So, which is the more important news story. Michael Jackson – still dead. Or, employees of the British Embassy in Tehran being detained care of the mad Mullahs? The BBC leads with the former, I just wonder why it is not the latter?

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  1. Martin says:

    Isee St Vince is talking about having o tcut public sector pensions and pay. Does anyone think the BBC will give him a rough time on this? NO

    If a tory said it all hell would break loose



  2. George R says:

    The current dhimmi BBC attitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of avoidance of outright criticism of the regime there.

    With its 'multiculturalist' approach to history, the BBC has no principled objections to Iran's military and propaganda support for Hamas, Hezbollah and the imposition of Sharia law.

    The main objective of the BBC re-Iran is not to oppose the gross injustices of that Islamic regime – but simply to appease Ahmadinejad in the hope that the BBC will again be allowed to practice its dhimmitude from inside Iran.


  3. George R says:

    Hooray! BBC 'News Front Page' lives! BBC near to accepting Jackson is dead, and late in the day we get priority for Iran:

    "UK fury as staff arrested in Iran"


    "The UK has demanded the immediate release of Iranian staff at its Tehran embassy who were arrested on Saturday."

    -And what will BBC chum David do, if the Islamic Republic doesn't release them? -Stamp his foot?


  4. chrish says:

    Great use of "on the hoof" language going on. His alleged child abuse turns out now merely to have been "eccentric"; and no sign of Rantzen or Kidscape to say anything conrary to the coagulated consensus emerging from the fearless champion of the child that is the BBC.
    Sense the media rather hope to play us all like violins for their "hysteria" archives now that Di is in the process of being seen as a bulimic bully!Hopefully we`ll all get on with our lives citizens and Gary Glitter can reclaim his "eccentric" tag as of old.


  5. Robin says:

    What country was this Michael Jacson head of state ?


  6. Anonymous says:

    The main objective of the BBC re-Iran is not to oppose the gross injustices of that Islamic regime – but simply to appease Ahmadinejad in the hope that the BBC will again be allowed to practice its dhimmitude from inside Iran.

    George R

    Well yes and no.

    The BBC certainly APPEARS to be doing exactly that, but I fear you miss the point.

    All you really have to know about the BBC is that it works WHOLLY for the British establishment. However at the same time very much prefers that the TV tax payers, and especially its beloved leftist supporters, don't clock-on to the FACT.

    The BBC's job is not just to spread hatred, division and ultimately corporatism in the UK. It also has the establishment given task of spreading same around the rest of The entire Planet at very largely our expense.

    Get it yet? If so, I am sorry to have preached to the converted?

    Atlas shrugged


  7. George R says:

    The dhimmi UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, and the dhimmi BBC delude themselves that words of 'rebuke' towards the Islamic Republic of Iran regime will achieve the result of freeing the British Embassy prisoners.

    The following analysis is astute and realistic:


    " Iran shows it has the upper hand in relations with Britain."

    (by Damien McElroy.)


    "Recent experience has shown that Tehran is the most adept at securing advantage from tensions between Iran and Britain, in spite of Iranian charges that it is the British who are masters of manipulation.

    "Tough words from David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, were intended to defend the innocence of targeted embassy officials and ward off any further encroachment by Iran's hardliners. But they underlined that Britain has been only reactive throughout this saga. It withdrew diplomatic dependents only after pro-regime elements threatened to march on the embassy. Whitehall threw out two Iranian diplomats only after British officials were ejected from Iran. While it can complain about the arrest of its staff, there is nothing it can do about the detention of Iranian citizens in their own homeland.

    "Iran holds all the cards, and not for the first time. The revolutionary leaders have chosen to draw on ancient suspicions of British perfidy to consolidate their grip on power remarkably often.

    "Two years ago Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized a group of British sailors from Iraqi waters. It was clear that the junior members of a routine patrol allowed themselves to be taken without resistance because they understood the significance of an armed confrontation between Britain and Iran.

    "Iran, however, used the captured men and women to inflict humiliation on Britain. It held them in secret. It accused the group of spying. It highlighted the unpopularity of the British intervention in Iraq. It spurned any attempts to forge a diplomatic solution.

    "Then the regime staged a humiliating ceremony in the presidential palace in which the servicemen, by then dressed in shiny Chinese-made clothes, were handed presents by an exultant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran recently re-elected in the controversial poll.

