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  1. Anat (Israel) says:

    The HYS on the Iranian elections, — of which top votes went to comments truthfully exposing this sham for what it is, — disappeared from the Beeb site in less than 24 hours. I could not find any link to it anywhere in the website, not even in the HYS archives, but only through my own comment list.

    The same thing happened a few weeks ago with a thread concerning Obama, which likewise went against BBC expectations.

    Pravda at best.


  2. Mailman says:

    I see Barry the light worker has expressed a non-expression on who they would prefer to win the election (ie. they stated that they have no preference).

    Smart power at work! 🙂



  3. Gordon says:

    What the BBC will not make clear is that ALL candidates in this election have been vetted by the Council of Guardians. Now these folks are about a thousand light years to the right of our BNP, who, fascists as they are would, never counternance hanging little girls from a crane for some sexual peccadillo.
    Still, its just there funny foreign little way of doing things. Who are we to judge?
    Come back Dr. Kiosk. We are all guilty.


  4. Gordon says:

    Sorry "their"


  5. Albert the Cat says:

    Just been listening to 'Feeback' , 1.30pm-1.45pm today. Some geezer called Rick Bailey, a Beeboid political adviser, when questioned about Beeb's attitude to BNP, said the Beeb 'doesn't have an opinion about any political party.'
    How long can they maintain this with a straight face?


  6. Albert the Cat says:

    I meant 'Feedback', of course.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Gordon said…
    the Council of Guardians.
    12:34 PM, June 12, 2009

    That all sounds suitably Marvel(as in comic)icious.

    Sort of Voltaire-lite, or Revoltaire?: 'We may not agree with what you say, but we will sort of tolerate it… so long as you are not an Israeli'.

    Which is the odd caveat we seem to be seeing from libertarians closer to home.

    To 'a little bit pregnant' I guess we need to add 'freeishdom of speech'.

    Makes you proud to be in a cradle of democracy.

    (please can we get back to the bits of the old system that worked)


  8. John Bosworth says:

    Crisis Over! Business as usual!

    The threat to Gordon Brown has passed. Imagine the fear amidst the anti-Brown faction. Items are appearing in the media once again pointing out his strength and courage, his far-sightedness and wisdom…


    Nothing appears in the media without a reason. The Brown machine was bent, not broken. The plotters are suddenly all over the place, regretful and sorrowful. There must be some very frightened Labour people around. Why? They are afraid of reprisals. Leopards don't changed their spots and cannot lose their sharp claws. Gordon and Dolly and Mandy have long memories.

    This is going to be a fascinating week and the Beeb will be there to report it evenhandedly and fairly I'm sure. It will never allow itself to be used by the Govt machine…will it?


  9. George R says:

    It seems that the BBC decided: 'we'll keep this story as quiet as we can: we don't want to upset parts of Labour's apartheid Britain'.


    Classroom assistant at Muslim girls' school forced out of job by parents who believed she was a man"


    "A classroom assistant has quit her job at a strict Muslim girls' school after parents launched an email campaign claiming she was a man.
    "Shifa Patel, who dressed traditionally in a hijab and full-length robe while at work, had to submit herself to a humiliating medical examination after the petition demanded she prove her gender.
    "The headteacher at Al-Islah Muslim Girls' School in Blackburn, Lancashire, even sent a letter to parents reassuring them that Ms Patel was female in an attempt to quash the growing discontent."('Mail'.)

    (Ironically, the BBC had a reporter visit this Islamic school in Blackburn some time ago,on an unrelated matter, and the 'Daily Mail' uses BBC photos in this 'Mail' article.)


  10. J says:

    loving the downfall of Hazel Blears – however, are the BBC framing this in a way to show Brown was right all along?


