Sarah Montague “interviews” Ed Balls here. What a laugh. It was in essence a forum for Balls to constantly repeat that the Conservatives are out to cut back “investment” in the public sector. I love the fantastical claims that Balls makes, which Sarah gaily lets pass. “Tough Discipline in every class-room” – was this a comedy routine? The BBC pimps for Labour day in day out and it is as simple as that. Note that the arrogant and devious tone throughout from Balls and the way in which he throws around “Billions” as if it were HIS money. (PFI is “a great success” was another great throwaway line. )

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  1. TomTom says:

    Balls won't get anywhere selling used cars – he gabbles his delirious lies – at least Brown rolls them around his mouth before spitting them out. Why don't organ-grinders train monkeys nowadays – Mandelson does it so much better !


  2. frankos says:

    the man is a complete embarrasment to the Labour Party –which is a complete embarrasment to Britain.
    A decent interviewer would destroy the lying little bug eyed zealot with a few facts + figures.
    Ball seems to think that shouting lies is an attractive vote winner for Labour.
    Hopefully he will lose them the election!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, indeed. Balls was gabbling from start to finish. What a contrast with the later (well after prime-time) lucid and measured comment by Michael Gove.
    It was, by the way, typical that the Today programme put on Steve Richards immediately after the Gove interview (introducing him as "the independant journalist"!!), and allowed him immediately to condemn both Gove and Balls as dishonest. It is intolerable that Richards should be allowed to comment on someone else's interview like this. We can make up our own minds without some left-wing commentator spouting his own views.


  4. Not a sheep says:

    Victoria Derbyshire's subject for 10am is Public Spending. Apparently her programme will explain the issues and choices; anyone the time and stomach to listen and analyse the programme?


  5. Anonymous says:

    frankos said…
    the man is a complete embarrasment to the Labour Party…

    frankos, please, get a life. THE WHOLE LABOUR PARTY IS AN EMBARRASSMENT.


  6. JohnA says:

    Balls came across as an aggressive unpleasant party hack spouting spin – not a votewinner.

    Yes, it was bias to have an Indy reporter on to comment on both Balls and Gove. Either no commentator – let the listeners make their own minds up – or get a right-wing journalist on as well.


  7. backwoodsman says:

    Toady programme = the beeboid rearguard action !


  8. frankos says:

    frankos, please, get a life. THE WHOLE LABOUR PARTY IS AN EMBARRASSMENT.

    yes; sorry I forgot


  9. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes when you are interviewing people the best policy is to 'give them enough rope'.

    He duly obliged.

    I had to turn him off in the end, jumped up little twerp – there is no way that interview could be construed as positive for the Labour party.

    Sarah Jane


  10. Dr MIchael Jones says:

    No I am afraid I simply canot stomach the thought of the Uber-Idiot Victoria Derbyshire so early in the day.

    I did however catch the Montagu interview. She has to be the stupidest person the BBC mega-pay merry go round. Stupid, stupid woman.

    And of course, you and I are FORCED to pay for her, along with whole sorry, sordid, nasty, bigoted, grasping bunch of them.


  11. Anonymous says:


    Apologies accepted!


  12. Grant says:

    I take some comfort in the hope that the BBC's increasingly manic desperation in trying to save this worthless government will backfire both on the government and the BBC.
    Even friends of mine who normally wouldn't notice BBC bias are commenting on it.


  13. Anonymous says:

    And talking of Sarah Montague, it is that ghastly raucous 'jackass' laugh that I cannot stand. She seems to laugh at everything especially when it is not merited.
    What the hell are you laughing at, woman?


  14. GCooper says:

    I think Grant has made a good point. Even the generally oblivious seem to be noticing the BBC's shilling for ZaNuLabour and, coupled with anger at profligate, it's likely to do both halves of the pantomime horse some real damage.


  15. Martin says:

    Just heard St Vince of Sky. Why can't one journlist pin Alzheimers man down on anything?

    Just WHAT will the Lib Dems cut in terms of spending?

    According to St Vince it 'might be' public sector pensions or tax credits ofr middle income families. So come on then Vince say it outright


  16. TPO says:

    You need to look at The Spectator and Guido's blog.

    Fraser Nelson calls Balls a liar for his utterings on the toady show and also aludes to Montague's useless incompetence.

    Balls then gets hysterical and rants at Nelson accusing the Spectator, amongst other things, of 'political bias'.



  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I just listened to that because I saw Fraser Nelson's Coffee House posts on it.

