Normal time tonight – just wanting to get organised in good time. Geoff shall we with us this evening, the panel seems interesting, so make sure you don’t miss our take on things late this evening!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a problem at the moment of “returning” directly to “Google search” from the BBBC home page – nothing happens, and Ctrl-Alt-Del shows program “Not Responding”.
    Going from the BBBC home page via ‘Tangled Web’ (header bar) to ‘Google search’ is usually quick, though if one has first tried the direct return, trying to go via ‘Tangled Web’ also freezes the operation.
    On my computer, this situation is unique to BBBC, so I must assume the problem lies there. I wonder if anyone else has reported similar?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm! Apologies. I have found a similar difficult of “returning” to Google elsewhere, so the problem must be with my computer, after all.


  3. will2001 says:

    My wife, running XP & IE8, is experiencing similar problems with several Blogspot sites. she tells me she has to close IE to escape from Biased BBC etc.

    Being technically challenged myself I'm leaving her to make the best of it.


  4. TooTrue says:

    I’m using an ancient computer and operating system and the new Biased-BBC takes about a month to load. For about a week my computer sits scratching its head at “coveritlive” and another week battling with Google. Makes commenting a bit on the slow side.


  5. Rod says:

    I am using Opera on a 7 year old PC, no problems. I tried IE8 on several blogs and it froze.


  6. Martin says:

    IE is the spawn of Satan. I use Firefox.


  7. Pete Moore says:

    Are there any Britons in the audience?


  8. Gosh says:

    This blog doesn’t load for me, I couldn’t access the live blog.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Dear Christ, when will Dimbleby STOP people booing and hissing when the UKIP is introduced? No right-winger boos and hisses when Labour comes on, so why should the reverse happen?