Nice to see the BBC bigging up the new anti-Capitalist party in France. On the 10 News Mark Mardell has been virtually swooning at the rise of the neo-commies. Have a read of his blog on the subject.

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29 Responses to LE WAR ON CAPITALISM

  1. Martin says:

    Could you imagine a camp beeboids being so warm towards a right wing politician?

    I think not.


  2. Anonymous says:

    what exactly is wrong with anti-capitalism? capitalism plainly isn’t working.

    I don’t see any ‘virtually swooning’ by mark mandell – unless in your view merely reporting anything related to left wing politics is a sin. Oh yes, I foget – it is.

    you guys are a bunch of sad nutters.


  3. David Vance says:

    Then again there are none so blind….


  4. David Preiser says:

    I eagerly await the day a BBC employee uses sexual innuendo to insult one of these anti-Capitalists.


  5. Anonymous says:

    sorry, never posted before so not sure how this works….

    Just noticed one of the key news points on Sky is that two men from Luton have been arrested in connection with the decapitation of another man found in a lake.

    This story is strangely absent from the BBC.

    Given the ethnicity of the victim and the average Lutonite……..well, it leads to some assumptions that may become clearer in the coming days…..still a strange omission on a breaking story by the BBC


  6. Paul says:

    Oh yes anonymous and communism was such a triumph. People all over the world are escaping from capitalist countries to live in the socailist paradises arent they? Capitalism isn’t perfect, no system is, but it the lesser of all the available evils and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take their overgrown student head out of their arse and wake up to the realities of human nature which includes needing incentives to be productive. I have no problem listening to the left wing arguments, ridiculous and discredited though they are, but all I ask from the BBC is a voice of sanity to provide balance.


  7. Homophobic Horse says:

    In Communist Eastern Europe there was always a big problem with people hording goods for the purposes of bartering later – a crude form of capitalism known as speculating. They succeeded in crushing “capitalism” in Communist countries. Though it shouldn’t even be called “Capitalism”, that’s an endorsement of Marxist epistemology. A better name would be simply Freedom.Communists say: Freedom clearly isn’t working.

    Communists say: Man is our enemy.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Martin said…
    Could you imagine a camp beeboids being so warm towards a right wing politician?
    I think not.
    10:43 PM

    I would strongly advise you to desist from the use of the terms left and right wing. They mean very different things to different people, and very often completely the opposite things.

    These terms are for the purposes of establishment controlled disinformation and propaganda corporations, such as The BBC.

    The terms socialism and conservatism are better, but are still extremely misused and misunderstood, even by people who have always described themselves as being one or the other. Consequently even more misunderstood, by people who consider themselves, ‘somewhere in the middle.’

    The seeds of this deliberately created, divisive confusion were planted under our education system and media/BBC at least 70 years ago.

    I consider the term US or THEM, serves our common purposes far better, then it serves the common purposes of Common Purpose.

    US, being the great mass of profane humanity. Trying desperately to make a future for ourselves, while we desperately attempt, and continue to dismally fail, to make sense of it all.

    THEM being the ones in the know, pulling all of the strings from behind the curtains of government and muti-national conglomerate corporatist power.

    For the perfectly horrible BBC hidden truth is that, at the top of the establishments pecking order the capitalists are the COMMUNISTS, and the COMMUNISTS are the capitalists, and all of them are FASCISTS.

    Which gives them one very big thing in common. ( apart from the fact that they collectively and effectively OWN US, whether we understand that they do or not.)

    They have time and time again CLEARLY shown, that they HATE, despise, and above all distrust US, with an unbounded, and single minded passion. As Orwell worked out many decades ago, and stated as much in a variety of manners. After all what did he have left to lose, he was a dieing man?

    Free-market capitalism only operates at the lower levels of society, if at all. At anywhere near the top, free-market competition, is a complete NO NO.

    Two of these self confessed capitalist commies who work as conduits for even richer and more powerful elite entities, are D…d R……..a, and G….e S…s. Both close life time associates of The R……..d family, who are said to own or control as much as 75% of the entire wealth of the globe, ( yes that does include China, Cuba, and the rest ). Whatever it may say on the RICH LIST they themselves own and publish.

    Now, if you personally or indirectly owned all that wealth, and had all that access to power. While, completely owning or controlling the entire worlds main stream media and of course the BBC, which he/they does/do, one way or another. Would you not also want to keep that sort of thing very much a secret, especially in the new internet age. Or at least spread so much disinformation around the place, that not even themselves can make head or tail of it all anymore?