    For 6 and a half minutes, I was listening thinking, "Finally, Montague is pushing him, not letting him get away with dodging and spinning." She interrupted him, or tried to, so many times that his bias coefficient must have been higher than most Conservative guests.

    I was very encouraged until 6:0 in, when she said that, "one of the problems with you not doing a comprehensive spending review is that whatever it says about Labour, it also lets the Conservatives off the hook."

    That's criticism and advice from a Labour supporter side, not impartial analysis.

    And what is it with all these people with rhoticisms? Is it genetic? Does Welsh have rolled R's or something?


  18. Ratass Shagged says:

    I just want to go off-topic and quote a paragraph from Cassandra's brilliant posting on the other thread, because this sums up PERFECTLY what I have always felt about the socialist/ ruling/parasitic/middle class mindset.

    This is worth memorizing and repeating verbatim to BBC scum and their kind.

    "A spoilt middle class child that has never seen or experienced poverty will come to despise the very parents who bring that child up, this sums up the BBC collective mindset perfectly, they are in effect spoiled selfish middle class oiks with a selfish and self centered self regard covered as always by a veneer of fake caring for the 'oppresed masses' this thin veneer gives the selfish parasite the moral cover required to keep them justifying their selfish parasitical nature, after all its basic human nature to hide ones own failings from view isnt it?"


  19. Craig says:

    Sarah Jane has a point, though she may be being charitable to Sarah Montague. (I'm not so sure Ms Montague is so shrewd!) Surely no reasonable 'viewer' (as Balls put it) could have listened to the 'Today' interview without thinking that Balls is a nasty, unhinged, lying toad.

    David P. is right about THAT question. THAT showed deep bias.

    The interview's Bias Coefficient was high – 3.7 – but not as high as that for Michael Gove, which was 4.4.

    Balls got 8 minutes (with 16 interruptions), Gove only got 2 minutes (& 5 seconds!)- and was interrupted 4 times for his pains.
    Gove had to make way for Steve Richards, who also got longer to speak (to add insult to injury)!

    And did you hear Sarah Montague's derisive laugh as the Gove interview ended? Listen again if you missed it (it's 3.02 in).


  20. Grant says:

    GCooper 2:03
    Thanks for that. Last weekend a friend, who thought I am a bit of an anti-BBC nutter , said to me "Grant, I am beginning to think you have a point ". From small acorns …..


  21. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Craig @ 5:35 PM

    Excellent work as always. I guess since Balls got to take a couple of shots at Gove during his bit, that adds to the BC against Gove.

    And at least half of Montague's interruptions (or attempted interruptions) were not so much challenges as they were pleas for him to spell out the spending plans because she felt that would benefit Labour.


  22. Craig says:


    Exactly, it was all "spend? spend? spend?", not "cut? cut? cut?" with her questions:

    "Why won’t you tell us before an election what you plan to spend?"

    "How will we know if it’s credible though if we don’t know what you’re planning to spend in the years ahead?"

    "You’re not telling us what you plan to spend in the years ahead…"

    “We don’t know what you’re going to spend.”


  23. Martin says:

    Burkha babe alert. The One Show has the wet camp liberal elite shilling for the Burkha with some slit eyed woman in the studio.

    I hope they checked her for explosives.

    Do I have the right to walk arounsd with my cock hanging out then? Or perhaps wear a T-Shirt with a naked woman on? Or a T-shirt saying F**k Islam?


  24. Martin says:

    Oh and the BBC 6PM News had endless shots of 'ethnic kids' when talking about the English education system.

    Am I the only one who gets frustrated that whenever we hear kids talking it's always "I fink dat youz is not da pepul to tell uz kids owz to behave man"

    Why can't they find kids with IQ's at least in double digits?

    What gets me is that the BBC would NEVER employ one of these morons to read the news, so why hold them up as fine examples of the state education system?


  25. Anonymous says:

    With that anachronistic 1930s haircut and suit,Ed looks like a throwback to the German Workers Socialist Party.


  26. Craig says:

    Anonymous @7.14,
    That's it! That's who Balls reminds me of! Martin Bormann. The resemblance is uncanny. The BBC needs to do a 'Who Do You Think You Are?' on Balls.


  27. piggy kosher says:

    Nick Robinsons blog on can we trust Tories on spending cuts. Robinson characterises Osbourne as "a young and privileged man" (sic)and asks him a few questions on education funding. See he is not a horny handed son of toil like all the Labour ministers are, is he?


