I posted here yesterday on what I see as the BBC’s shameful participation in the sanitising of the appeasement of terrorism here in Northern Ireland aka “peace process”. Today, on Thought for the Day, we had a follow-on item from the fragrant Rev Rosemary Lain-Priestly, of the Women’s Ministry in London. Rosemary celebrated the decision by the UVF thugs to stop murdering people and wrapped it up in soft theological cotton. She went on to suggest that whilst justice for the victims was not possible perhaps we could set up a Truth Enquiry so they could “share their stories”. How conveniently on narrative! Heaven forbid that those who have lost loved ones to the UVF, UDA and IRA might demand that justice be done. It’s just so passe these days. WHY is justice not an option? Because it would de-rail the peace!!! Thank God ..or perhaps his rival, that we have Thought for the day to further immunise us from morality.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the drums have stopped banging mate.
    Would you rather have a return to milltown
    or the shankhill bombings?


  2. Grant says:

    But you can bet there will be "justice" if the ludicrous Bloody Sunday enquiry ever ends !


  3. Anonymous says:

    The Irish nationalists are murderous and vicious scum. May their names be forgotten.


  4. Cockney says:

    Whilst the views of Muslims seem to be relentlessly surveyed I haven't seen attempt by the Beeb to get the views of the citizens of NI on the peace process. If an overwhelming majority remain in favour then fine, it's appropriate to reflect that in the coverage (although dissenting views should still be featured) – if not then a grown up debate is clearly needed.

    Equally I don't see much in the way of debate on the views of many of us in England that we shouldn't be subsidising NI to the extent that we do, and if they can't rub along it might be time to cut them off.


  5. JohnA says:


    I heard today that the public sector in Northern Ireland and also in Wales is due to reach 70% of the economy.



  6. Anonymous says:

    Labour and the BBC are trying to make us think that the recession is nearly over. They do admit that there are public sector custs ahead whichever party is in power, but have not joined up the dots – If the public sector has to be cut and it is up to 70% of the economy then we aint seen nothing yet!


  7. DJ says:

    This is a perfect example of how the BBC pushes its agenda by simply refusing to acknowledge the less savoury corollaries to its preferred policies. A Truth Commission sounds all very touchy-feely but the bottom line is that it rests on an assumption of moral equivalence. Some people shoot Catholics, some people shoot protestants and some people shoot terrorists, who's to say who's right or wrong? The only thing is the BBC can't say that honestly, otherwise people would realise how sleazy and amoral their position is.