Consider the latest economic news from the States, dear reader!

The BBC reports this under the heading “Pace of US economic decline eases” and declares…

The US economy shrank at an annual pace of 1% in the April-to-June quarter, government figures have shown. The data was better than expected, but marked the longest period of decline since records began in 1947.”

Subtext? Obama is working his special magic. Remember – better than expected.

There is another way of looking at it: Under the heading ” Recession worse than prior estimates” it says…

“The first 12 months of the U.S. recession saw the economy shrink more than twice as much as previously estimated, reflecting even bigger declines in consumer spending and housing, revised figures showed.

The world’s largest economy contracted 1.9 percent from the fourth quarter of 2007 to the last three months of 2008, compared with the 0.8 percent drop previously on the books, the Commerce Department said today in Washington.

“The current downturn beginning in 2008 is more pronounced,” Steven Landefeld, director of the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, said in a press briefing this week. The revisions were in line with past experience in which initial figures tended to underestimate the severity of contractions during their early stages, he said.”


Is the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson really the single BIGGEST news story in the UK today? The BBC are giving it massive prominence which seems a tad disproportionate and I speak as someone who has a son who is a fervent Newcastle FC supporter! Look, it’s a shame that he has died, I think he was a nice guy and I did watch the testimonial for his Charity at St James last week BUT this is overkill. Wonder what bad news the BBC are really trying to hide?


Yes, it’s awful news, isn’t it? I refer to the killing of Islamic Jihadist leader Mohammed (sic) Yusef in Nigeria. Thank goodness those Human Rights activists in New Yorky City are on the case and pleading for an immediate investigation as to how this outrage could have happened. Let’s hope the results will be made public as it’s a bad news day when an Islamic killer gets, erm, killed. Anyway, what intrigued me about the BBC report was the comment that “Sharia law is in place across northern Nigeria, but there is no history of al-Qaeda-linked violence. The country’s 150 million people are split almost equally between Muslims in the north and Christians in the south.” Hang on a second. Why is it that so many Christians live in the south, exactly? The weather? Nope. Might be something to do with this. With executions, amputations and merciless persecution of non-believers in the Religion of Peace , it’s hard to tell the subtle difference between this and Al Queda linked violence. But the BBC can discern it. Lucky them.


I notice that the BBC have been reporting on the deaths of two Spanish Civil Guard officers on the island on Majorca. It seems they were killed by Basque Separatists ETA. Mmmm. Or, alternatively, they were brutally murdered by Basque terrorists. Even the leftwing Spanish government call this an act of terrorism but the BBC studiously avoid the T word. Too judgemental, you see.

Serious season

I notice that the BBC is running a headline story about a Government move to stop so-called queue jumping for organ donation.

A couple of points come to mind. One is that Parliament is not sitting, so the Government is spinning. The BBC is playing along with this. Another is that it is a wonderful piece of spin: fears of rich foreigners plundering our virgin NHS system, only to be sent packing by St. State. According to the chosen quangocrat: “Confidence in the transplant system should increase once money is removed from the equation”.

Well of course; it’s not as if the NHS costs money, after all.

Quangocrats, the Labour Government and the BBC in blissful unintermediated union. Ah, those summer trysts- if only the whole year could be summer.


I’ve been posting here on Biased BBC for 18 months now and one lesson that I have fully taken on board during that time is NOT to feed the trolls that come along here. There has been one recurring troll who reincarnates himself under different names – he started off as Hillhunt and is now masquerading as Medicated not Educated (or something like that!) His key function is to derail discussions and I would urge our sensible commentariat not to feed him since in the act of doing so he achieves his aim. I suspect he is unable to stay away from B-BBC but that does not mean that we can’t stay away from him.


Wonder what you make of the BBC’s coverage of the victory that MS sufferer Debbie Purdy has had concerning her battle to have the law on assisted suicide clarified? She wanted to know if her husband would be prosecuted if he helped her end her life in Switzerland. The DPP must now clarify the position. It strikes me that the BBC is almost celebratory in tone and clearly in sympathy with the aims of Mrs Purdy. The counterview is buried at the very bottom of the extensive item. Whilst we will all feel sympathy for the likes of those such as Mrs Purdy nonetheless there is a substantive body of opinion which does not support assisted suicide and I wish the BBC would provide it with the same sympathy as it does Mrs Purdy.


Had to laugh at this pathetic bit of reporting from the BBC on the topic of the National ID card unveiled by Alan “Postie” Johnson today. Buried away in the linked BBC report (scan down to 11th paragraph) is the Home Office line that the absence of the Union Flag from the National ID card has nothing to do with offending Northern Ireland’s nationalist minority community. That’s not what is reported elsewhere….

“A Home Office statement said the ID card scheme must work in a way that “fully
recognises the identity rights of the people of Northern Ireland as laid out in
the Belfast Agreement”. The Government went on to say it had “sought to
design features which can reflect all parts of the United Kingdom, such as the
inclusion of the shamrock to represent Ireland within the tactile feature, and
we have sought to avoid symbols such as flags”.

But “the people of Northern Ireland” are British! So what’s the problem, Postie and why is the BBC not sharing the reason for the lack of our National Flag from the National ID card? The reality is that this government, and the BBC, are ashamed of our British identity and any chance to ditch it is grasped with eagerness.


Hi all. Been away all day so a quick catch up a number of stories. Did you catch the Today programme shilling for the liberal idea that the Police should give up the fight against the drugs barons and concentrate instead on helping the “victims”. This idea that illegal narcotics should be tolerated, if not fully accepted, is a recurrent theme on the Today programme and a BBC meme. One can only speculate why this should be the case… thoughts?