    "The shadow that hangs over this weekend's events is the 444-day hostage crisis in the American embassy in Tehran which started in 1979. In the run up to the taking of American hostages by revolutionaries, the embassy was vilified as a den of spies."


  8. John Bosworth says:

    Robin asks," What country was this Michael Jackson head of state ?

    Answer: Never-Never Land – a place the media understands so well because in it, black is white, right is wrong, good and bad dwell in the same place and no vice or pleasure is ever denied if one has enough money.

    Judging from the stuff coming out from Jackson insiders, this guy didn't have a chance. His father interviewed on Fox didn't say, "I miss my beloved son" but "He was the greatest entertainer the world has even seen and will be bigger in death than in life". His FATHER?!?! One could hear the clink of $s in his voice.

    Shame on the public for feeding off the corpse of a talented, sick man,and shame on the media who are now wallowing in his death.

    Will Gordon Brown fly over for the funeral? Will there be calls for the Queen to attend? Will Obama, never one to miss an opportunity to speak at length, give the address?

    This is all simply sicking. May the troubled, sick man/boy called Michael Jackson rest in peace. Fat chance.


  9. John Horne Tooke says:

    George R

    Milliband is a joke.

    Compare and contrast:

    "On the very next day after the Iranian elections, according to CNN, "Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon told reporters in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Saturday, that Canada was `deeply concerned' about allegations of voting irregularities.

    "`We're troubled by reports of intimidation of opposition candidates' offices by security forces."'

    "German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is very concerned and condemns the wave of arrests following the Iranian election."

    "U.K. Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Saturday that the U.K. government had `followed carefully, and admired, the passion and debate during the Iranian election campaign. We have also heard the concerns about the counting of ballots expressed by two of the candidates. This is a matter for the Iranian authorities to address. We will continue to follow developments."'

    Milliband doesn't lead he follows. I expect the Iranians are really scared of the UK government.


  10. George R says:

    Is the BBC publising this, in the same way it publicises anti-Israeli demonstrations in London?:

    "There are daily demonstrations outside the IRANIAN EMBASSY in LONDON at 16 Prince’s Gate SW7, starting at 6 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on weekends.
    Please join in if you can." ('Harry's Place'.)


  11. Anonymous says:

    "Recent experience has shown that Tehran is the most adept at securing advantage from tensions between Iran and Britain, in spite of Iranian charges that it is the British who are masters of manipulation.

    But George R, The British are without doubt the absolute masters of deception and manipulation. On this, the not quite so mad as they may seem to be leaders of Iran, are absolutely correct. Which begs the question, WHY on earth would they try to take us and our chums the USA on in any way shape or form.

    We know, do we not, that in a straight fight or any other type of war or battle, the corporatist west will ALWAYS win in the end. How indeed could it possibly end any other way? Unless of course the worlds established powers wished for some strange reason, to appear to lose.

    We have an overkill of overt conventional weapons and economic might alone to utterly crush any nation within a few weeks at most, IF WE ACTUALLY WISHED TO DO SO. As clearly shown twice with regards to Iraq.

    ( WE; meaning the British establishment, not of course the British people, who have had basically no say in anything these bastards have ever got up to.)

    We (see above)invited Muslims into our nation, they did not invite us into theirs. Therefore our beef is with our own government, not the Iranian one.

    What our establishment clearly wishes for is complete, and utter, unquestioned domination of the entire globe, a New World Order if you wish.

    This at an earlier time would have been called World FASCISM, especially if it was attempted by only Germany or Japan. Now it seems that only chaps like George Bush and Gordon Brown use the term in public. However when I use it, I am simply disregarded as some kind of raving idiot.

    Please be reminded, from someone who has studied history for a very long time, to a very high degree. The British Empire did not get where it did, by being exactly honest in its dealing with other countries. Quite the opposite in fact. It also did not retain its power to this day, by being in anyway honest with The British people either.

    We do not have very possibly the most all encompassing, well trained, experienced and effective secret services in the entire world, for no reason.

    We do not have the most all encompassing, well funded, trained, experienced, and effective black-ops propaganda organization, namely the BBC for no reason either.

    Rest assured, the Iranian people are on a hiding to less then absolute nothing, and then some, whatever their leaders may do or say.

