BBC start the new week shilling for Gaza. (I guess they are recovering from the loss of MJ) Just after 6.30am on Today there was an item about the terrible plight of those poor innocent Gazans who have had their property destroyed by those bad Israelis – for no good reason, apparently. We were treated to what was essentially a five minute pro Gaza lament – full of those usual anti-Israel clap-trap that has become the BBC default mode on this issue. They interviewed one Gazan who disliked the Israelis but also who blamed Hamas for bringing the violence on butthen balanced this with an interview with another who had become even more supportive of Hamas since the “invasion.” Either way, Israel loses. The BBC specialises in producing this one-sided pro-Pali guff. Their bias is visceral.

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26 Responses to WEEPING FOR GAZA..

  1. Dick the Prick says:

    I loved Jim Naughtie interviewing some poor sap with the question 'but if the government are spending Sooo much money on public services – why aren't the public grateful?' – weeeeeell Jimmy, maybe because it's fake money prapps. Arseholes. Mel Phillips in the Mail has a Beeb pop and very good it is too.


  2. Dick the Prick says:

    2 interviews in support of climate change now – 8% of people give a toss but no, oh no, the real figure is 66% – Toady – the best alarm clock in the world and the most expensive!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry it's not the right section….

    but…..it's too funny


    Persian Station in Britain Rattles Officials in Iran
    LONDON — The BBC’s Persian-language channel has been singled out as the main threat among foreign news broadcasters for what the Iranian government calls biased coverage


  4. xenophon19 says:

    One more reason to keep on watching Sky News. Although if I see one more Jacko-tard weeping uncontrollably or gushing celeb-tard on any current affairs channel, I might even begin bombing Gaza myself, just to change the news agenda

    sheesh, enough



  5. Dick the Prick says:

    @Xenophon19 – don't you mean the 'People's paedo'?


  6. mickfly says:

    Dick the Prick:
    What on earth do you mean?
    There'll be no mention of Peado here (on the beeb)thanks you.


  7. Dick the Prick says:

    @mickfly – quite right too, sorry, don't know what I was thinking. 1 more dead pervert, shocking, upsetting err…


  8. happyuk07 says:

    Anonymous 9:16 AM, June 29, 2009

    That is a great link. Thanks for posting.

    What gave me the biggest laugh (in an post-modern ironic sense) was

    "the paradox is that it’s precisely because they [BBC Persian] are seen as objective and impartial by Iranians that they come under such severe attack."

    In getting right up the noses of those Islamic madmen in charge, (for once) I think the BBC are doing something right.


  9. JPT says:

    And I thought the BBC was run by Jews (and queers) according to … was it Keith Chegwin?


  10. backwoodsman says:

    Also off topic, if you enjoy bloodsports, you'll enjoy the comments on 'toenails' robinsons latest beeboid blog !
    Out of 51 comments, two are half baked anti Tory, one is a plea for something different and the remaining 48 are a variation on gordon is a moron / robinson is a moron / gordon has destroyed the economy / gordon lies like a hairy pig / disgraceful beeboid bias.


  11. ED says:

    Debating and holding polls about climate change is silly. Either it exists or it doesn't regardless of what anyone believes. It is about as pointless as debating gravity or asking the public what they think about quark theory or continental drift and finding X% of people agree with continental drift because it is moving us away from the USA and Y% of people disagree with it because it is taking us away from the beloved Obama.

    It's one thing to debate Gaza and the Arab-Israeli conflict, terrorism, public spending, whether we should be members of the EU, the NI appeasement/peace process etc, but it doesn't make any sense to me to debate scientific theories.


  12. piggy kosher says:

    The problem is there is no "debate" on the ME, which is what this thread is about, after all. The other issues raised are not debated either. Thats the problem. A prepacked, ready to serve, mechanically reformed opinion is what the hapless listener/viewer gets, niave, sub – 80s – student union opinion at that, often dripping with venom made more toxic by its ignorance.


  13. Martin says:

    Any chance of a new general thread?

    BBC 6PM News.

    1. The BBC failed to get any independent economic voice about the Governments lies over public spending. Also the BBC failed to mention that many of the announcements today are simply old rehashed crap. Also that most of the stuff announced only effect us in England and we have the Scottish one eyed shit sniffer from north of the border telling the ENGLISH what services we will (or won't have). Piss off you one eyed prat I say to that.

    2. David Shitman's report about the weather. Notice how he slipped in that the temperatures HAVEN'T been this high for three years. Why not? I thought it would get hotter every year with climate change?

