Don’t know if you ever listen to The Now Show on Radio 4. I caught it earlier and whilst I don’t really mind Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (Typical BBC types but they can be funny and do poke fun at quite a few targets) I do find Marcus Brigstocke and his contributions truly revolting.

Posh boy Marcus likes to play the class warrior – Ben Elton with a bigger sneer – and his little rant on this programme came down to a feral attack on the UKIP and BNP voters. He also produced nasty personal attacks on Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin. I suspect the reason that Marcus is so omnipresent on the BBC schedule is that in his own childish but arrogant fashion, his imbecilic comments reflect that narrative of the BBC. So, we were told by Marcus that ONLY the Green Party had performed well in the recent elections – a complete lie. Don’t get me wrong, I think comedy should be challenging. But where on the BBC is there a right of liberal comic who mocks Islam, who damns socialism, who attacks the State? Brigstocke is your ten a penny sneering lefty hypocrite- and the BBC can’t get enough of him. Worth your license tax?

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  1. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    I stuck it for twenty minutes. One little sketch on MPs expenses managed to get the words "duck" house and "moat" in (I counted) twenty times in the space of five minutes.Labour claims were refered to as "for biscuits", which the comic apparently didn't mind about.

    I had to switch Brigstock off when he opened his piece with a reference to " Old Etonian (Tory) toffs…" The man is really a smug leftie cnut. The whole show was sneering bias masquerading as "comedy" Its only funny if you are inside of this leftie circle-jerk. Shame is it used to be funny. I think.


  2. Craig says:

    Beeb humour is not worth the hunt.
    For half-smiles there’s Dennis and Punt.
    But if it’s bias your after,
    Instead of much laughter,
    Then listen to Brigstocke – the c….


  3. thespecialone says:

    If it wasnt for him appearing on Question Time once upon a time, I would never have heard of Marcus Brigstocke.

    Id like to ask him how many council houses did he live in and how many 'bog-standard' comprehensive schools did he go to?

    I cannot stand lefties who try to be 'working-class' and just sneer at everything that I now enjoy in middle-age after a lot of hard work.


  4. 1327 says:

    Wow David I'm impressed you made it through the full 30 minutes as I mentioned previously I turned off half way through.

    The rant about UKIP , the BNP and the lie about the Greens was fascinating however in that it showed Brigstocke's confusion and anger at the current state of Politics. Poor Marcus's entire act dates from the 80's it has its good guys left wingers and its bad guys the Tories. Now though the world has changed as white working class northerners elect BNP MEP's , Tory and Labour voters pissed off with the lies about Europe vote UKIP and no one outside the Political class really gives a damn about the the 3 main parties.
    As the Beeb can't touch the main issues of the last Euro election (immigration and the EU) all they can do is personal attacks.

    I suspect Marcus knows the world is changing but is deeply confused by it. Expect a year or two more as a "comedian" then a move into journalism as a columnist or into the Beebs management.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The unfortunate BBC has invested a fair amount of time and effort in the hopeless Marcus Brigstocke, and tries, whenever possible, to make use of him by slotting him into various Radio 4 pieces. Perhaps none of the commissioning editors managed to find the perceptive review of Brigstocke which appeared in, of all places, the New Statesman, and is well worth a read:-


  6. happyuk07 says:

    He is on the BBC all the time because he knows he wouldn't survive financially on the comedy circuit. Where's the comedy?

    Give the f***er 200 hours community service touring Yorkshire working men's clubs.


  7. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Perceptive comments 1327. Those of us around in the Sixties, the only decent thing to be then was a long-haired leftie. However things have moved full circle, the Ruling Class is now the "Liberal/Left", the Military/Industrial Complex has been replaced by the NGO /FakeCharity /Media /EcoFacist Complex. Yesterdays good guys are todays bad guys, but simpletons like Brigstocke don't get it. The tape is still running on auto. Think and you are lost.How many more years can you go on flogging a failed ideology? Why doesn't the Beeb put him out of his misery? Because they share it.


  8. happyuk07 says:

    Anon 8:23 PM, June 27, 2009

    I've even seen him on CBBC.

    With his big square head, sarcastic expression and hectoring voice I find him deeply unpleasant.

