Read this gem by Jeremy Vine on ’80’s pop music called, yip, “Stand down Margaret.” Given that Lady Thatcher is still detained in hospital, I find the whole Student Grant tone of his drivel irritating. Now Vine seems to share some of my own musical taste, and in particular on Elvis Costello. But the difference is that I realise that whilst Elvis can write a great lyric he has the political maturity of a slug. On a vine. But then again when Costello calls Thatcher “a war criminal”, you just know BBC hearts beat a little faster.

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  1. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Isn't it marvelous? The old lefty right-on artists only functioned when they had "Thatch'" to sneer at. Like the Marcus Brigstock "School of Comedy". Greg Proops was on Dave on an old rerun and it was non-stop sneer at Bush jokes, nothing else to say. Heard any Obama jokes from them?

    They all know what they are against. That's easy. If you ask them what they are for, its err mumble, love and peace, err, oh and save the planet and respect the environment. Like Billy Bragg, from nice white Dorset.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You missed this article too

    lamenting the Beeching railway cuts of the Sixties and provoking a sense of elegiac yearning for a perfect time of old that never actually existing. Demented railway speculation provided this country with massive overinvestment and a rail network several times the size of our larger competitors, but it was too much (at one point three separate competing lines ran from London to Peterborough, and the small market town of Marlborough had two competing stations). Yes, it laid the foundation for the Victorian economic revolution but most of it was redundant and couldn't be maintained. The end result was mass bankruptcy and a clear out of bad debt, followed by the closure of things that could no longer morally be supported by everyone else.

    And what does THAT remind you of? No wonder the Beeb hated the idea.


  3. John Horne Tooke says:

    And the BBC say it is not biased? This is the most political biased piece ever to appear on the BBC. It is pure lefty propaganda. But we all know why the BBC type hate Mrs Thatcher – she helped to bring down their ideal communist state.

    Jeremy Vine certainly educates us in what type of people the BBC employ – how can any of these ex-student "radicals" ever come close to unbiased reporting?

    During the 1970s there was great political unrest and economic meltdown – yet the BBC and their loony left "pop singers" whine about the loss of this "great time" in Britain. Now anyone who would want us to live like that can never be taken seriously.

    So the BBC are now "celebrating" Mrs Thacher's 30th anniversary of becoming PM – the BBC didn't celebrate the 30th anniversary of "The winter of discontent" In music of the time? I wonder why?


  4. CeannP says:

    Yes they are reticent about those days. Just been reading 'Crisis, What Crisis?' and was surprised, but not shocked, to read that Red Robbo was credited with causing 523
    walk-outs at BL Longbridge between 1978-9 alone!
    How on earth could you expect a company to be profitable with that crap going on? To the Lefties in the BBC…them were the good old days!


  5. Dave Alton says:

    I posted about this BBC article earlier in the general comments section, but to re-iterate what I said here:

    Jeremy Vine. What a cock. To quote Jeremy from the article:
    "Duran Duran's most famous line: "Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand," seemed to translate as: "I've made a lot of cash under Thatcher and now I'm going to splash it out on a bird whose bikini is falling off."


  6. Miv Tucker says:

    Never could understand Costello's popularity – he sings like he's terminally constipated, and I'd always thought that singing with an American accent dropped out of favour about the time The Beatles emerged.


  7. Richard Dale says:

    He shows either his class or his cluelessness by adoringly referring to a band named for Nazi rape. OK I quite liked their music, but I also liked Billy Bragg and Carter USM, although not their childish politics. Vine quite obviously adores the politics of these clueless singers and nasty socialists. Charming.


  8. martha says:


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  9. Not a sheep says:

    Do Project Grant try and post on everyone's blogs?


  10. Cockney says:

    Quite liked the article (although I haven't seen much BBC 80s nostalgia for Tory Boy "hang Nelson Mandela" t-shirts at Oxbridge??)

