Well, it saddens me to say this but Conservative charmer Nadine Dorries was appalling on BBC5 live this morning. She came across as a drama queen trougher apologist and whoever advised that this would be a good move is crazy. For once, just for once, the BBC interviewer Victoria Derbyshire, actually made some good points as Nadine dug herself into a hole six foot deep. Did you hear this – or perhaps I imagined it 😉

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27 Responses to NADINE THE WHINGE

  1. Grant says:

    Didn’t hear it, but she has certainly been making a fool of herself in the press.
    David Cameron should muzzle her !


  2. cassandra says:

    The fool walked straight into a beeboid/newlabour trap and got played like a cheap guitar, they must be laughing their socks off at her stupidity.
    Toady had a field day and got that slime ball Stephen Pound to stick the boot in after her interview, the beeboid must have it was christmas, a thicko Tory making a prat of herself.

    The very thing posters were warning about on here happened exactly the way they predicted, perhaps the Tories will learn their lesson?


  3. Peter says:

    As with many others, it might be worth such flash in the pans to recall that it’s all well having your day in the sun, but if you haven’t developed the skin for it you’ll get burned.

    I shake my head at how supposedly media-savvy ‘handler’ kids and munchkins can’t even cope with basic aspects with any hint of experience or skill.

    I wouldn’t mind, but now I suspect the taxpayer is funding these rosy-cheeked cherubic makeweights for each party. Mind you, maybe their ineptitude does serve a public service.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Trouble is the likes of Nadine Dorries (and that means most of them) just don’t get it. Their sense of entitlement just takes the breath away.

    One question was about pay. ‘For people with our qualifications, we should be paid a lot more…’.

    Errr.. what qualifications do you need to be a member of the Tory party and elected to Parliament?

    And, Nadine, if you don’t like the terms and conditions of your employment then I suggest you bugger off and get employment commensurate with ‘your qualifications’.

    Good luck, sweetheart,it’s tough out here. Didn’t they tell you?


  5. Grant says:

    Cassie 1:25
    The Tories could learn a lot by reading this website !


  6. Grant says:

    Anon. 2:55
    Now you are one of the Anonymice I like !


  7. Martin says:

    The problem is NOT just about MP expenses. It’s about the lies and the double talk (from all parties) and the crap like the one eyed twat not giving us a promised vote on Lisbon.

    We’re also angry that the MSM, in particular the BBC have known about this expenses scandal for years (we’ve known something about it as Balls and Cooper, 5 bellies have been outed for a long time) and just like scumbag Damien McBride the media have kept their mouths closed.

    The BBC are quick to investigate anything the Bush administration did, but not to keen to sniff around what the likes of Michael Martin and others were up to with their expenses.

    Now the likes of the BBC are trying to act like they didn’t know what was going on.

    Are we REALLY supposed to think Toenails and Marr for example didn’t know what fiddles MPs got up to?

    And I notice that in the soundbites that the BBC and its staff are using they concentrate on the Tory ones? The Moat cleaning and the Duck island. What about the 18K book shelves? What about the house portfolio built up by that c**t Geoff Hoon? Whilst he was doing that the soldiers this C**t sent to war without body armour, armoured vehicles etc were dying in large numbers. Yet the BBC says NOTHING, not a sodding thing.

    Arseholes the lot of them.


  8. Umbongo says:

    Re Nadine: for an informed view on the troughing issue Today interviewed all-round rent-a-gob, Stephen Pound MP – I assume Vince Cable was otherwise engaged. Guess what? According to Mr Punch and accepted by his interviwer without demur it’s all the fault of Mrs Thatcher.


  9. Martin says:

    Umbongo: Yes rent a twat Pound always crawls out from under his stone at the weekend. Expect to see that ugly face all over Sky and the BBC.


  10. Anonymous says:

    ND was certainly very unwise in articulating her thoughts this morning.

    Even if her observations were 100% accurate, her political antennae have utterly failed to register the fact that right now the public has virtually zero sympathy for ANY poltician, no matter how hard-luck or genuinely difficult their circumstances might be.

    TODAY merely gave her enough rope…


  11. Martin says:

    ND is quite a new MP, I’m sure a lot of new MPs were pressured into claiming all they could.

    What her comments show is just how quickly an MP can be institutionalised.

    My real anger though is with the Government for robbing my pension and through the incompetence of McTwat my taxes (and yours) will have to go up for a generation.

    Gordon Brown should get the same treatment as that rent boy user William Wallace.


  12. John Horne Tooke says:

    Stephen Pound is right the expenses system was introduced by the Conservatives – but the BBC always seem to overlook the fact that when it was introduced it was for trusted and ethical MPs – no one forced the politicians to abuse the system.

    Its been the excuse for scoundrels for years to blame anyone but themselves.

    In fact it happens in all walks of life these days – a child gets abused – blame Social Services not the parents – the parents were let down by the system.

    Someone blows up innocent people on the tube – blame foreign policy. But don’t ask the question that other people disagreed with the policy but didn’t go around blowing up tube trains.

    And the people who milk this abdication of any personal responsibility is the statist BBC – the only question they ever ask is “What can the government do to … ”

    Do they ever mention the fact that when Mrs Thacher got into 10 Downing Street she re-decorated it out of her own pocket?