Worlds Apart

For many years the BBC has been engaging in a two pronged campaign, on one front familiarising the British public with The Islamic World, and on the other steadily demonising Israel.

This is, after all, the British Broadcasting Corporation, so this flying in the face of Judeo-Christian tradition defies logic. The current BBC has been able to pull off a mass suspension of disbelief by taking liberties with the ‘old’ BBC’s reputation for virtue and impartiality acquired long ago.

It’s true that the instant we get a whiff of an unpalatable viewpoint we’re apt to shut down, so many people will have decided that what I’ve said already is not for them.
If anyone is still here, a spat, perhaps a cyberspat, has arisen which has brought another aspect of this sorry tale to the fore.

Vivian Wineman and Robin Shepherd both have slightly unisex names, so for your information they are both gents. Their disagreement is over the recent Community Service Trust report which concluded that antisemitism in Britain has risen alarmingly. Chris Huhne and several other MPs are aware of this and think it is intolerable.
Mr. Wineman, though, says it’s nothing to worry about, it’s not really happening, while Mr. Shepherd says it certainly is, and it’s very concerning.
Strange to tell, Mr. Wineman is a Jew, and Mr. Shepherd is not.

Mr. Wineman is the newly elected President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and he has expressed his controversial views in the Jerusalem Post in a ‘debut’ article. It was written in response to Robin Shepherd’s earlier article on the topic, also in the JPost, which took a different view, and which I mentioned here.

Mr. Wineman’s ‘nothing to worry about’ article has attracted many responses from a wide range of people who are appalled at his complacency, and who agree with Mr. Shepherd. who has in turn written about it all on his own blog.

The blame for this outbreak of racist hostility which is (or is not) increasing alarmingly, had initially been laid firmly at the door of Operation Cast Lead. However, on further examination all roads lead straight past this red herring and on to the real culprit. The BBC.
What has come to the fore, and something that clearly emerges from all this, is the way Britain and our state broadcaster are currently perceived around the world.

Alongside the increase in racially motivated incidents and covert hostility towards Jews, there is a growing worldwide perception that British Jews should watch their backs. The BBC is seen as antisemitic, Britain is seen as ‘no place for Jews’, and the BBC is seen as having played the most significant role in the fiasco that has led to this disastrous state of affairs.

Sunhats off

Yes, sunhats off to Tyler at Burning our Money who draws something to my attention: the reason the BBC are biased on the “climate change” issue is because they decided to be two years ago. This decision may be rather more controversial now than then, as sceptics are more organised and data more negative for the AGW hypothesis. DV mentioned a related study last week.

I can’t have been reading the excellent Mr Tyler’s blog back then, or if I did I missed it; certainly Jeremy Paxman seemed to have missed it when he said that “People who know a lot more than I do may be right when they claim that [global warming] is the consequence of our own behaviour. I assume that this is why the BBC’s coverage of the issue abandoned the pretence of impartiality long ago” (as chronicled in our sidebar). He assumed correctly (in a sense), but he needn’t have assumed. [in fact I think Paxman may have been having a dig here: a long time ago being well before it became official BBC policy]

Tyler reported in ’07 (and I missed) that the BBC in their report called, ahem, “safeguarding impartiality”, said that “The BBC has held a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts, and has come to the view that the weight of evidence no longer justifies equal space being given to the opponents of the consensus.”

So that was that: by fiat the BBC decided the narrative had changed; what numerous people from scientific and non-scientific backgrounds either refused to be convinced by or actively disbelieved had actually to be promulgated.

This is excellent evidence that the “impartiality” meme on which the BBC base their public service justification is unworkable, at least if they are also to “educate and inform”. To do these they need to know “the truth” about newsworthy issues, which is oxymoronic really- they wouldn’t be news if they were as predicable as “truth” (for want of a better word) needs to be. Apple falls from tree- shock, disbelief!

Anyway, yesterday Roger Harrabin started criticising the Met Officefor failed forecasts- the same Met Office which has been teaching the Beeb all about global warming. Is this preparatory for what could be known as the BBC’s Great Climate Trackback?


Wonder what you make of the comments by one of the BBC’s top black executives who reckons that senior TV bosses should be sacked if they fail to meet diversity targets? Pat Younge, set to take over as head of the BBC’s in-house programme-making, claimed there was not enough ‘internal pressure’ for change. He has said that diversity targets should be treated like financial aims, suggesting that if people fail to hit them they should pay the consequences.


I was interested in this report on what a group of Islamic thugs known as Nigeria’s “Taliban”. The bit that caught my eye was the assertion by BBC correspodent Caroline Duffy that “The idea of radical Islamist militants gaining a serious foothold in Nigeria is usually dismissed, because of the strength of local identities and traditions.” Oh really? Dismissed by whom, exactly?

“More importantly, religious uprising occurs because Northern Nigeria has a
tradition of jihadist Islam – that is a kind of Islam that is practiced or
promoted through fighting and violence. Islam came to Northern Nigeria around
11th century But the 1804 Jihad of Sheikh Uttman dan Fodio radicalized Islam. It
foisted on Northern Nigeria a militant form of Islamic faith. It enthroned a
kind of Islam that is promoted and defended with bows and arrows, swords and
cudgels. Jihadist Islam sanctifies violence as an act of faith, as a
demonstration of piety and as a virtuous way of living and of relating with
infidels and with non Islamic faiths or institutions. Jihadist Isalm regard non
believers as ‘enemies’ who should be conquered, converted or subdued by force.
As long as the jihadist Islamic mentality persists in Northern Nigeria,
religious conflict will not cease.Related to the above point is the imposition
of Sharia law. Sharia is the weapon of political and radical Islam. The
imposition of Sharia on most states in Northern Nigeria was marked by widespread
violence, riots and clashes. “