I am sure you will have heard the Met Office shilling for AGW today. The BBC was happy to push this alarmism by using the usual freak weather images. Laughable really.

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22 Responses to THE END OF THE WORLD – (CONT)

  1. Umbongo says:


    No, not "laughable really" – just awful and frightening – these people will ruin us. Although Benn admitted to some "uncertainty" (at the margins) in the predictions, he confirmed to Naughtie his undying faith in the reality of the overriding effect of MMGW in climate change and that unless "we" do something (which, in effect, means that the "little people" will pay while the Benns of this world tell us what to do) the generation after next is doomed. Apparently the next generation is already doomed.

    Today also took us to a farm in Lincolnshire, not to speak to the farmer (natch! what would he know?) but to yet another alarmist. Benn couldn't restrain himself from giving a verbal blowjob (?) to Roger Harrabin for the excellence of his propaganda. In all a classic item of BBC biased reporting.


  2. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 spouting more bollocks about Climate change today.


  3. Anonymous says:

    They did not mention the low temperatures in N America last week I suppose, no didn't think so.



  4. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Our only hope is that we all get sick to bloody death of seeing the word "green" and "Eco-" and "the environment" stuck onto anything and everything. Then perhaps "the boy who shouted wolf" will get found out. Its all getting really very very tiresome. "Eco-fatigue" anyone?


  5. Tim says:

    If you think the MP's expenses scandle had some effects.

    Just wait until this whole Man Made Global Warming scam gets exposed for what it really is.

    Pretty soon as the globe continues to cool (As CO2 levels rise)

    A complete scam!!!!


  6. Ben says:

    Lies, Damned Lies and BBC Climate Reports in the American Thinker today


    When the global warming alarmist house of cards finally collapses, exposing the pseudo-science/scare-journalism axis that has perpetrated the world's greatest mass delusion, among the first led out into the public square for ritual humiliation ought to be BBC ‘science' and ‘environment' correspondents.


  7. Martin says:

    More nonsense from the BBC. They were reporting from Toll Bar "claiming" that climate change might make the place uninhabitable.

    What a load of bollocks and lies from the BBC.

    The flooding at Toll Bar was caused by the drains not being able to cope with the run off water. THIS was caused by a lack of investment in modern drainage and the concreting over of large areas of land for roads and housing.

    What has that got to do with climate change?

    Nothing. The BBC telling lies yet again.


  8. Abandon Ship! says:

    I couldn't quite get the logic of Beeboid climatechangology today. On the one hand we are told by Archbishop Harrabin that we can't be sure about the models being used to predict climate change) 50 years hence (not surprisingly) but then he and others go on to assure us that the predictions are certain to come to pass. A further assumption is that man-made emissions are the only significant cause of climate change. I am certain this is a rather sweeping assumption which, for example, ignores solar effects. Also what if the atmosphere or oceans or vegetation are better at buffering climate change than the experts think? But when did logic and evidence ever affect the Beeboid worldview?


  9. Martin says:

    Yes and NONE of the climate change models predicted that for several years now average planet temperatures have been falling.

    Has this summer been hot? Have we had heatwaves yet? We've had plenty of rain and whilst it's warm I wouldn't say we've had a heat wave with thousands dying from it.

    It's just horse shit from the BBC.


  10. cassandra says:

    This series of soviet style propaganda stories highlights perfectly the actual relationship between a corrupt and dishonest regime and the equally corrupt and dishonest state broadcaster.

    The met office is nothing more than a regime stooge organisation led by regime lackeys set up to lie and cheat the public into believing the regimes lies and propaganda, they come up with obviously faked up studies based on false data sexed up to spread fear and alarm.
    The pathetic met office stooges and the newlabour regime and the state broadcaster then collude together to spread the lies and propaganda in a coordinated way to give the false impression of authority.

    These thoroughly corrupted and perverted organisatons are working together to spread their lies and propaganda, the facts are so thin on the ground for the AGW/MMCC alarmists that they have to resort to pathetic 'forecasts' of what might happen 'if'!