  11. DB says:

    Albert the Cat 1:49 PM, June 12, 2009
    Just been listening to 'Feedback' , 1.30pm-1.45pm today. Some geezer called Rick Bailey, a Beeboid political adviser, when questioned about Beeb's attitude to BNP, said the Beeb 'doesn't have an opinion about any political party.'
    How long can they maintain this with a straight face

    That surprised me as well. Dino Sofos, who does a bit of politics reporting for Up All Night on R5L when he's not covering entertainment trivia, twittered the following when the EU election results were coming in:

    "Hats off to the bloke in Southapmton that yelled 'Fucking Facists' as the BNP vote was read!"

    "Shit. The BNP have won their first seat in the EU Parliament thanks to the racists in Yorkshire"

    His Twitter profile states he's a "BBC journo", so no excuses.

    I pointed this out in the comments on Tuesday and at some stage over the past couple of days the 'Fucking Fascists' tweet (is that the correct term?) has been removed. I thought something like that might happen so I took a screenshot. The "Shit… racists in Yorkshire" tweet is still there, though. Evidently his bosses don't mind that one. However, his opinion of the Leicester candidates has been deemed beyond the pale.

    Re Feedback – it was amusing to hear that some R4 listeners have been complaining that Daily Mail sketch writer Quentin Letts is allowed to present his own series. This highlights just how much the Guardian-reading classes think – quite correctly – that R4 belongs to them.


  12. DB says:

    And shouldn't a BBC politics correspondent know the correct spelling of "fascist"?


  13. George R says:

    Ex-BBC, now Sky News JEFF RANDALL, has plenty of sensible non-BBC arguments here:


    "Voters are giving up on Labour because it gave up on them."

    "Mass immigration and closer EU integration have no public support, says Jeff Randall."


  14. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly the BBC's One Show have just use Labour statistics regarding the discrepancy in pay between men and women despite the Information Commissioner slamming Labour for (again) for using dodgy statistics. But the BBC will do Labour's work regardless.


  15. John Jones says:

    just watching 'one show', tonight a disguised party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party's new 'Equalities Act'. A short film was shown slighted in favour of the Act, with Edwina Currie making arguments against on the basis that Act is a job destroyer and that womens wages are not equal due to lifestyles. No attempt to tackle her arguements just blanket 'its a good thing' e.g. lets smash the male chauvinist pigs. Studio discussion (all in favour) followed on same basis slagging off Currie's in the film fo 'not being more pro-women' especially as the act 'was a step forward'. No attempt at rational arguement, just PC nonsense. St Harriet for ever!


  16. CeannP says:

    This one is typical of the BBC.


    In the Middle East section of their website I notice the link titled :- "West Bank 'collaborator hanged'"

    So, interested, I clicked on it to see what it was about. The heading to the article changes suddenly to "Palestinian BOY(my emphasis) 'hanged for collaboration'"

    Turns out a 15yo kid is murdered by his family for being an alleged Israeli collaborator though they try to temper it saying there may be 'other motives for the killing'.

    How come any link referencing any incident in which a Palestinian child (ie which could be a 17 year old or less) dies in clashes where Israel is involved would scream out 'Child killed in Israeli clashes' or 'Child shot by Israeli troops' heading yet this Arab-on-Arab killing merely uses the anodyne 'collaborator hanged'?

    Sounds like the BBC want to print this to deflect any accusations of bias but make sure they make it as unobtrusive as possible so few people notice it is an incident where Palestinian fanatics have killed a child on the basis of their anti-israeli hatred.

    BBC- hiding the truth where possible to protect our beloved Pally fanatics. It's what we do!


  17. Grant says:

    George R 5:18
    Now , if it had been a Christian school…..
    Also , is this not a criminal offence ?
    Also , why would anyone doubt Ms. Patel was a woman ?


  18. John Horne Tooke says:

    George R

    Beat me to it – Notice how the BBC are going on about the threat to their dear leader has fizzled out.

    But they seem to overlook one important thing.

    "Of the 15.6 million people who voted, 84.3 per cent did not put a cross in Labour's box. "

    I don't think the BBc understand that it is not just Gordon Brown the people don't like – its the whole authoritarian, hypocritical Labout Party.

