Anyone else catch this paean to Cuba on Today this morning? The BBC just loves doing everything possible to big up the kind and charitable priorities of the Castro gulag of our times. Wonder if BBC reporter Michael Voss ever wonders why so many Cubans risk their very lives trying to escape this veritable nirvana on Earth? The bottom line is the BBC is shilling for Obama to restores diplomatic ties to Cuba.

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13 Responses to LOVING CASTRO

  1. DB says:

    The Cuban dictatorship would have struggled to produce a more biased piece of sickening propaganda.

    And this was followed shortly afterwards by luvvie Simon Callow reading out Auden’s worshipful ode to Lenin:

    “No father for his children did
    What LENIN did for us!”

    Good grief.

    A while back I joked that a photo on Flickr of a man holding a commie flag outside Broadcasting House was probably the Today editor Ceri Thomas going in to work. I fear I was closer to the truth than I first thought.

    (I see the above Flickr account now includes a link to my comments about it here on Biased BBC!)


  2. cassandra says:

    Further to my earlier post on this subject, the beeboids are socialist/leftist/marxist to the core, they adore evil regimes, or should I say the fashionable ones, murder/torture/human rights abuses/
    poverty/misery is perfectly acceptable to the BBC commissars and they lie and cheat like all socialists/leftists the world over do.
    If there were any justice then the incoming Tory regime would burn down the evil monolith the first chance they get.


  3. David Preiser says:


    The Beeboids don’t think they’re evil. As with most of these types, they believe that Communism (or Socialism or Marxism or whatever combination is hip these days) is a beautiful ideology which has been ruined by a few bad apples.

    Stalin was bad, but Communism is still good. Mao wasn’t so good, but Communism is still good. Castro wasn’t so bad at all, and would have been great if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. Che Guevara was great, full stop. Chavez is great, and is only having trouble because of low oil prices and those meddling kids. Li’l Kim in North Korea is terrible, but Communism is still good. Pol Pot would have been a happy leader, and only sent most of the educated and middle class to the killing fields because of those meddling kids. Marxism is still good.

    The Beeboids are so open-minded that they can see beyond evil dictators and mass murderers and appreciate the beautiful ideology behind it all. It’s an intellectual failure shared by so many these days.


  4. cassandra says:

    David P,

    “those meddling kids”

    Love it!


  5. mailman says:

    Perhaps the real tragedy here is that Al Beeb ignores ONE of the reasons Castro has managed to stay in power for so long…dodgy American foreign policy towards Cuba.

    Lets be honest here…if America had opened the economic doors to Cuba there would be fat kids and porn shops on every Havana corner.

    (donning his fire proof overalls)


  6. David Preiser says:


    You’re as bad as Evan Davies. The first words out of his mouth were about how the US didn’t like Cuba simply because they started a Communist government. He skipped over the fact – which we’ve been over before, I believe – that the problem wasn’t Communist rule in Cuba itself, but that the Soviets were using Castro as a means to spread Communism throughout South and Central America.

    Castro himself used money – which is theoretically supposed to be used to create a utopia for the citizens – to help his favorite causes elsewhere. He sent millions to various factions in Latin America for years and years, while his own people were living in run down shacks and driving cars built before he took power. Castro was a tool, on all levels.

    That’s what it’s all about. The Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t happen because we stopped importing cigars and bananas.


  7. pete says:

    Castro doesn’t like the US so the BBC is naturally inclined to think he must be quite a respectable and well meaning chap.

    This is an example of the ‘analysis’ of which BBC news is so proud.


  8. Anonymous says:

    David Preiser

    The beeboids can enjoy their beautiful ideologies asa much as they like but at their own expense. How did they manage to hoodwink the system so that they are in fact kept in luxury by people who hate them?


  9. Mailman says:

    Indeed you are right Davo…however Cuba hasn’t been in the revolution export business for decades (no money in it now Uncle Ivan is bankrupt).

    As I’ve said before time and time again, had Uncle Sam opened their economic doors when the iron curtain came tumbling down Castro would have been consigned to the history dust bin.

    However as it is, American foreign policy towards Cuba has only lengthened his stay in power.



  10. David Preiser says:


    That’s sheer speculation and fantasy on your part. The reality is that Castro would have taken any and all money made by trading with the US to replace the cash he got from the Soviets, and continued his domestic policies of oppression.

    Unless you’re the type who thinks we should have used trade as a means to sponsor regime change from within. I don’t remember you approving of the US helping out with coups d’etat in other countries, but I could be wrong about that.


  11. Mailman says:

    Or we could just invade and see how that goes (Bay of Pigs anyone).

    On this issue you are rooted in the past. The fact is, once there was no money in revolution, Cuba gave it up (the exporting of, that is).

    Maybe the real tragedy here isnt that Castro stayed in power or Cuba exported revolution 30 years ago. No, the real tragedy is that a small country has been used as a pawn in someone elses game.

    At the end of the day it didnt matter what Castro wanted…all that mattered is what the puppet master wanted.

    In that respect, Cuba is no different from any other a number of South American sh1t holes that were toyed with at the whim of a larger neighbor.



  12. Addy says:

    Castro is a modern phenomenon, the last real survivor of the cold war.

    If you look at some of the chit modern carribean nations are living in nowadays his people haven’t actually done that badly.

    Bastions of capitalist eutopia like Haiiti and Jamaica where you can live in a luxury tin shack in a pond of sewerage lol.

    What Castro has proved beyond any doubt is that it doesn’t really matter whether you live in a commie or a cappytalist society, for a heck of a lot of people, you’ll still be totally fooked.

    The only real difference in your life will be the name of the boss who’s chitting on ya.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Lets be honest here…if America had opened the economic doors to Cuba there would be fat kids and porn shops on every Havana corner.

    (donning his fire proof overalls)

    Yes indeed.

    Instead I hope, of 10 year old Cuban children selling sex, and even thinner 10 year old Cuban children selling sweet bugger all. Because there is bugger all available of anything to sell, and a prison sentence waiting for anyone that tries to do so.

    The CIA trained and set up CASTRO in power. This is a well documented fact, which is not denied by anyone, including The CIA.

    The CIA has never in truth attempted to assassinate any one, and actually failed to do so in the long term. The CIA has therefore, NEVER seriously attempted to assassinate their greatest asset in South America.

    Cuba was set-up for very similar reasons, as the entire Cold War CLEARLY was.

    The plan was to bankrupt first the east, then the west. Then to create a false competition, ( very possibly leading to the last of all WW’s ) between 3-4 seemingly differing, independent, pan-national economic and social interests.

    Therefore a holding operation, which would also enable a needed vast transfer of wealth from national governments and their people to world central banking conglomerates, such as The IMF, was put in motion.

    This became known as The Cold War. Of which Castro and his CIA sponsored, and trained, Marxist Revolution was a major part.

    Surly my explanation makes INFINITELY more sense then the official lies, the media has long since peddled?

    Because the authorized BBC type line on all things Castro, dissolves into utter nonsense within the first few sentences.

    For those that dare to properly look, they alone can also see, that virtually everything they have ever been told is either a lie, or is based on a lie.

    The BBC does not look or care to look, properly or at all.

    The BBC represents the authorized version of history and current events, even more then our educational establishment has always done.

    Unfortunately for people who prefer objective TRUTH, the ‘authorized’ version is almost always essentially or factually incorrect, or based on false information.

    We are where we are today, because some very powerful people, planned it to be this way many years ago.

    They were so clever, that they actually had us believing that power mad incompetent elected politicians, such as the like of Obama, Clinton, Bush, Blair, Brown and Cameron in reality run things.

    When we, I am sure can now plainly see, that the establishment and its BBC still run this world, and have every intention of keeping it that way.

    Even if we all starve to death, during the process, or start eating our own babies. Very much in the style the establishment have long since predicted we would end up doing eventually.

    Atlas shrugged