    Why he is let loose on our children is beyond me.


  9. Andrew Ian Dodge says:

    Only decent thing about the Now Show is Mitch Benn. The rest of them are pretty unfunny at the best of times and just rubbish at the worst.


  10. DP111 says:

    But where on the BBC is there a right of liberal comic who mocks Islam

    BBC journalists, comedians, playrights, are all extremely brave when it comes to ridiculing Christians – the real extreme fanatics. No such bravery is required for Muslims and Islam – a peaceful religion. There is therefore no need to ridicule a peaceful, modest and humble faith such as Islam.


  11. David Mosque says:

    I have always found him to be a most objectionable and loathsome individidual. He is part of the small group of humans in the world who have no redeeming features whatsoever.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Brigstocke's comedy is just liberal opinion with a one-word joke on the end.

    I've watched his performance of Planet Corduroy on YouTube

    This is nothing but a political rant, and he doesn't hide that he is political or a liberal.

    As an example (end of Part 1, beginning of part 2 on YouTube), here is what he says on 4x4s

    "Don't drive 4x4s your increasing our dependence on foreign oil, you look like pricks, you're a danger to yourselves and other road users. Grow up and stop being such F****** morons.
    (Audience Cheers)
    There are certain points in the show where it ceases to be comedy and just becomes a rally / lecture
    (Audience Laughs)
    "Weird thing's happened with the global warming thing – I refuse to call it a debate – if you think its not happening or its not our fault you haven't read enough, sorry but that's the fact.

    People say there's no point us doing anything about Global Warming, China isn't: Listen, there's a lot China doesn't do that's still worth our while, Democracy, Human Rights, Cheddar – there's three!"

    You see that last line there – "Cheddar, that's three" – well that's the joke, see! But the rest is just liberal opinion. The worst thing is the BBC using him for the late edition, BBC's answer to the daily show. He goes on to talk about Iraq, EU Referendum and Immigration and you can guess his opinion on these.


  13. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    We are the "shareholders" of the BBC – its OUR money. How do we get this cnut Briagtocke thrown out on his ear? Wake up DG Mark Thompson. LISTEN! Put that expense claim for champagne down and do your job – enforce the BBC charter and stop these bigot ideologues stuffing their leftie crap in our face.

    Whats that? You are not paid what you are worth? Well lah-di-dah, we actually don't think you are worth " a pitcher of warm spit" as John Wayne once said


  14. dave s says:

    Brigstocke,Thompson, Ross and Norton deserve each other. The question is do we deserve to have to pay for them. I sense real fear beginning to trouble the minds of the BBc executives and their tame "stars".
    They know we have had enough of their crap. Watch out for increasingly hysterical behaviour from newsnight and the commentators.
    Trashing the BBC is about to become a popular bloodsport.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Brigstocke is ideal for the BBC.

    He attended Westbourne House School just outside Chichester before going onto King's Bruton School in Somerset.

    Good private boarding school material.


  16. JohnA says:

    I agree with AndrewSouthLondon

    Brigstocke this week was an extreme example – total bias.

    I am willing to write complaining – but to Thompson or also the BBC Trust ? Or Ofcom ?

    Why not a letter also to one's MP ?

    Maybe a set of complaining letters might slow down some of the BBC editors.


    We are paying for this prat.

    He is not worth a dumb cent


  17. Craig says:

    "With a successful radio career including The Now Show with Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, he retains a cult following." "Brigstocke is dyslexic." (Marcus Brigstocke, Wikipedia)

    "A cult following"? "Brigstocke is dyslexic"?

    Put two and two together people & you can make your own Brigstocke-style "joke".


  18. CeannP says:

    Re:Anonymous 8.23pm

    I really, really hope that frankenstein monster-headed twat read this.

    'He is the new Jim Davidson'…ouch, that must have hurt, a dagger deep into his heart. Superb!


  19. DB says:

    CNDuk tweet: "Hundreds of No Trident letters and petitions signed, origami cranes made and flags sold at Glasto. Marcus Brigstocke spoke for us on Pyramid"

    Brigstocke speaking on behalf of CND. CND's chairman – sorry, chair – is Dr Kate Hudson of the Communist Party of Britain. To this day the CPB regrets the fall of the Soviet Union, the totalitarian regime which killed millions of its own people. There – a bit of guilt by association of the sort Brigstocke likes to indulge in.

    On the plus side – it doesn't look like he was too popular: "Oh God. Marcus Brigstocke getting booed to fuck on Pyramid Stage cos crowd wants NERD back. Poor guy."

    Now that IS funny.


  20. DB says:

    Here's how Ben Soffa, the CND member who accompanied Brigstocke on stage reported it: "About to go up on the Pyramid Stage at #Glastonbury with Marcus Brigstocke, speaking for CND"

    And after the event: "About to watch a bit of Fleet Foxes from the pyramid stage gallery. Marcus went down brilliantly."

    Comrade Soffa would make CND's old Soviet masters proud with lies like that.

    Brigstocke obviously got a rough time because the woman who tweeted about him being "booed to fuck" followed it up with this: "Re: my Marcus Brigstocke tweet, I feel so bad for him. If any of you comedians know him, you might wanna call & see if he's OK."

    Funniest thing I've read in ages.


  21. Battersea says:

    Reading that Brigstocke got booed at Glastonbury has the potential to make my day!

    DB, that tweeter is so 'right on' that it must be a parody!


  22. DB says:

    Talking of Glastonbury: "'Bloated' Beeb sends 400 employees to cover Glastonbury despite hard economic times"

    Check out the photo of trendy vicar Andrew Marr.


  23. Edwin Greenwood says:

    It's a shame about the Now Show. Punt and Dennis are never exactly going to make the comedy Hall of Fame, but they do competent, varied, gentle observational comedy which fills a pleasant half-hour. Apart from the Mitch Benn slot, I rather like the audience questionnaire at the end of the show, which Punt always handles with an air of indulgent, conspiratorial disbelief which doesn't hector or patronize.

    I too had to turn off when Brigstocke started his fatuous rant. Like many of his ilk, he thinks he has died and gone to comedy heaven with the electoral success of UKIP/BNP, whereas in fact all he can manage is to stand on stage doing the equivalent of a ten-year-old shouting "Arse! Bum! Tits! Knickers!"

    It's all rather like The News Quiz, which was listenable when Hoggart was in charge and Coren was around to puncture the left-wing self-satisfaction, but these days it's little more than a love-in between Toksvig and Hardy reassuring each other how right-on they are.


  24. Anonymous says:

    You'll laugh at this, class warrior Marcos. Tough background aye!


  25. GCooper says:

    I have to agree with Mr Greenwood, whose view of what The News Quiz has become is identical to my own.

    Now, no doubt, I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue will follow the same trajectory, newly hosted by the man for whom the word 'smug' has been waiting for so many years.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Have to say the only maker of comedy i have any time for on radio 4 is Andy Hamilton,his old Harrys game and revolting people are fantastic!.
    But Marcus Brigstocke the nasty spoiled thick little creep,i just want to kick his head in !!.


  27. Rob says:

    Some of you managed longer than I did. I was listening to The Now Show, but at the mention of Marcus Shitstocke's name I turned it off. It's a reflex reaction, which serves me well.

    I must salute the good taste of the Glasto crowd booing the twat off stage though. Oddly, I don't think they showed that bit on the BBC coverage. It seems even 400 employees are not enough to cover everything. They will have to send a few more next year.


  28. chrish says:

    Thank you for the chance to say what I think of bloody Brigstocke.Is`nt his brother some big cheese producer for the BBC?…and so let us celebrate the BBCs commitment to family values a la Dimbleby,Magnusson and the like.
    Brigstocke is singularly unfunny which,for a comedian, ought to be a drawback-still ,like the equally useless Jon Holmes has a berth on this stagnant little puddle of "topical comedy". Along with Jeremy Hardy-these are paid toadies who are rarely seen outside extremely small youth club circuits-"too edgy and controversial" no doubt! That none of them are remotely funny is neither here nor there.
    You`d have thought that Labour had`nt been in power these last dozen years.All they do is spit over their old prep school fence and blame Thatcher-reflex idiots but we`re more idiotic in that we pay them. Oxbridge public schoolboys who make Jim Davidson look good-at least he worked at his craft and has`nt milked the public purse as superannuated students like this lot. Hope someone finds Marcus another jet or two to get out to the polar bears to say how much we-the lower oiks-are ruining their environment. Presumably his jetstreams are all lavender! A first order plonker who might yet prove to be fit to deliver Ben Eltons papers if he can find a script-perhaps the poor little nomark cannot read so well!


  29. chrish says:

    Oops-in my last note I was 100% correct about Birdstick. That said, someone said he was dyslexic and so the bit about "not being able to read his script" might be unfair.Don`t prep schools enable vulnerable dyslexics to do better than poor Marcus though?There are lots of talented and creatively wonderful dyslexics-so Brigstocke is not your poster boy I`m sure!
    Mitch Benn the only small comfort-get him a worthy vehicle and not the No Show!


  30. DB says:

    Further point re Brigstocke speaking on behalf of CND – they oppose nuclear power, the best option for our future energy needs. No doubt the well-off smugsmith, with his guaranteed income from the BBC, will be happy to pay loads for his wind-generated power (when he's not having to fumble for candles on the calm days, that is), but what about people in the real world? He really is a tosser.


  31. Craig says:

    As Chrish says, "Thank you for the chance to say what I think of bloody Brigstocke".

    And Anonymous, here's my response to that Wikipedia article, in style of Marcus Brigstocke:

    Brigstocke's Wikipedia article features a photo of the idiot smiling smugly and sticking two fingers up, "amusingly". That sums up the prick. I last stuck two fingers up at the world (or at passing motorists) when I was about 9 years old – and then only once. I've moved on. Not so Brigstocke.

    We learn that Marcus, who is now 36 years old, is a keen snowboarder. Brigstocke, you're 36 for Christ's sake, grow up!

    "Very few of the conventions and institutions of the have escaped his ire", Wikipedia tells us. Brigstocke is a member of the bourgeoisie, despite his phoney accent. And anyhow, anyone who uses the word "bourgeoisie" is either a lifelong student or a prick, or both.

    We learn that "Brigstocke's favourite joke is to impersonate DJ Tim Westwood". Oooh, dangerous satire Marcus! And "The Now Show also provided an outlet for his fierce dislike of David Blaine". Oooh, dangerous satire Marcus!

    Next "He hosts his satirical programme on BBC4, The Late Edition, which has been described as "Newsnight with jokes"." I've heard it. 'Newnight' is way funnier.

    This is Prickstocke's most famous joke:

    “ If Pac-Man had affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music. "


    Sorry for the pause in this post, but I've just had to go to hospital because my sides literally split open while reading that joke.

    Marcus loves it too. "Ah! Bloody Pacman….It is my joke. I wrote it, then I took the rest of the day off as I was so chuffed with it." Chuffed with himself. That's Brigstocke all over. What a self-regarding prick!

    Thanks to Wikipedia again for letting us know that "during his early adulthood, he was a goth." of course he was. He's a self-regarding prick.

    (Of course, Brigstocke would have substituted George W. Bush for himself in this rant!!)


  32. Kevin says:

    Every time I see his smug face I have to switch channels before I put my foot through the television. At least Ben Elton had some talent, co writing Blackadder. Brigstocke is about as funny as getting an arrow through your neck and finding a gas bill attached to it


  33. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    I must say reading posters opinions of Brigstocke gave me more laughs than the Now Show did.

    If the Beeb was looking for a new line in edgy comedy, it could do worse than have a bunch of articulate old farts rubbishing left-wing comedians for a half hour. Thats edgy, no?


  34. Jeff says:

    What always baffles me, when listening to the numerous talentless tossers like Brigstocke, posing as comedians, is where they get their audience from. These leftwing plebs sit there hooting and squealing at the most moronic and banal cliche riddled trash that even the dear old Beeb would dare put out. Islington must be empty.


  35. The Beebinator says:

    Marcus Brigstocke is a sad excuse for a leftist wanker


  36. David Mosque says:

    Hey Marcus, you might be on the telly, but at least I can READ.


  37. Anonymous says:

    If it's any consolation I am a part-time beeboid and I think he is a complete cock.