    Now imaging if it was a Conservative government …. ah, well you all know the rest.


  19. Roger C says:

    The real British prime minister, Mandelson has stated in Berlin "that Britain will obviously join the euro" not a word about this on the BBC I have to go to American websites to see it!


  20. George R says:

    More information for BBC re-latest Islamic jihad-Taliban murders in Pakistan today.

    The BBC has:

    1.) the Lahore bombing:

    "Bomb kills senior Pakistan cleric"

    -BUT, the BBC has only one line in that report on a SECOND Islamic jihad-Taliban murderous attack on a mosque in the city of Nowshwera.

    So here is more information from the BBC's chums at the Islamic TV station – staffed by many ex-Beeboids, Al Jazeera English:

    "Bombers target two Pakistan cities"


    "Nowshwera bombing:

    "The blast in Nowshwera, about 100km from the capital, Islamabad, also took place at a mosque.

    "Five people were killed and 32 others were wounded in the car bombing, Abdullah Khan, the local police chief, said.

    "Some of the victims may have died on the way to hospital, he said.

    "Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Islamabad, said the mosque in Nowshera was in a military area.

    "'The military pray side by side with the locals there, and many more casualties are expected.

    "'With the Pakistani military about to embark on another offensive against the Taliban, strategic and military thinkers are saying there will be more large-scale attacks across the country,' he said.

    "At least two people died on Thursday in a gun battle between security forces and armed men in the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of NWFP.

    "The fighting occurred near the Pearl Continental hotel, which was hit by a suicide bomber on Tuesday."

    -So I'm sure,BBC, that you wouldn't want that BBC licencepayers were not told all this about the second Islamic jihad bombing in Pakistan today, would you? We don't want the British people underestimate the Taliban's 'humanity' now, do we Lyse?


  21. George R says:

    Oh dear:


    "David Miliband calls Hillary Clinton to voice anger over Guantánamo inmates' transfer to Bermuda"

    "A high-level transatlantic row has broken out over the Obama administration's failure to consult Britain over the transfer of four Guantánamo Bay inmates to Bermuda."

    Oh, the dilemma for BBC – whether it will report this development, and if so, whose side to take:

    a.) released ex-Gitmos;

    OR b.)Obamessiah;

    OR c.)D.Miliband.


  22. archduke says:

    really on the edge of my seat with the iranian election – will they choose the Nazi Party, or will they make a historic break from the past and elect…

    err.. the Nazi Party.


  23. David Preiser (USA) says:

    George R,

    So far, it looks like it's a & b.

    It's funny how "Britain has told Bermuda" that they should have talked to the British Government about this beforehand, but no cross words against, you know, the US President who caused this. If it was Bush going behind the British Government's back like this…..

    The "spat" seems to be over the fact that the Foreign Office wasn't even on top of the situation in the first place, and everybody is just now waking up to the fact. The News Online sub-editor put in a stinging criticism from William Hague, but no defense at all from the Government.

    Maybe all the Labour apparatchiks are just waiting for the instructions from the man behind the throne before they say anything, so the BBC has no one to quote yet.


  24. DB says:

    Associated Press:
    "Grandiose titles are part of a tradition to stimulate public support in a nation where the media is tightly controlled and little information about the inner workings of the government is available."

    The Right Honourable Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the County of Durham, First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council.


  25. George R says:

    The BBC pursues its own agenda of multiculturalism, dhimmitude, Obamaism, Labourism, and pro-EU politics.

    And Brown's boss Mandelson overrides him (figuratively), and ignores the British people by demanding Britain joins the Euro -despite the EU election results!:

    'Mail'-(unreported online so far by BBC)

    "Britain should join the Euro, says Mandy, as he praises 'great success' of single currency."
    (James Chapman)


    "Lord Mandelson caused uproar yesterday by lavishing praise on the euro and declaring Britain wanted to join.
    "The Business Secretary, the second-most powerful man in the country following last week's Cabinet reshuffle, hailed the currency as a 'great success'.
    "He appeared at odds with Gordon Brown after declaring it was an 'important objective' for Britain to sign up.
    "It is the first time for years that any senior minister has enthused openly about the benefits of euro entry.