    They might've tactfully waited a few weeks to make sure the old dear makes it out of hospital before running bits about dancing on her grave though.


  11. Grant says:

    Who is Elvis Costello ?


  12. Grant says:

    May I please make it clear that I have no connection to "Project Grant Team" posting at 7.22 !!!!!


  13. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Come on, Grant. Who's Elvis Costello? He was the founder of modern rock and roll.. oh no, that was a different Elvis. No, I remember, he was part of a brilliant early comedy duo, err, no, that was a different Costello. Nope. Search me.


  14. moorlandhunter says:

    The BBC is totally bias in favour of Labour, always has been and always will be.
    I’ve just posted a last comment on their HYS board as I had numerous political posts rejected which were relevant to the topic, but because they were anti Labour they were rejected out of hand. I was amused when the last post I sent in, telling them I was going and why, the post was there to be seen.
    I no longer bother with the BBC, knowing that their political programmes will always be bias in favour of Labour.
    I remember the BBC trying to nail Maggie with the tag of war criminal after the Belgrano was sunk. The left wing of Labour and the lefty ‘musicians’ berated her, but were silent when the Captain of the Belgrano told of his intention to turn his ship around and try to sink the task force and that if he had been in the British position, he too would have sunk the ship.
    Then there was the 1980’s case of a murdered elderly lady who once worked for GCHQ (forget her name) that the BBC and left-wingers said had been murdered by MI6 because she was going to blow the whistle of their work to the CND. Loads of lies told by BBC and the left but when a local man was arrested and convicted for the crime a few years later (DNA) a notable silence was emitted from the Beeb and no retraction was made.


  15. Dazed and Confused says:

    That he went to Durham University says it all. It's for the Upper class "oinks", that weren't bright enough to attend Oxford or Cambridge, and these morons swan around Durham City Centre, with their Socialist Workers news in one hand, and a charity bucket for Africa's starving in the other.
    If you then happen upon some swanky wine bar a few hours later, you'll see these very same people ordering hundred pound bottles of wine or champagne, and quaffing it down as if there were no tomorrow.
    Durham University is the epitome of the term "Champagne Socialism", and so it's little wonder that a "Beeboid" like Jeremy Vine attended.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Vine’s an arse.
    He can’t even get his facts straight about lefty musicians. Paul Weller didn’t go from “snarly” to “sugary” when he split The Jam and formed the Style Council. The Council were much more directly political than The Jam ever were. This is just typical lazy, sloppy, glib Beeb bollocks.


  17. Grant says:

    Andrew 11:30

    Thanks for that. I am always a little suspicious of people called "Elvis" !


  18. Deborah says:

    Vine's show is usually on the car radio as I return from work (left on Radio 2 from Wogan) and I invariably have to change it – rotten choice of music and his lack of abiiity to lead a discussion – never mind his politics) yet when his replacement in on while Vine is on holiday (Brian Hayes?)somehow it holds my attention.

    Can we just agree he just isn't very good at his job and pay someone a reasonable (going?) rate ie a lot less than Vine thinks he is worth to take over


  19. pete says:

    Why do I need Jeremy Vine, or anyone else, to lecture me on 80s pop music at my own expense just because I want to use my TV to watch football on Sky without getting a fine and a criminal record?

    As long as we give the BBC £3.5 billion of TV tax money every year we'll continue to get self-indulgent and pointless rubbish from Vine and countless other people who have their snouts firmly in the BBC trough of cash.


  20. Jeff says:

    Oh come on some of you are being a little tough on poor old Jeremy Vine. I think that he is good at his job. Yes, of course, he has ill concealed left wing views, but the Beeb wouldn't employ him if he didn't. And he's a rare thing for a Beeboid. A devout Christian. There aren't many of those at Beeb Towers.


  21. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    "a rare thing for a Beeboid. A devout Christian"

    Since when was belief in invisible being watching us anything other than a mental ilness? So Vine has a mental ilness. That means I have to pay him to spin discs?