    Can't work out the appeal, unless he's got some dirt on the DG or something like that


  38. Anonymous says:

    above was me

    Sarah Jane

    (sorry about the anonywank but I can't trust a company that has 'dont be evil' as its tagline, it's clearly run by hippies and 60s throwbacks, and I am from the 'never trust a hippy' generation)


  39. Original Robin says:

    Marcus Brigstocke is a comedian ?
    Learn something new every day.


  40. smugtracker says:

    brigstocke is a typical leftist media-ponce.
    he ticks all the boxes.


  41. Beeboidal says:

    How's this for edgy comedy from BBC's QI:

    Stephen Fry: Which of these two women would be most likely to bite the head off a baby?

    Behind Fry : large pictures of Margaret Thatcher and Anne Widdicombe.

    Audience laughs heartily.

    The answer is Margaret Thatcher. The 'baby' in question is a jellybaby, and Fry informs us that women who have had children are more likely than childless women to eat a jellybaby from the head down. I guess the impartial BBC couldn't think of a childless NuLab woman, like Margaret Beckett for instance. Or perhaps they didn't think the joke would be so sidesplittigly funny if they included Beckett.


  42. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Which of these two same women (shows picture)finding themselves pregnant and told that the baby would grow up to be Stephen Fry, would opt for a termination?

    Well OK its not totally edgy but


  43. original Robin says:

    I thought Marcus Brigstoke was one of those religous nutters who condemn everyone to an eternal life torment. You know the "From the bowels of Hell the earrth will open and swallow you BNP supporters, and from the heavens will rain acid onto UKIP voters, and the unbelievers of the EU will be burned in a maelstrom, while telly tax non payers will have their insides torn out . Only the good socialist beleivers, all ten of them, will be spared a fate that is due ".


  44. Laban says:

    Is Marcus Brigstocke related to the late Baroness Heather Brigstocke, former Head of St Pauls Hammersmith, or her diplomat husband Geoffrey ?


  45. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    His politics would suggest so. But no idea.

    It usually starts out as "normal" rebellion by those born into priviledge,in the teenage years, but some just never grow out of it – the Regraves, for example. Permanently but comfortably in rebellion.

    However I suspect he's made a good living out of his politics for ten years, can't believe his luck that so little talent could find such sucess. And looking forward to continuing to bash the new Tory government for another ten years.

    There is a whole youth generation which has grown up with an "aquired Left reflex" – which thinks "humour" is just sneering at Thatcher and Bush.


  46. CeannP says:

    There was a pisspoor trailer for 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue' on R4 yesterday. It was 'Imagine what sort of message you would leave on certain historical figure's answer machines?'.
    And step right up Jeremy 'Odious little runt' Hardy to do his usual 'cutting', 'edgy' comedy.

    His figure was Admiral Nelson and he was 'Hardy' (Geddit?!?!) calling up to leave a message saying something along the lines of 'I think you misunderstood my actions etc can we just be friends' whilst the studio producers applied cattle-prods to the audience's genitals judging by their shrieks of laughter.

    I'd wager he was secretly hoping he had he been picked to leave a message to Yasser Arafat, you know along the lines of 'Thank you kindly sir for all you efforts to rid us of those evil Zionist baby-killing scum etc…'

    Look on the bright side though, once those evil Toreeees get into power our screens will be 'resplendent' with lots of these tossers like Hardy, Brigstocke, Steel and co laying into the 'government' which oddly they have been reticent to do for the last, oh let me see, 12 years…


  47. Havocman says:

    Made the mistake of listening to The Now Show on Friday, not having heard it for some time. My God, hasn't it changed. Punt and Dennis and John Holmes have lost their edge (such as it was). Mitch Benn was as woeful and pointless as ever. But Brigstocke – no change at all. As much a leftist waste of space as ever.

    Given that he considers himself to be a political comedian, perhaps he could target the very poor performance of a failing government. But no, he just reverted to the obvious duck island/moat references for cheap laughs. Wanker.


  48. Squander Two says:

    The Pacman joke is actually a variation on a Bloom County comic strip by the great Berke Breathed, from the late 80s. Brigstocke has updated the idea and made it less good, then told it with shite delivery. Oh, and then complained about people nicking it.


  49. Anonymous says:

    Marcus who???