    "His remarks caused consternation, coming just days after 60 per cent of voters backed parties hostile to the EU in European elections.

    "Critics also questioned Lord Mandelson's motives, since he is not allowed to criticise the EU if he wants to keep his £31,000-a-year pension as a former European commissioner." ('Mail'.)


  26. John Horne Tooke says:

    "His remarks caused consternation, coming just days after 60 per cent of voters backed parties hostile to the EU in European elections."

    We know thats true – but to the BBC and New Labour, the elections were not about the EU it was all to do with expenses.


  27. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Oh, dear. What will they be saying at Broadcasting House in the morning about this?

    Gay Rights Groups Irate After Obama Administration Lauds Defense Of Marriage Act

    As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama claimed "we need to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act," which says states are not required to recognize other states' same-sex marriages.

    That was then. This week, the Obama administration is facing the ire of gay rights groups after it filed a brief in California federal court defending the Defense of Marriage Act and calling it a "valid exercise of Congress' power" that is saving taxpayers money.

    And here I was just reminding everyone on the Iranian election thread how Katty Kay told us all repeatedly, and a Republican presidential candidate on more than one occasion, that the US wanted a President who was a supporter of gay marriage.

    What's a Beeboid to do? Gay rights are one of the five pillars of BBC editorial policy. They were telling David Cameron and other Tories last week about how awful they were because they were thinking of aligned themselves with a "homophobic" Polish party in the EU. Even sillier, when they decided to bring Muslim characters to EastEnders, instead of dealing with vastly more serious issues – never mind realistic – such as the abuse and murder of women in Islamic communities in Britain, they chose the gay angle instead.

    The cognitive dissonance at the BBC must be nearly overwhelming by now. Their beloved Obamessiah has continued so many evil George Bush extreme right-wing Christian warmonger neocon policies it's hard to keep track anymore.


  28. George R says:


    "BBC could lose monopoly licence fee after Digital Britain report."


    "The BBC could lose its monopoly over the licence fee for the first time in its history as a result of the landmark Digital Britain report due next Tuesday.
    "The report into the future of broadcasting and communications by Communications Minister Lord Carter is likely to recommend that some of the BBC's annual revenue should be used to fund regional news services on ITV and broadband for all. "


  29. Anonymous says:

    Well, the 'Today' programme has yet again allowed one of their favourite Clintonites, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a comnpletely free ride. He was allowed to promulgate his contenious views on Iran, Israel, Lebanon and so on, without a single question from Ed Stourton. Can anyone imagine a spokesman from the right having such a free-ride? John Bolton, for example, in the rare occasions he is allowed air-time on the 'Today' programme, gets interrupted constantly, and questioned aggressively – and often, a left-leaning 'favourite' is interviewed immediately afterwards to rubbish what has just been said.


  30. JasonS says:

    Notice the Beeb's choice of headline to report the fact that a few Australians (number undisclosed) are demanding action against "global warming":

    Australians demand climate action

    They sure as hell didn't report the American anti-tax Tea Party demonstrations – attended by hundreds of thousands – as "Americans demand tax reform," did they? Of course any reasonable person who reads the headline above would be inclined to think that the story was about a poll which showed that a large majority of Australians demand climate action, for instance. Not that a few protests had taken place.

    Just one more example of the disingenuous ways in which the Beeb shoehorn stories into their preferred ideological template to give a false and inaccurate impression of reality.