  28. Swiss Bob says:

    Gove's response to Balls education announcements today should cheer you up. Gove can certainly tell 'em: Gove Gives Balls a Dose


  29. Martin says:

    piggy kosher: Yer like Hattie Harperson, she can't even be bothered ot send her brats to a bog standard comp. The cheek!


  30. Martin says:

    Actually I think Balls looks like a fat Adolf Hitler


  31. piggy kosher says:

    Julius Streitcher with a syrup on.


  32. Martin says:

    Of course the BBC have ignored the fact that most of Gordon McGay's legislation is for England only. Yet again the Scots in Liebour want to piss around with the English education system whilst they protect their own from political football.


  33. Martin says:

    BBC2 now. 7/7 conspiracy theories. Anyone want ot bet we get the bushy bearded twats claiming it was either the 'dirty Jews' or the Americans?


  34. GCooper says:

    As piggy kosher says, Robinson's blog makes for interesting reading (it's currently being puffed on the BBC's 'news' front page).

    That's twice in a week that 'toenails' has come out slugging for ZaNuLabour. His little R4 essay on Profligate was laced with attempted smears against the Tories – mostly on the grounds that they are 'toffs' and got off lightly, compared to Gordon's proles.

    Does Robinson have 'class' issues in his background, does anyone know?


  35. piggy kosher says:

    You bet, considering that British and Israeli involvement was mentioned in the first five lines of the beeboids nasty little piece on the website.


  36. Martin says:

    Yep we've had the Jews blamed.

    I notice that the Truth lot all look stark raving mad and what a shock that in that Mosque all the towelheads put their hands up when asked if they didn't believe that Muslims were responsible for 7/7.

    WE really do have a problem on our hands. 4 million Muslims in theUK in denial. 4 million enemy soldiers amongst us.

    We're really in the shit.


  37. piggy kosher says:

    Yeah. We are fxxxxd at the moment.


  38. piggy kosher says:

    He was pres of the Oxford University Conservative association, and national chair of the young conservatives in 86! Apparently got done for leaking stuff to Major in the early 90s. What fun.


  39. Anonymous says:

    I have just seen the 10.00pm BBC news. The Tories and Osbourn were attacked for not knowing where their spending cuts would be. The commentator said "If Labour wont tell you the figures so you dont know where the cuts should be then you are not fit to govern" (or similar words). I really dont know why the Tories dont protest against this blatant bias. Meanwhile Labour were allowed to attack the Tories as if the recession was all there fault.
    PP Lemar


  40. Martin says:

    Anon: And don't forget that the Lib Dems are NEVER put on the spot about where their cuts will be. Alzheimers man (St Vince) just waffles on about "having a debate". No St Vince you need to tell us what you're going to cut.


  41. Martin says:

    What a shock. Newsnight is doing a piece on citizen journalism. So who does the BBC get on? That dopey bitch that runs the hate site the Huffington Post.

    What's wrong with our own DV or Guido Fawkes or Iain Dale?

    Oh hang on, none of them suit the narrative of the BBC.


  42. GCooper says:

    Piggy Kosher: I was thinking back a bit further than that. Robinson's recent attitudes seem rooted in something a bit more tribal than college politics.


  43. piggy kosher says:

    Dunno. He was born in Huddersfield. I just breezed Wiki.


  44. GCooper says:

    Piggy Kosher – that might explain it!


  45. piggy kosher says:



  46. E Vader says:

    To those who think we are forced to pay: WE ARE NOT.

    I stopped paying my TV licence in December – I simply cancelled the direct debit.

    All the Beeb have done since is send me letters. They have no power to enter my home – and if they did they'd better be wearing armour! – and no right to make me prove ANYTHING.

    Don't just take it from me – read this:



    If we all do it, they will be FORCED TO STOP.


  47. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Martin @ 10:35 PM,

    As you would say, what a shock. We all know that's where Justin Webb and his cohorts get their ideas about US politics anyway.


  48. Anonymous says:

    Put a Hitler moustache on Lord Rhumba a leather trenchcoat on Straw and an SS uniform on Millipede.


  49. Anonymous says:

    Piggy Kosher – that might explain it!

    10:51 PM, June 30, 2009

    So being born in Huddersfield would give him class issues in a way that being Chair of the young conservatives would not? LOL stop digging on this one.

    Martin – Guido (Paul Staines) is on Newnight loads, a lot more than Huffington.

    Sarah Jane


  50. Roland Deschain says:

    Sarah Jane

    I was aware Guido had been on Newsnight twice. Is it more than that?