Sarah Montague “interviews” Ed Balls here. What a laugh. It was in essence a forum for Balls to constantly repeat that the Conservatives are out to cut back “investment” in the public sector. I love the fantastical claims that Balls makes, which Sarah gaily lets pass. “Tough Discipline in every class-room” – was this a comedy routine? The BBC pimps for Labour day in day out and it is as simple as that. Note that the arrogant and devious tone throughout from Balls and the way in which he throws around “Billions” as if it were HIS money. (PFI is “a great success” was another great throwaway line. )

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I posted here yesterday on what I see as the BBC’s shameful participation in the sanitising of the appeasement of terrorism here in Northern Ireland aka “peace process”. Today, on Thought for the Day, we had a follow-on item from the fragrant Rev Rosemary Lain-Priestly, of the Women’s Ministry in London. Rosemary celebrated the decision by the UVF thugs to stop murdering people and wrapped it up in soft theological cotton. She went on to suggest that whilst justice for the victims was not possible perhaps we could set up a Truth Enquiry so they could “share their stories”. How conveniently on narrative! Heaven forbid that those who have lost loved ones to the UVF, UDA and IRA might demand that justice be done. It’s just so passe these days. WHY is justice not an option? Because it would de-rail the peace!!! Thank God ..or perhaps his rival, that we have Thought for the day to further immunise us from morality.

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You couldn’t have listened to the BBC this morning without hearing the dire warnings concerning the predatory monster that is…..the Harlequin ladybird. The BBC had this in their head-lines and they then ran the above item on it. Wonder could they just chill out a little or is the heat and the tennis getting to them?

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Did you catch this love-in between omnipresent BBC “analyst” Red Ken Livingstone and Mr Naughty? The topic was “social housing” (Gotta love the euphemism for State control of the housing stock!) and the point was that “working-class” people are “ANGRY because they can’t get a house so Government must seize control of this area of our lives. Thatcher gets bashed, BNP gets bashed and the creed of socialism gets a free outing. The BBC present the alternative to left wing Labour as even more left wing Livingstone. Pathetic.

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Nothing like starting the day with the proposition that the United Kingdom cannot afford to defend itself. Looks like losing an effective nuclear deterrent is the way forward in these turbulent times- or so the left wing IPPR and BBC shills would have us believe. To pick up on the title of this post, what’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

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"a serious suggestion for the BBC"

The Magistrate on BBC expenses :

Of course there is a proportion of people who just don’t like paying any bill, but let’s put this into perspective.

The licence fee is more than two weeks of Jobseeker’s Allowance, and about a day-and-a-half’s worth of the average wage. The £2000 spent on flying the boss’s family back because Sir had to sort out the Ross/Brand fiasco represents more than 33 weeks’ worth of JSA for the poorest licence payers. So come and have a look at JPs fining the unlicensed in – note – a criminal court.

Then, next time you want to charge up a £200 lunch at the Ivy for two people who are already well-off you will have a better idea of where the money comes from. I’ll be happy to arrange it, and I might even come along myself.

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BBC start the new week shilling for Gaza. (I guess they are recovering from the loss of MJ) Just after 6.30am on Today there was an item about the terrible plight of those poor innocent Gazans who have had their property destroyed by those bad Israelis – for no good reason, apparently. We were treated to what was essentially a five minute pro Gaza lament – full of those usual anti-Israel clap-trap that has become the BBC default mode on this issue. They interviewed one Gazan who disliked the Israelis but also who blamed Hamas for bringing the violence on butthen balanced this with an interview with another who had become even more supportive of Hamas since the “invasion.” Either way, Israel loses. The BBC specialises in producing this one-sided pro-Pali guff. Their bias is visceral.

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Right then – Monday morning on Today and the BBC’s Mark Simpson provides us with the news that the terror group the UVF has “put beyond use” its illegal arsenal. Later on we are to be treated to the wife of convicted UVF bomber and canonised (since his death) PUP politician David Ervine along with Indie journo David McKittrick on the same topic. Reality alert! The UVF remains a bloodthirsty criminal cabal, and the UVF killers remain at large, untainted with justice. These vermin are playing along with government policy with faux decommissioning at the heart of it. The public will not see what has been handed over, nor will we know how it was “put beyond use”, nor where the weaponry is stored, nor what the inventory was. Instead all we get is reassuring official noises and UVF apologists on to tell us how wonderful this is. IF the BBC had any measure of balance, they would allow those who remain profoundly cynical of terrorist posturing on their programme to “debate” this topic but of course that NEVER happens. In my view, at times like this, the BBC demonstrates how evil is is by playing along with the depraved appeasement of the UVF and their fellow psychopaths in the UDA. Why are the BBC so afraid if giving air-time to those who distrust the terror gangs? What’s the big problem? How much money will be showered on these scum now? What happens to those UVF killers who remain at large but with blood on their hands? Who knows? – the BBC will not allow these questions to be asked….

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Wonder how you feel about the BBC’s coverage of the Glastonbury-fest?

The BBC has admitted that 125 staff and 150 freelancers are at Glastonbury, either as presenters, producers, directors or technical crew in order to broadcast across BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 and an interactive channel, as well as on Radio 1, 6 Music, 5 Live and a dedicated website. Hosts include Jo Whiley, Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq.

Alongside them are about 130 short-term contractors hired by the BBC to offer ‘support’ at the 1,100-acre Somerset site. It says these include people who provide ‘some specialist technical services, rigging at the start and end of the project, and security

Nice to know that even in this time of ….economic “down turn”….. the BBC feels obliged to pull out all the stops when it comes to this event.

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Watching Nicky Campbell’s Big Question debate whether we should ban the burqa. (Short answer; Yes!) Campbell keeps referring to “The Prophet”. Which prophet is that? Does he refer to Christ as “The Saviour.” Naturally there is a Burqa clad babe in the front row. Yvonne Ridley on to help defend Burqa.

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Don’t know if you ever listen to The Now Show on Radio 4. I caught it earlier and whilst I don’t really mind Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (Typical BBC types but they can be funny and do poke fun at quite a few targets) I do find Marcus Brigstocke and his contributions truly revolting.

Posh boy Marcus likes to play the class warrior – Ben Elton with a bigger sneer – and his little rant on this programme came down to a feral attack on the UKIP and BNP voters. He also produced nasty personal attacks on Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin. I suspect the reason that Marcus is so omnipresent on the BBC schedule is that in his own childish but arrogant fashion, his imbecilic comments reflect that narrative of the BBC. So, we were told by Marcus that ONLY the Green Party had performed well in the recent elections – a complete lie. Don’t get me wrong, I think comedy should be challenging. But where on the BBC is there a right of liberal comic who mocks Islam, who damns socialism, who attacks the State? Brigstocke is your ten a penny sneering lefty hypocrite- and the BBC can’t get enough of him. Worth your license tax?

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Alright then, I have refrained from comment on the death of Michael Jackson on this blog as it initially did not seem appropriate as bias was not immediately obvious. HOWEVER, two days on, the amount of coverage being given as the Dianafication of Jacko continues is surely an issue for an organisation that pretends it is a serious broadcaster. The questions in my mind are as follows.

1. If it “makes no difference if you’re black or white” why has the BBC wheeled one black artiste on after another to tell us how important MJ was?
2. Why is Emily Maitlis getting down with the breakdancers on the pavements of LA?
3. Why is the paedophilia being downplayed and the conversion to the ROP ignored?

I am sorry for Jackson’s family, friends and fans but it is important that the FULL picture of his odd and increasingly pathetic life be provided. With the BBC, we are getting half the picture, sanitised and dianafied.

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It strikes me that the BBC has been a powerful advocate for devolution. I have come across this phenomena personally here in Northern Ireland – getting perplexed looks from BBC interviewers when I insist on the importance of shrinking all forms of big government and retaining full sovereignty at Westminster. But have you read this BBC report in which David Cameron is presented offering a mea culpa for the Conservatives daring to oppose Scottish devolution?

I think the BBC is being disingenuous with what Cameron actually said – he merely points out that Conservative opposition to the principle of devolving power was “wrong.” The broader issue is how such devolution works in practise and, of course, who pays for Salmond and his pals playing at being a government? There are other issues left untouched such as why Scottish politicians get to vote on issues affecting England whilst the converse does not hold? Devolution as it is currently constituted has de-stabilised the essential integrity of the Union yet the BBC presents it as if it were the most wonderful thing imaginable. How about the BBC running an item on the costs to the English taxpayer of the celtic finge having their devolution experiment or is it the case that he who pays the Piper must not call the tune? Just wondering….

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