  31. Umbongo says:

    The BBC as the transmission belt for the political class goes to war against . . the Prince of Wales. The prince has used his contacts to stop the Rogers-designed modernist development at Chelsea Barracks (as was) in its tracks. The BBC brings on Sunand Prasad, president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and former housing and planning minister Nick Raynsford to "discuss" the issue and broadcasts unchallenged statements by Richard Rogers himself.

    The gist of the "discussion" (all one-way – guess which) is that the prince has trumped the "democratic" process by which Rogers and the developers have bulldozed their modernism through the "consultation" process to get permission to build an ugly and out-of-character monstrosity of an estate in Chelsea. This is the same Rogers who throws his weight behind the campaign to prevent the demolition of the Elephant & Castle slum and eyesore also know as the Robin Hood Estate. Rogers knows that although all the procedural planning boxes have been ticked "democratic" is the last thing re-development permissions procedures are in real life. I remember the late (unlamented) Lord Palumbo bullying his way to the development of the old Mappin & Webb site in the City: an unnecessary, ugly and over-bearing replacement of a pleasing, proportionate if undistinguished collection of buildings.

    On an issue which (to say the least) there is more to the debate than the prince's intervention, the BBC takes its stance with the political class against the people who have to live with monumental, highly visible and highly lucrative (for Rogers et al) crap.


  32. Stuart says:

    Totally agree with JasonS about the double standards and clear political bias shown by the BBC in the relative reporting of issues like climate and the tea-party demos.

    Although this australian report mentions "thousands" of "Activists call for green jobs" at the top it then says:

    "Families, young children and elderly men and women were part of the 2000-strong rally, with protesters dressed in red, carrying banners and chanting loudly as they marched."

    Sounds like a bunch of civil servants agitating for more make-work.



  33. Martin says:

    David Presiser: But the BBC is dominated by homosexuals, so to them having a gay angle on every story is nothing new.

    When HIV/Aids first became mainstream EastEnders decided that the best way to 'educate' the public was to have a storyline of a straight man getting HIV from unprotected sex.

    Of course the VAST majority of people who get HIV in the west are homosexuals and drug addicts. Not a mention by the BBC.

    Last week on Radio 5 the Queen of breakfast radio (Niki Campbell) was discussing if people who inflict injuries upon themselves should get free NHS treatment. For example, people who smoke, people who eat too much or even people who play sports.

    Funny that my emails asking why therefore should gay men who take part in unprotected anal intercourse and contract HIV get free treatment DIDN'T get read out.

    I wonder why?


  34. nrg says:

    We all know the Beeboid scum love terrorists and enjoy nothing better than pissing their filthy Marxist propaganda on the graves of the innocent men, women and children killed and brutalised by their leftist barbarian chums.

    Today Radio 4 it is a love in with the global criminal community. Saturday Live, the mother ship of smug leftist hypocrisy, was giving a drug deal the full sympathetic treatment and From Our Own (Marxist) Correspondent is running a Jolly Roger promotional broadcast for Somalia pirates – apparently it is all the fault of poverty (subliminal message – it is the fault of Western capitalism rather than corrupt misgovernment by revolutionary Marxist African regimes)


  35. will2001 says:

    Not BBC Bias, but an amusing tale:-
    Last night on Newsnight Review, Andrew Roberts repeated a snippet from Chris Mullins' autobiography.

    Claire Short's mobile rang while she was meeting the Queen. "Anyone important?" asked the Queen.


  36. nrg says:

    Oh dear, News Quiz, is one big Socialist Worker propaganda fest, with more than the usual quota of untruths, bigotry and hypocrisy.

    Remember when Saturday morning Radio 4 was entertaining and informing rather than relentless nauseating Marxist slimeballs spewing their ignorant crap?


  37. George R says:

    nrg 11:51 am

    Yes, and on the same BBC radio programme, with that correspondent showing sympathy for Islamic jihad Somali pirates, we also had LYSE 'the humanity of the Taliban' DOUCET – now dispatched to Iran, telling us about the wonders of Ahmadinejad's Islamic Republic.