    If you ultimately knew you could not continue to lie yourself out of this obvious embarrassment of hard murdered for wealth. ( knowing that one day people may actually start looking a bit higher then messenger boys like Clinton, Blair, Obama, or Brown for the identification of their real leaders. )

    Would you not also make a serious long term bid to completely control the entire worlds governments, for the benefit of yourself and your clients?

    This using your own families created institutions, contacts, and ideologies, such as The BBC, World Communism, The U.N., E.U., The State of Israel, BofE. I.M.F., B.I.S., W.H.O., W.W.F., various ecological groups, The Fabians, various religious groups, various high masonic lodges, various atheist groups, Bilberburg Group, CFR, Club of Rome, RIIA, various scientific, educational, and other charitable tax free foundations, and many others far too numerous to mention.

    ( Not forgetting a bit of serious help from all of your most powerful clients/bosses, say for example, The Pope in Rome, and other Crown Prices of Europe, Middle-East, and Far-East.)

    If not, then you would be hanging from a piece of piano wire, sooner then these chaps have any intention of doing so, that’s for sure.

    Now it may be possible that all these chaps have suddenly seen the error of their ways, and turned over a totally new leaf. A true Road to Damascus event, only surpassed by the first recorded mythological/actual one.

    The question is DO YOU TRUST THESE PEOPLE with your life, prosperity, and freedom? Because if you still do, then you clearly must have been living on another planet for the last 10 or so more years. Or you still believe every word the BBC dishonestly tells you, even if you don’t agree with any of it.

    I personally do not trust the system or its mouth-piece The BBC, to deliver me more then a premature death, and forever higher taxes, at best. At worse total Cuba stile repression, and a form of genocide which will, one way or another, wipe out around 50% or so of the worlds population, sometime within the next twenty years, and more likely much sooner.

    Atlas shrugged


  9. Anonymous says:

    Richard Bacon on 5 live 12.45 hushes caller who says ” A revolution is coming” ” it is then end for these fat cats” the caller continued.

    Bacon then cut of the caller and said ” If you just caught that there is not going to be a revolution, dont worry no revolution”

    Bacon! If people start shouting revolution over the radio, it means the public are unhappy. It does not mean you should continue the BBC bombastering, telling the public what they should think. BBC You are part of the cause of this revolutionary talk!



  10. Anonymous says:

    I would say that a revolution or something that may look like one for a while, is very likely what the establishment are attempting to instigate and provoke.

    Therefore any such thing would be a very bad idea indeed IMO.

    Peaceful Protest is the thing that puts the fear of god up the establishments arse. Because you can bet your life, a loaded EU assort riffle pointed at yours, will get you running home to mummy soon enough.

    A Gandi stile mass sit down protest all over the City of London would surly get the type of attention not even the BBC could miss report or completely ignore. Although I am sure they would do there absolute best to do both, if at all possible.

    What The BBC loves to bits is plenty of violence, and a perfectly divided public between left and right.

    Don’t give it to them, and they will go into a collective mass panic. With any luck their programming will break down, and they may even became human being themselves one day.

    Atlas shrugged


  11. adam says:

    Atlas, there is really no need to sign your posts. i can tell who it is ūüôā

    Anonymous, The BBC are always apologising for the establishment. Nick Robinson is attacking ukip on his blog in response to Tebbit telling people not to vote mainstream


  12. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 11:30 – see here

    A poor first post. You’ll do well on B-BBC.

    DP – You’ve got to get over the teabagging thing. Miss California’s been reinstated though, vile lies from the BBC notwithstanding (Daily Show was good on this the other day. See it?).

    NB – none of the anonymouses above are me, particularly not Atlas.


  13. Rob says:

    Apparently this Lib Dem MP ‘refuted’ the claims:


    I didn’t see an awful lot of ‘refuting’. Bluster, evasion and whining about the Telegraph, but no proof that the allegations were wrong.


  14. Mike Worst says:

    I personally do not take anything the BBC says at face value, ever, but some of the above tastes like serious conspiracy theorism.


  15. Roland Deschain says:

    Is there a collective noun for anonymouses? A confusion of anonymouses, perhaps?


  16. Grant says:

    David Vance

    David, is there any way you can stop people posting as “anonymous” ? I am generally against censorship, but these people are clogging up this website !!!


  17. Grant says:

    Great minds think alike !!!!