    Atlas shrugged


  12. Democrazy says:

    Flash for the celebrity obsessed:

    Michael Jackson is dead. Next week he will be dead. And hot from our expensively positioned beeboids in L.A. — in six months time it is widely predicted that the singer-dancer will still be dead.


  13. Battersea says:

    Have the BBC utterly lost their minds? Just now on BBC breakfast, the FIRST item in the headlines is…Janet Jackson speaking to a crowd about You Know Who'

    This is now becoming a sick joke and the joke is on us. The BBC are pulling out all the stops to continue distracting the 'plebs' from the problems of this country. It is simply intolerable that 3 days(?) after the event we get this rubbish with Janet Jackson emoting.


  14. Llew says:

    They may still be banging on about MJ but they still find room to interview (sorry allow uninterrupted Labour party adverts) from Labour ministers.

    Home Sec wittering on about knife crime and then Lord Fondlebum questioned on Royal Mail privitisation but then quickly turning into a full on, uninterrupted, Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Labour party.


  15. George R says:

    Excellent use of licence fee by BBC! – Having its jet-lagged Emily Maitlis report live from the dark, deserted streets of Los Angeles at 4 am to speak urgently about the repercussions of Jackson's death.


  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    And all those Beeboids were hoping to get their CDs signed at his next London gig…..


  17. George R says:

    The pro-gay Gordon and Sarah have finally won over BBC, 100%:

    "First Glastonbury… now Sarah Brown is 'to march in Gay Pride parade'"

    "Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown is planning to take part in the London Gay Pride parade, Downing Street has confirmed.

    "She will show her support for the gay and lesbian community by joining the 5,000-strong march on Saturday.

    "For security reasons Gordon Brown himself cannot take part, although he is planning to hold a reception at No.10 beforehand for Pride organisers and other gay and lesbian representatives."

    Thought for Brown: Doesn't Gay vote conflict with Muslim vote?

    Of course, Brown is trying to copy the Obamas, whom the BBC already endorse 101%:-

    "'Queer Day' at the White House honors queer agenda"


    "Apparently, June is Gay Pride Month and President Obama is so thrilled over it that he's having a big event for the gay and lesbian community in the East Room of The White House to celebrate it."


  18. George R says:

    First report above is from today's 'DAILY MAIL'.


  19. JohnA says:

    How many BBC staff have gone to Los Angeles to report on Michael Jackson ? Over tha past few days I have heard 5 different named "reporters".


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    GeorgeR @ 6:09 PM

    Of course, Brown is trying to copy the Obamas, whom the BBC already endorse 101%:-

    Of course, in reality, The Obamessiah has had to scramble to win back the support of the gays. It seems that, contrary to all his campaign promises, He has continued the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of not allowing openly gay people to serve. Not only that, but He has also instructed the Justice Dept. to defend a lawsuit against the nasty, evil Boooosh Defense of Marriage Act, which legally defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. Oh, wait, the BBC's favorite-but-one President, Bill Clinton signed that into law.

    In fact, it's so bad that the Obamessiah Administration has had to send out Bumblin' Joe Biden to reach out to the gay community.

    But the BBC hasn't told you any of that, have they? Funny, the BBC usually finds time to criticize politician who aren't supportive of gay rights. I seem to remember all sorts of Beeboids and fellow travelers muttering "nasty homophobes" about a couple of different political parties on Euro Parl. election night.


  21. George R says:

    Theodore Dalrymple, a physician, has this:


    "What we see in Jackson is a manifestation in extreme form of modern man’s increasing unwillingness to place a limit on his own appetites, the precondition that Edmund Burke laid down for the exercise of liberty. Jackson, it is often said, was a child who never grew up; ‘I want, I want!’ was the sum total of his philosophy. He was, in extreme form, a very characteristic modern human type, whose life course was that of precocity followed by permanent adolescence. This was tragic rather than enviable or admirable; but it was a tragedy for our times. "

    ('Frontpagemagazine' 30/6/09.)


  22. Anonymous says:

    "The BBC leads with the former, I just wonder why it is not the latter?"

    Well why don't you just come out and tell us? Is it because that would make you aound like a complete nutjob? I just wonder…

    George R said…
    'Hooray! BBC 'News Front Page' lives! BBC near to accepting Jackson is dead, and late in the day we get priority for Iran:

    "UK fury as staff arrested in Iran"

    So does this mean that in the morning, the BBC was 'shilling' for Iran but by lunch time it had changed its mind?