    The BBC's world-wide dhimmitude in action.


  38. nrg says:

    And now the R4 news: Harry Harpy-person given free run to whine that David Cameron to slash public services by 10%.


  39. Craig says:

    In his ‘Today’ interview with Brzezinski, Ed Stourton said this:

    “If we can look a little more widely across the region, the other big event recently, I suppose, has been the elections in Lebanon where Hezbollah, which of course is backed by the Iranians, didn’t do as well in the elections as people thought & there’s been talk of an Obama dividend there, that the result of his speech in Cairo &his attitude towards the Middle East was that the pro-Western camp did better.”

    He then asked if Brzezinski thought this was true.

    Who are the “people” who “thought” Hezbollah would do well, Ed? BBC correspondents, that‘s who. And when he say s “there‘s been talk of an Obama dividend there”, prominent among those talkers have been by the self-same BBC correspondents.

    Brzezinski urged caution in his response. Would that the biased BBC took notice this advice!


  40. David Preiser (USA) says:

    JasonS @ 9:14 AM

    Good catch. I bet the BBC didn't insult those protesters with a sexual innuendo, either.


  41. David Preiser (USA) says:

    More proof that the BBC lives in a fantasy world, and makes the extra effort to find fellow travelers in order to continue the Narrative:

    Holy Land hopes for dogged peacemakers

    Rabbi Froman says that those settlers who love the Holy Land should be prepared to live under Palestinian rule – not as occupiers under the heavy protection of the Israeli army.

    More than 300,000 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank, in addition to about 200,000 in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, and the vast majority are opposed to a Palestinian state.

    They dismiss the rabbi's views as irrelevant. But other Israelis often admit there is logic to this unorthodox solution to the question of Jewish settlements.

    Those living in the real world will know that the Palestinians and their supporters – including those at the BBC – believe all Israeli settlements to be illegal, and that they shouldn't be there at all. So who's kidding who about some utopia where suddenly the Palestinians will permit Jews in their midst? It's a joke.

    Even the Palestinian "peacemaker" they get for a quote says absolutely nothing about Jewish settlers staying put. The "peace" he's talking about is a more general term. Notice that the angle of the piece is, as usual, "Israel must accept…." Not a single word about Palestinians miraculously accepting Jews living among them on their own land.

    Dina Newman (yet another useful Jew at the BBC Jerusalem bureau) is dealing in fairy tales.


  42. flexdream says:

    Celebrity cults. Watching 'Have I Got News For You' I'm reminded how much better the show is for not having the original, resident host. It's a shame that his misdeeds have not been repeated by David Dimbleby, who is possibly the most pompous and conceited performer in broadcasting. David Starkey shares those traits, but at least he is meant to be the star, and is also witty, erudite, informative and intelligent which redeem him.


  43. John Bosworth says:

    This statement by Mandy dutifully reported by the BBC is beyond funny: "I believe in leadership and in being decisive. Secondly, in listening to people and respecting official advice you receive. And thirdly, introducing a bit of humour and jollity to your work."


    Decisively listen to advice with good humour and jollity? Mandelson? Any follow-up questions?


  44. adam says:

    June 1st

    TV presenter Jeremy Paxman brands Britons 'barbarians' for watching too much television
    Somebody should have reminded Jeremy Paxman of the saying: 'Never bite the hand that feeds you.'

    For this weekend he did just that – calling the public a 'bunch of barbarians' for watching too much television.

    The Newsnight and University Challenge presenter, who earns a reported £1million a year, made the remarks as he promoted his book about Victorian art.

    (It is not about Victorian art, it champions a bunch of progressive causes under the cover theme of art, at least the TV series did.)

    It is not known whether his comments recognised the delicious irony that his book, called The Victorians, is a companion to his latest TV series.

    'I think the basic problem is that we are a bunch of barbarians really,' said Paxman speaking at the Hay Festival of Literature.

    'Watching TV is the most popular leisure activity in this country now. I find this very depressing. Very depressing indeed. I think that is a real problem.'

    Please sir, i know how to help solve this.


  45. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here's something scary as hell from Canada that the BBC doesn't want you to know about.

    Canadian magazine publisher and instigator Ezra Levant had a run-in last year with the Alberta Human Rights Commission after a Muslim activist tried to sue him for publishing the Mohammed Cartoons, and have him silenced. (Here's some background, with links to video of Levant's "hearing").

    Yesterday, CTV wanted to have him on their "Power Play" show to debate with the commisar for Canadian Human Rights. She refused to appear if Levant was on, and sent a flunky instead. However, this branch of the Canadian Government placed a condition even on the flunky's appearance: If he was going to be on the show, Levant must not be permitted to speak to him. Unfuckingbelievable.

    Video is here.

    The BBC won't tell you about this, just like they tried to hide the "Tea Party" protests in the US from you, and then grossly misrepresented them and insulted the participants once it was too big for them to ignore. Individual freedom is an anathema to fascists.


  46. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Anybody seen or heard a BBC mention of this?

    Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Family Says


  47. David Preiser (USA) says:

    RE: My previous comment:

    Apparently, the Beeboids think that Christian prejudice against other Christians is more important. The class warfare angle elevates this above mere (homosexual) rape, religious persecution, and murder by Muslims.


  48. George R says:

    A non-BBC piece on the BNP:

    "The BNP rise is about identity"

    (by Michael Collins)

    'Times' (13 June):


    "Labour rejoiced in the collectivism of the working class as long as it could define them as 'the workers'. But with constant mass immigration it suddenly became apparent that the collectivism of the white working class was defined by ethnicity too. Fear of immigration turned some to the National Front – from then on many a Labour voter used the lines 'Enoch is right' and 'We're second-class citizens' until they fossilised into cliché.

    "Labour has failed to assuage those fears – and too many feel that those fears have become reality. Many of its long-term voters believed the party was responsible for eradicating anything that linked the white working class with an identity and a history, because it was at odds with the modern creed of multiculturalism."


  49. John Bosworth says:

    David Preiser USA.

    I just watched the CTV clip you posted and squirmed. Is this what we have come to? A non-debate on the subject of open debate. Amazing.

    How do we combat the absence of truth telling? The way you do, Preiser. Alert people who will alert other people who will in turn alert other people. (I have already sent the CTV clip to hundreds of people). Keep writing and blogging and talking to friends. Often. Tell the truth. See Douglas Murray in this clip:

    Don't lose heart. Doing something radical like voting BNP is simply another way of holding one's breath, stamping one's foot and screaming and screaming till one is sick – the method Violet Elizabeth in the William books used to do to get attention. There are better ways.

    As far as B-BBC is concerned, I know in our bleakest moments we believe that monolithic organisations like the BBC are impenetrable but I can assure you that word gets through. Our views have more support within the BBC than you'll ever know. The pothead 1970s liberal generation that wrote the agenda and now constitutes upper and middle management is getting old and dying off.

    Results: multiculturalism is no longer held up as the answer to all our problems and is being questioned. People are beginning to see that radical Islam is using the system to destroy the system. The old 'radical feminism' of Woman's Hour is being exposed as simply the shrill agenda of the 1960s. The old post-war Oxbridge consensus is fading.

    Let's continue doing what we do: Shame Frei and Webb by constantly challenging their bias. Take Campbell up on every falsehood he utters. Examine every comma in every news bulletin and every assumption made in every newsroom. Shame radical leftie programmes like "Question Time" by laughing at them. Shine the spotlight on the waste of public money in the payment of so-called "stars". Expose the old boy networks. Win the argument.

    Our fears are shared by more ordinary people than can be counted. What we lack is real political leadership. In the US it's preparing. In the UK there's much further to go. Meanwhile, let's keep on keeping on.


  50. PatD says:

    John Bosworth – Good post.