Been away all day so quick catch up! Wonder what you make of the BBC’s coverage of Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to Obama re “The Two State” solution? I don’t think much of Jeremy Al Bowen’s commentary here, written from the usual pro-Palestinian perspective. Seems to me that the very idea that Palestinians might have to recognise the right of Israel to exist and stop trying to kill them is a step too far for Bowen and the usual culprits to take on board. Your take?

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  1. Paul from Peterborough says:

    It was an utter disgrace as usual. I have expunged the BBC from my life (I don't have a TV that receives signals and only listen to Classic FM on the radio) but made the foolish mistake of venturing into beebland via the web-site. I was so incensed to read biased Bowen's comments that I complained. I have pasted the text of the complaint I sent below if you are interested…

    BBC Feedback:

    Jeremy Bowen's article on Benjamin Netanyahu's speech is an utter disgrace. The BBC is supposed to uphold standards of impartiality and fairness yet how could anyone reading this prejudiced article feel anything other then Bowen's utter disdain for the elected Israeli PM. It contains his personal opinions such as "Letting the Israeli government off the hook on settlements would also, correctly, look like a defeat". Bowen should be reporting impartially and not only that, his personal view is based on a falsehood. Bowen says "Under international law it is illegal for an occupier to settle its people on the land it has taken". The land in question is land that has been Jewish for 3000 years (ever wonder why it is called Judea?) and should be termed ‘disputed’ not ‘occupied’. They were only taken by Israel from Jordan who had illegally occupied them from 1948 to 1967 and after Jordan had attacked Israel! Israel is under no obligation under international law to give up lands to a people who are aggressive towards them. Israel gave up the Sinai to Egypt after Egypt truly declared peace. Israel unilaterally and unconditionally forced its own people out of Gaza and has suffered thousands of rocket attacks since. Netanyahu agreed to a Palestinian state on condition of recognition of the Jewish state and without giving the Arabs the ability to attack Israel militarily which Hamas has done for years. The Jews would recognise them so why is it so bad to expect them to recognise Israel? However, anybody reading this who does not know much about the Middle East would be left in no doubt that Netanyahu’s speech was a bad speech, that Israel was being unfair and that it was taken the whole peace process backwards. Anyone who seriously follows the Middle-East conflict can be in little doubt that Bowen is anti-Israel and pro-Arab. If he were writing for an Arab Partisan news agency one would understand this but when he writes for the BBC which is funded by the licence fee it is nothing short of a disgrace.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    The BBC's coverage (as on Today this morning) gives the impression that lasting peace and a viable two state solution is dependent SOLELY upon dismantling Israeli settlements in the West Bank. But surely a two-state solution requires two sides and two sets of responsibilities? When will Bowen and other Al Aqsa groupies at Bush House acknowledge that suicide bombing, rocket attacks, incitement to hatred and vicious antisemitism also play their role in holding things up. Perhaps not in Beeboid land, where thoughts dwell solely on barrier walls, settlememts and extremists of the Jewish kind.


  3. amimissingsomething says:

    Despite the large and prominent "NEWS" in the upper left corner of the page, not a single one of the first nine (at least) paragraphs of that piece can be described as news reporting. i challenge any and all beeboid lurkers to prove otherwise. Revolting.


  4. Ethan says:

    If Israel agreed to give the whole country to the Palli's and all commit suicide the Palli's would want more. IMO time for Israel to tell them and the Obamessiah to feck not inconsiderably orf.


  5. Mailman says:

    Settlements is a bit of a misnomener (sp??) thought arent they because arent these settlements nothing more than neighbourhoods you find in any normal town?

    Its not like these settlements are just springing up in the middle of nowhere are they? Or are they?

    Anyway, somehow I doubt Bibi's Government is endearing themselves to Barry's team of lefty haters. I reckon all those former clinton advisors will be in fits, being forced to remember how Clinton got screwed over the first time they came across Bibi 🙂



  6. DP111 says:

    Jeremy Bowen quote,"There was no mention of the Arab peace initiative, which offers peace and recognition in return for full withdrawal from occupied territory and a just solution for refugees".

    A just solution in real speech means the right of return of all "palestinians".

    End of Israel.

    Why should Israel mention a peace proposal formulated by Saudi Arabia, that bastion of religious freedom and tolerance, that has at its goal, the destruction of Israel?

    What Bowen can not understand is why Israel just does not commit suicide.

    And for this idiotic commentary license payers have to pay for the huge salaries and perks of BBC staff.


  7. hippiepooter says:

    The BBC systematically reflects the narrative of the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorists out to destroy Israel and erase the Jews from the face of the earth. When is an MP going to call for an investigation into the BBC for anti-Semitism?

    Netanyahu recognised the right of existance of a State that does not recognise Israel's right of existance. Very generous under the circumstances. The whole tone of Bowen's piece is the tone used to shepherd Jews into 'taking showers' upon their arrival at 'Resettlment Camps'. Once bitten twice shy Bowen. The more clever you think you are being the more stupid you make yourself look.

    "Under international law it is illegal for an occupier to settle its people on the land it has taken."

    Not if it is territory lost through waging aggressive war. On this basis Bowen supports Hitler's march into the Sudetenland and its territorial claims to territory Germany lost through waging aggressive war. His wanton perversion of 'International Law' against Israel makes his anti-Semitism very clear.


  8. DP111 says:

    Paul from Peterborough

    Bowen has to toe the Arab line as his life would be in great danger when next he went to Gaza or Judaea or Samaria.

    In Israel ofcourse he would be totally safe from those evil, intolerant bigotted Nazi Jews. So it is much easier all around to criticise Israel. That way he can still wear the mantle of a free and fearless reporter.