  13. Catosays says:

    Nadine has been advised previously to tone it down and to desist. She has clearly taken no notice of the advice which was given, by many on her blog, with the best possible intent. So be it. Reap what you sow!


  14. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Nadine has not yet bitten the bullet of being on the right side of truth. “I’m off for the weekend” and comments are turned off – in case something unpalatable comes through. Pity is she’s a generally sensible lady that we need more of – but she’s got herself up against the wall and makes the wrong call. “Its an entitlement” – No love, its a tax dodge. I pay Gordon 50% on what I earn – you claimed an allowance and pay nothing on it. We pay tax on what we earn, you don’t. Simple. Why is “sorry” the hardest word?


  15. Scott M says:

    “Pity is she’s a generally sensible lady that we need more of”

    If only this were true. Sadly, her comments of the last few days, which show that if backed into a corner she will lie through her teeth, are typical of her parliamentary career.

    It’s far from the first time that she’s switched blog comments off – it has happened in the past whenever she’s made public claims that don’t stand up to the most cursory scrutiny.


  16. John Horne Tooke says:

    Scott M

    Funny that you now decide to attack someone who doesn’t hold your political views isn’t it. I thought you only made appearances when someone indefensible needed defending.

    I suppose if this had been one of your Labour friends you would be saying exactly the opposite.


  17. Anonymous says:

    "Stephen Pound is right the expenses system was introduced by the Conservatives.."

    Sorry John, but you have fallen for the BBC spin. Yes, the Tories did introduce SOME of these expenses, but it was in the Blair years that the HofC changed the rules to allow flipping. The Communication Allownace is another example of Labour extending, rather than retracting MP's expenses. Just look and compare the total expense figures claimed for 1997 & 2008. Then you'll see which party gave the HofC free rein.

    Also why haven't the BBC nailed Brown over his GVN's repeated attempts to block the release of this data. Remember Harman proposed making the HofC exempt from the freedom of information act. If that had been the Tories, the BBC would have repeated this fact – over and over – again.


  18. cassandra says:

    I have to agree with Scott M on this one folks, a sub standard MP with dodgy views and more than a touch of the verbal squitters.

    She is a careerist and a ‘face’ you know the type, a commissar with connections, newlabour have their own set of ‘in with the in crowd’ types who feel they are untouchable and who seem to have a grossly inflated sense of their own worth and an even bigger sense of entitlement.


  19. Grant says:

    ScottM 9:34
    Don’t disagree with you about ND, but do you know any similar Labour and Lib. Dem. MPs ?


  20. riddler says:

    Richard at EUReferendum, while no fan of Dorries, asks an interesting question.
    Why is all this happening now?


  21. Martin says:

    Correct on expenses. Even Ken Livingdead said it all went wrong when the second home allowance was doubled from 10 to 20K. That happened under Labour, not the Tories.


  22. adam says:

    stupid ******* cow.
    fancy committing suicide over having to pay for your own duck pond when half the ******* world is starving.
    i wish someone would suicide her.
    what ******* planet do MPS live on

    christ alive


  23. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    If you accept Nadines position for a moment, that “its an allowance” it really doesn’t matter what its spent on – duck ponds, porn films, – it actually is not anyone’s business what they spend their personal income on. The ACA is not living expenses money, it is just spending money (but a tax dodge – another issue). The righteous indignation about toffs and moats doesn’t wash: that is just class envy – bash the rich.


  24. Lemar says:

    BBC interviewed Esther Ranson this morning abour her standing as an independant MP, They ended with a young girl saying how ESther could never interact with young people, (what rubbish, only a few MP’s are young) it was a right slagging off and the interview ended at this point without Esther replying. I could never see this happening with a Labour candidate.


  25. Arthur Dent says:

    So according to Nadine, the Additional Costs Alwance was in reality a hidden pay rise for MPs. I don’t think so; it wasn’t available to a lrgae number of MPs (those in London constituencies) and it was not universally claimed, some MPs claimed very little.

    Nadine also has a nasty moderating habit on her blog whereby she deletes not only offensive material. but any critical comments as well thus giving a totally misleading view. However, she is a politician so that is only to be expected


  26. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The number out of 645 NOT claiming near the full ACA £23,000 was miniscule, like a dozen or two, bonkers peeps like Glenda Jackson. It was clearly “free money, help yourself” You got to ask yourself, we are all either were incredibly gullible and managed to elect 600 crooks by accident, or it was “custom and practice” to do this, thus was it always.

    Decide for yourself the most probable explanation for common mass behaviour.

    As regards your second point, you are quite right. I posted a few polite questioning comments and they invariably disappeared through moderation. A seemingly sensible intelligent lady but not comfortable with Free Speech. The blogsphere is not a one-way platform. She needs to “get it” and it may now be too late.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Tonight’s Panorama did a number not so much on expenses though it did have a go at politicians of ALL parties (shock, horror).
    But then moved on to the thorny questions of their other benefits such as multiple jobs and employing relatives at inflated ‘wages’.
    But their lack of authority on the subject was quickly glossed over as they brushed aside the fact that an MP earns less a panorama reporter you have never even heard of.
    No mention of the BBC expenses and scams.
    The BBC is about as effective on this as it would be to use a peashooter to attack an elephant.