Listening to Saint Vince Cable on the Politics Show being allowed to get away with murder claiming that his Party did well in the local Council elections. The interviewer gently pointed out the loss of Devon and Somerset but Vince simply mentioned Bristol and all was then well. There is no doubt in my mind that the BBC itself is comfortably at ease with the extreme leftism that permeates Lib-Dem policies and this explains why Cable is afforded near God-like status and given such an easy ride.

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  1. North Northwester says:

    A clueless bint on the Radio 4 news just now and the last labour representative on her county council has just said she regrets the loss of good and committed county councillors who through no fault of their own 'now find themselves looking for alternative employment.'

    No challenge from the BBC interviewer to the preposterous notion that democratic elections are just another jobs club rather than a public duty and privilege. I'm sure it never occurred to his statist mind-set.

    oh, and why did the BBC segue from its patsy-interview of the trades union boss ' What do you want Labour to do' to an interview with this solitary Labour councillor.

    I must have missed all those prime-slot interviews with triumphant Conservatives this last week, didn't you?


  2. nrg says:

    BBC agenda is now to provide the forum for leftist to reposition themselves. Watch out for Rieth Lectures which will be a series of leftist rants.


  3. d says:

    I listened to the same program, they played a clip of a speaker at some lefty conference taking place at the moment, the speaker said that inheriting wealth was not acceptable in a modern progressive society (sounds like comminosm to me). No comment was made about this. If voters really knew what these looney lefties have planned for us, labour support would be even lower.


  4. Craig says:


    Yes, an extraordinary comment. It certainly raised my blood pressure.

    Back on St Vince though, the BBC continues to treat him as if he were one of their economics correspondents rather than as a partisan politian.

    Sopel's first substantive question was to ask the Great Sage about last week's "spat" between Labour and the Tories. Sopel's exact words were, "What did you make of it?" How's that for an open invitation!

    The following question was no better. Sopel asked Vince if he thought that "both sides" (ie. Labour and the Tories) were being "disingenuous" about spending cuts in this time of "candour". Shouldn't he have been asked about Lib Dem policy straight away? What would the Lib Dems cut?

    Why treat him like an impartial observer & ask him such easy questions? Sopel would never ask, say, George Osborne these kind of questions.


  5. Martin says:

    Craig: Spot on. The Lib Dems have not provided one solid policy on what they would cut. all that Mr Alzheimers has said is that they would have to look seriously at public spending yet Cable is allowed to spout bollocks about the Tories spending plans.

    Shouldn't the SAME question be put to Cable that the drug users at the BBC continually spout at the Tories? i.e. "If you want to be elected shouldn't you tell the Country what you'd actually do?"

    What gets me is why the Tories don't attack Cable on this.


  6. hippiepooter says:

    Does anyone no of a site that gives a breakdown of the postal vote in the recent elections? I read somewhere (probably here!) that Labour got half this vote, a vote, as we all know, notoriously rife with fraud, especially from 'the community' in favour of Dhimmi New Labour.


  7. Richard Dale says:

    Careful, St Vincent (or at least John Jervis, the first Earl St Vincent) was a far greater man than Mr Cable.


  8. Martin says:

    Radio 5 phone in. Comprehensive schools. Most callers very negative about them. Nikki Campbell is almost in tears that no callers are supportive of this crap system.

    Oh and we have a caller called 'Osama' coming up. Wow I can't wait to be put right on the English education system.


  9. Allan D says:

    The interviewer might have made the point that was made by David Dimbleby on the election results programme (which was missed because noone watched it, including it appears BBC Politics Show interviewers, that the Lib Dem share of the vote went down in Bristol compared to the previous elections and they benefitted from the 3-party split under the first-past-the-post system. Because of the regional nature of the party list system the LibDims also gained one seat in the Euro elections despite their national share of the vote falling.

    Do the LibDims therefore benefit from undemocratic voting systems at the expense of other parties? Well, according to the Beeb:

    "Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph."


  10. David from Ealing says:

    The fact that the Liberal Democrats won Bristol even though their vote goes down shows the case for PR. As does county after where the Tories have huge majorities of seats on relatively small share of the votes.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes David, only right that the BBC shouldn't allow Lib Dems on the TV or radio. That would make it impartial wouldn't it?

    If you allege bias every time someone you disagree with is interviewed, you'll have ample 'evidence'. Oh, that's right, you already do!


  12. Craig says:

    Anonymous 3.10, You're confused (and maybe tired and emotional).

    David never wrote any such thing.
    All he argued was that Vince Cable was given a very easy ride.

    The bias lies in the soft questions (some of which are quoted verbatim above) and the lack of challenges to inadequate answers. Cable has 'protected species' status at the BBC.


  13. Anonymous says:

    It's hardly the first time Vance has made such a comment about Cable being interviewed is it? That's how retarded his thinking is.

    He's never going to be challenged enough for Vance is he?


  14. hatethebias says:

    Anonymous 9:46, Why dont't you answer the point made by Craig? Cable WAS given an easy ride in that interview, and in previous ones, along the lines of "tell me, O Great One, from your Olympian Heights, what your wisdom is on those other two Liliputian parties and their faults". The LibDems never get a rough ride from the BBC (see interviews with Sarah Kennedy passim) and in particular, Cable seems to be accorded Guru status. Never challenged enough? Never challenged AT ALL! Vance is quite right to keep on about it. The BBC seems to have switched its allegiance from NuLabour to the LibDems. The only one who is retarded is you.


  15. JohnA says:


    The BBC likes the LibDems because they are further left and more loony than Labour.