    3. Did anyone see the dig they had at George Osbourne over the Royal Family and the money for the civil list? I saw that interview live on News 24 and the BBC have edited to make it look like Osbourne didn't know anything about it. A total distortion by the BBC.

    4. The BBC attacked the Tories over second jobs. So presumably female MPs with children will be banned from standing in future? How much time do they spend looking after their children instead of doing their job? Also no mention of Labour MPs having jobs (such as journalists, Union officials and so on)

    All in all a typical 30 minutes of shit pumped out by the drug using rent boy addicts.


  14. Craig says:

    Good stuff as ever Martin,

    Spot on about the dig at Osborne. Nicholas Witchell’s words were “the prospect of such a submission from the palace” (for an putative request for an increase in the Civil List) “caught at least one prospective chancellor of the exchequer by surprise…” and then cut to the end of Sopel’s interview with Osborne, as Osborne stumbled slightly over his words. All the report needed was a ’Family Fortune’s’-style “er…errrrrrrr” noise to complete the job. It’s pure speculation on Witchell’s part that this stumbling betrayed surprise on Osborne’s part at the idea of such a royal request (rather than, say, at Sopel’s question coming out of nowhere) & this bit of editing was clearly designed to make Osborne look like a prat. The rest of the interview (not shown on the 6 o’clock News) could NOT have been used to show that! As someone (I can’t recall who) said about Witchell, “I can’t stand that man.”

    Reeta “meter-maid” Chakrabati’s Tory-bashing bit (they earn “BIG MONEY”) was pure bias – bias by inclusion (of a list of Tory “ill-gotten gains”) and bias by omission (because of the absence of any details about Labour second jobs).

    Shukman at least admitted that the current hot weather "conditions are not exceptional". He should be held to that when his BBC colleagues start claiming the current heatwave is down to MMGW – as they surely will in the coming days and weeks. If they don’t, I’ll eat my coal-fired hat.


  15. piggy kosher says:

    They will all be keeping their cocaine in the BBC fridge then. I dont think it likes the heat.


  16. Craig says:

    Yes Piggy, and they'll need good air-conditioning for the rent boys.


  17. piggy kosher says:

    That will be the only cool thing about the BBC.


  18. J B says:

    We would interview Israelis but their government kicked us out for consistently giving an impartial and truthful account of the Middle East crisis.


  19. piggy kosher says:

    There is no ME crisis. Beeboids lurve the word crisis. Seems from my observations that all Israelis, of whatever political shade, are longing for a bit of "truth and Impartiality" in your coverage. Best you toddle off and provide some for once. Your not pissed, are you Jeremy?


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    J B @ 11:48 PM

    We would interview Israelis but their government kicked us out for consistently giving an impartial and truthful account of the Middle East crisis.

    You mean impartial and truthful like reporting that Israel is currently at war with Lebanon, and Hezbollah is a legitimate Lebanese defense force?

    Do tell, Beeboid. Do tell.


  21. Grant says:

    Ceaig 8:30
    Witchell actually believes in the existence of the Loch Ness monster and has written a book about it. That alone should disqualify him from having an opinion on anything.
    He is a nutcase !


  22. Grant says:

    Sorry, "Craig" !


  23. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC is currently running this story of how the IDF have stopped an Aid cargo ship from sailing to Gaza.

    So how big a boat do you think the IDF stopped?
    100 tonnes
    1000 tonnes
    10,000 tonnes.

    How about something a bit bigger than a double decker bus.
    Here's a picture from freegaza on the good ship Arion

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3671400840/

    I wonder why the bBC didn't publish that photo instead they give us this;


  24. Mailman says:

    The real motive for the boat sailing isnt to provide humanitarian aid…but to provoke confrontation with Israel.

    I mean, why else would you have so many "activists" on the boat?



  25. Mailman says:

    Also, by not having an actual picture of the boat in the article one has to ask the question of why Al Beeb would leave something like that out?

    If they had included an actual picture of the boat do you think people might ask the question of just how much actual aid could be moved by such a small ship (and then start to wonder if the actual "mission" of the boat wasnt to provoke a confrontation with Israel, thus ratcheting up political pressure on Israel to let weapons…oh sorry, aid in to Gaza without Israeli interference?).



  26. piggy kosher says:

    "Activist aboard ship seized by IDF laments world apathy towards Gaza" – Haaretz 1/7/09
    Read and reflect beeboids. The majority of normal people in the West are increasingly rejecting the narrative.