    Their utter contempt for the public must be so complete that they would think we would swallow their b******t?


  11. pete says:

    More self-indulgence from the BBC about one of its pet topics.

    The corporation can't seriously think that its target audiences, which eagerly lap up rubbish like Eastenders, Top Gear, Casualty and celebrity ballroom dancing competitions are very interested in their hysterical climate gloom and doom so self-indulgence can be the only reason they go on so much about the topic.

    The BBC should abandon news and do what it does best – trashy TV entertainment.


  12. thespecialone says:

    I couldnt believe the propaganda. Absolute rubbish with zero opposing view.

    But on ITV it is the same. MSM really are pathetic. Especially as I most of the 'science' correspondents and reporters have to fly all around the world to tell us we are all doomed. Just a thought….why dont they stop flying to tell us the lies? Or is it that us plebs should be scared into not flying and only the elite should be allowed? How the hell can anyone predict the weather in 2080? It is almost as bizarre as the predictions in the 50s that by the year 2000 people would routinely holiday on the moon!


  13. Anonymous says:

    The BBC must shut down its transmitters and studios at once,otherwise we are are all doomed.


  14. Craig says:

    James Naughtie's 'Today' interview with Hilary Benn was nothing if not supportive. Here's how two of Benn's replies began:

    "That is broadly absolutely right…",

    "I couldn't agree with you more."


  15. Anonymous says:

    So the BBC covers this story and it's biased?

    I presume it then follows that the following sources which also reported it are also biased?:

    The Times, The Guardian, Wales Online, Which?, ITV, Sky, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, Bloomberg etc etc.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Beeboid writes: "So the BBC covers this story and it's biased?"

    Yes, because it refuses to give a balancing point of view and it, unlike the other organisations you refer to, is publicly funded and with a duty under its charter to be impartial.

    Is there some aspect of that you do not understand – or are you just a BBC-worshipping troll?


  17. DP111 says:

    Here is a forecast for the next decade.

    Education standards will continue to fall to sub-zero levels even as A-level grades reach superheated levels, leading to lukewarm degrees. This will have major impact on the ability of state funded meteorologists and broadcasters to function at a satisfactory level, each egging on the other to make even more hysterical forecasts based on dodgy models.

    Incidentally this fall in education standards will lead to an increase in unemployment levels, and such a drop in standard of living, that it will appear as if the sea has come in.
    Seriously, the continued fall, year on year, in educational standards, particularly in subjects such as Maths, Physics and engineering, is going to affect our standard of life far more then any notional climate change. And even if the worst scenarios of the Warmers come true, the continued fall in educational standards in the "hard" disciplines, is going to leave future generations lacking the very skills needed to minimise the deleterious effects of a warmer planet.


  18. Richard Dale says:

    This report is great, and typical met officve – they never look out ofthe f'ing window.

    "Scientists believe winters will be wetter, particularly in the north, and summers drier, especially in the south" just after a dry winter and three of the wettest summers on record. Therefore good evidence that the models are wrong.


  19. Al jabeebra says:

    Why do pravda never ever interview someone who believes manmade climate change is bollox ?
    Or someone who thinks multiculturism is dangerous ?
    Or question why we spend money broadcasting in pashtun to Iran ? WTF is that all about ?
    Or question the EU is great theory ?
    Because they don't give a flying fuck what we think and we keep shovelling them £140 a year.
    Twats ! Us and them.


  20. JohnW says:

    Would this be the same Met Office that cannot forecast the local weather a day in advance yet somehow seems qualified to predict global weather patterns many decades in the future?

    Isn't there anyone operating within the unholy trinity of Media/Govt/BBC capable of seeing the inconsistency here? And where are the voices from the Global Warming sceptics to counter this self-evident nonsense?


  21. Ady says:

    I view this climate guff the same way as I view:
    "The tewwowists are going to kill us all!"

    Makes for good copy though and keeps lotsa folks in a "job".


  22. Will says:

    WattsUpWithThat has a post on this for those interested: