.
    Save money on spoons down the back of your throat or salty water now – listen to this SWP-scripted nonsense now and bring it all up.


  32. North Northwester says:

    Craig, you've GOT to start blogging this stuff ASAP.


  33. Ratass Shagged says:

    I'm so utterly sick of the BBC's constant sicophantic obsession and promotion of Islamic terrorism I'm in a position now where writing on this blog just isn't enough.

    I'd be willing to write up, publish and pay for 10,000 or so leaflets which I'd quite happily deliver door to door as well as 'crop dust' as many town centers in Britain as possible.

    I'm only wondering if it would have any effect on the average licence fee payer!

    But you have to start somewhere and I can't sit and do nothing any more.


  34. Llew says:


    Oops, I should have watched the clip @14:29 before commenting – clearly DD did not say something back to HH after she nudged him as I had originally stated!

    Although the other point remains and it did look like HH was dictating the show – especially when she was constantly allowed to ramble on about Labour policy, straying away from the question and only being gently nudged back on topic.

    It really looks like Labour run the BBC.

    I echo what others have said about your data – it should have a place of its own and be promoted, and it really does need some serious answers from the BBC. Top work and thanks for proving what I and hundreds of others have always suspected.


  35. piggy kosher says:

    Pounce_ uk:

    Haaretz reports that the civilian was killed by mortar fire, supporting troops that had come under fire. So the civilian was killed by shrapnel and not aimed fire as the report seems to be trying to imply.
    Firing out of civilian areas again, hamas scum? More use of civilian shields?


  36. Ron Todd says:


    Complaining to the BBC is pointless. A few weeks ago I complained about the Politics Show when they had t labourites and no Tories on. All I got was the standard reply

    ;we do not need to be balanced on every programme only over a number of Programmes.


  37. George R says:

    BBC report:

    "Serbia jails Muslim 'terrorists'".

    ('Europe' page.)

    If anyone else but the BBC had written this headline, the BBC would have said: 'Why bring the word "Muslim" into it'. Does this BBC report
    represent an aberration or a sea-change?


  38. George R says:

    A conversation in Downing Street?:

    S.B.: " I must iron my pink shirt before I go on the London Gay parade after lunch."

    G.B.: Yes, I wish I was ironing mine, and that I was coming with you. I know they'll call me 'Gay Gordon' after this, but I don't care, because I feel I'm one of them, and that they'll vote for me."

    BBC's pro-homosexual, anti-Tory headline::

    "Tory anger over homophobia claim"

    (BBC's leading story on 'Politics' page.)


    "Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whose wife Sarah will be joining Saturday's Pride London event, sent a message to the organisers praising their campaign."


  39. Ron Todd says:

    News 24 is running a story about how the number of university places is not expanding as much as the demand for places.

    No suggestion that the job market during Brows Bust is a factor. And no questioning labours assumption that more and more people at university is a good thing.

    The school children fatured who wanted into 'uni' were almost exclusivley ethnic minorities.


  40. George R says:


    "The licence fee could go, admits BBC boss: Cost of watching TV might be put on council tax bill"


    "The BBC’s director general has conceded the licence fee could be scrapped and replaced with funding via council or income taxes – or even a levy on electricity bills. "


  41. Craig says:

    Ron Todd, 5.36am

    Yes, we will need to spoil things for them by complaining about bias over a large number of editions of a single programme.


  42. Craig says:


    Or what about this sort of thing, covering a day's worth of BBC programmes (which I posted on another, out-of-the-way thread)?:

    1 JULY 2009
    (The Daily Politics, Today, PM, The World at One, The World Tonight & Newsnight):

    SNP: 2 interviewees
    Lib Dems: 4 interviewees
    Conservatives: 5 interviewees
    Labour: 11 interviewees

    SNP got 7.59 minutes of air-time
    Lib Dems got 11.16 minutes
    Conservatives got 14.45 minutes
    Labour got 47.37 minutes

    In percentages, the amount of air-time for each political party is:

    SNP 9.42%
    Lib Dems 13.85%
    Conservatives 17.94%
    Labour 58.79%

    Hopefully, this might throw a spanner in the works of the BBC Complaints department.


  43. Grant says:

    Llew 6:19
    A similar thing happened some months ago when David Miliband was on QT, sitting next to Dimblebore. They though they were off camera, but we could see them whispering to each other, blatantly colluding.
    The bias is outrageous !


  44. adam says:

    fridays daily politics was just pure anti tory

    i seem to be alone in Britain in believing upper class public school, then Brideshead Oxbridge, types are more gay friendly than the gruff, northern, factor workers sat on the liar party benches


  45. Craig says:

    The BBC is back on Sarah Palin’s case.

    On this morning’s ‘Today’ Jim Naughtie described her news conference last night as “distinctly odd” and the-legend-that-is-Justin-Webb called her decision to quit as governor of Alaska “strange”. “Frankly speaking”, Webb went on to describe her words as sounding “positively weird to a lot of Americans”. Her supporters “tend to be what one might call the extreme of the base – so people who are virulently anti-abortion, people who hugely dislike the idea of the government being involved in any aspect of Americans’ life, people frankly from the fringes of American politics, particularly in the early part of the Obama years.”

    So, she’s an “untutored” wacko supported by wackos, according to Justin Webb. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but is it for a BBC reporter to judge?


  46. DB says:

    Orla Guerin (From Our Own Correspondent, R4, July 2):
    Pakistanis are utterly unyielding on one point – hospitality.

    Some recent examples of that hospitality…

    Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – Tortured at length by a group of Muslims, then arrested by police on charges – perfectly fabricated- that he had burned pages of the Koran. This is what happened last July1st to Imran Masih, a young Christian from Hajwary, Faisalabad district, yet another victim of blasphemy. For the director of the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue "a new wave of anti-Christian extremism" has started.

    The Rev. Eric Sarwar, a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and director of the Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship, was attacked in Karachi on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, at 8:00 pm Pakistan time, ANS has learned.

    LAHORE: At least 110 Christian families, almost 700 people, were forced on Tuesday night to flee Bahmniwala, a village in Kasur, after angry mobs attacked and threatened to burn their houses for allegedly committing blasphemy

    Asia Bibi, 37, was reportedly detained by police on allegations of blasphemy in the village of Ittanwali in Punjab province on June 19, following heated discussions about Islam with Muslim women who work with her on a farm.
    "Bibi told them that Christ died on the cross for their sins and asked them what Mohammed had done for them," said Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), which monitored the case. "Our Christ is the true prophet of God and yours is not true," Bibi reportedly said.
    The Muslim women allegedly became angry and began to beat her. "Some men then locked her in a room. Muslims announced from mosque loudspeakers a plan to punish Bibi by blackening her face and parading her through the village on a donkey. Local Christians informed police, who took Bibi into custody before Muslims could carry out their plan," VOMC said.

    LAHORE, Pakistan, June 23 (Compass Direct News) – A 37-year-old Christian is languishing in a Sialkot jail after police broke his backbone because his father was preaching Christ, according to a local advocacy group.

    After imposing jizya (an Islamic tax like a fine to the non-Muslims) to the Sikhs in some tribal areas of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan, where the Taliban have strongholds and rule their own fiefdom, Christians and Shia Muslims (a minority sect) across the country have received letters threatening them with death should they not conform to the Taliban's Sunni Islam.
    On June 10, a letter was sent to Rabita Manzil, of the National Catholic Office for Social Communications in Lahore, second biggest city of Pakistan. It was handed over to a Christian women, who lives near the office by two masked men. The letter stated, "We know you are Christian. We warn you to leave this area, embrace Islam, pay 1,500,000 rupees (US$18,500) as jizya, or be ready to die in a suicide attack."


  47. Craig says:

    There was also a superficial report on Sarah Palin by Katty Kay on 'Newsnight' last night, emphasising an "unflattering Vanity Fair profile" of the ex-Republican VP candidate & interviewing the reporter who had written it, Todd Purdum. Fair enough, especially as this was balanced by an interview with Matthew Continetti of 'The Weekly Standard', who is a staunch defender of Sarah Palin.

    Note though how the chosest insults from the article were highlighted, how Continetti was placed as the filling in a Purdum sandwich, & how Katty's narrative subtly supported the Purdum case (eg. her "dramatic style" chimes with his "diva" charge).

    Also, Continetti was introduced as a "conservative journalist", whereas Purdum was merely introduced as a "reporter" (check out Wikipedia and you'll see he's a controversial Obama supporter).

    Interestingly (I think!), Katty Kay recorded the Purdum interview "before today's announcement". Therefore, this was not a report prepared in response to a topical news story, but a pre-planned piece. Katty had her claws out for Sarah Palin even before the resignation story broke.


  48. Anonymous says:

    BBC NI NEWS headline:

    Gang 'stabbed and beat migrant'


    A Lithuanian gang tried to stab a Portuguese migrant worker in the eye before stabbing him in the back with a carving fork, a court has been told.

    The attack allegedly occurred in Cookstown on 25 May.

    On Friday, Vitalijus Virvilas, 24, who denies grievous bodily harm with intent, false imprisonment, theft and burglary, was refused bail.

    The High Court heard there had been at least another six such attacks on migrant workers in the area recently.


  49. George R says:

    BBC's continual promotion of Labour and homosexuality:

    "PM meets Pride team before parade."

    (BBC's leading 'Politics' page story.)


  50. piggy kosher says:

    It just annoys me if any body belittles heterosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle choice.