  18. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried unsuccessfully 5 times this morning to leave a comment on the MMGW thread with my registered google blogger name. There seem to be a lot of anonymous people out here but perhaps anonymous works when all else fails.


  19. sutekh says:

    Actually, from reading Mardell’s guff, I’m not too sure whether he’s enthusiastic for the party or got a hard on for this guy Besancenot…

    Or both?


  20. sutekh says:

    Using ‘Anonymous’ is a cunning ploy on the part of Atlas Shrugged.
    Rather than seeing his name at the top and skipping it altogether, we now have to scroll down to see who it it, thus taking in some of his tinfoil musings subliminally.

    Well thought out there, that man…


  21. John Bosworth says:

    In the old days of real journalism fellows like Mardell would be mildly critical of their heroes and very critical of opponents. That was called “fairness”. But now shameless Obama-speak is everywhere: Example from Mardell’s blog:

    “It seems that Olivier Besancenot has enough charisma and charm to be able to stress that policies, not personalities, are what matter. But I think my mum would like him. A good-looking, well-groomed young man, casually smart in jeans and a black shirt, who sounds like he cares.” (Swoon)

    It appears water-carrying is the order of the day. But imagine the same paragraph with the name substituted:

    “Dan Hannon has enough charisma and charm to be able to stress that policies, not personalities, are what matter. But I think my mum would like him. A good-looking, well-groomed young man, casually smart in jeans and a black shirt, who sounds like he cares…”

    I can hear them sniggering in the newsroom…

    By the way: another leftie hero who had “…enough charisma and charm to be able to stress that policies, not personalities, are what matter…” was Tony Benn. Anyone remember? However when we speak of George W Bush its all about a personal attack. I doubt (apart from Gitmo) if any Beeboid could name any Bush policy without googling.


  22. hatethebias says:

    Rob, It’s not just beeboids who use the word “refute” when they really mean “deny”. Refute means “conclusively prove the opposite”. I spend my time metaphorically chucking brickbats at the radio/television when this error is repeatedly trotted out.


  23. Craig says:


    On “refute”, I’m glad I’m not alone in chucking metaphorical brickbats whenever I hear this.

    Over the last year or so, this “refute” error has become a real pandemic with politicians and media types.


  24. David Preiser says:

    Anonymouswineliberal @ 9:34 AM.

    DP – You’ve got to get over the teabagging thing. Miss California’s been reinstated though, vile lies from the BBC notwithstanding (Daily Show was good on this the other day. See it?).

    The Daily Show is irrelevant to a discussion about BBC bias. Nice attempt to distract, though. And I don’t believe you think the BBC lied about Miss California. Your comment that she kept her crown “despite” the BBC gives away your own bias, and shows that you don’t understand why I was actually complaining about the BBC’s biased reporting about her situation.

    I don’t have to “get over” anything. I’m not surprised, of course, that you see no problem with a BBC reporter lying about a large group of people and using sexual innuendo to insult them. This isn’t the first time you’ve shown that you don’t care about serious lapses in integrity from Beeboids.


  25. Ian says:

    sutekh said…

    Using ‘Anonymous’ is a cunning ploy on the part of Atlas Shrugged.

    Yes but it’s a kind of fun or maybe its schadenfreude?

    Like Adam noticed after the first couple of lines its like Rolf Harris used to say -“can you guess who it is yet…?”

    He seems an Ickean nutter and I think really best ignored.

    I think it actually undermines the site to have these posts along side the rest of the usually excellent reports. Maybe thats the point?


  26. Jack Bauer says:

    Those French Marxist nutters really should relax.

    Once France is absorbed into the neo-Caliphate there won’t be any capitalism or “profit” anyway.

    No heads you loose Marxist creeps.


  27. Ratass Shagged says:

    Christ, what happened to this site? Why do I have to play 3 levels of the Krypton Factor just to comment on Atlas Shrugged musings?

    Firstly, there’s the incomprehensible WORD VERIFICATION process game you have to play. Or click the wheelchair symbol to get an ‘Excorcist’ soundtrack version of the same game.

    After the three attempts to get that right, I then have to have a ‘Blogger’ or ‘Google’ account to post! WHY??

    The reason so many people click anonymous is because of the equally stupid options of:


    Hello? Not being a hardcore veteran blogger, those options mean absolutely F*** ALL to mean!

    Does open ID mean I get to add a name?

    Does Name/URL mean it links to some kind of blogger site?
    Or does it use my e-mail address as a name, therby making it accessible for the whole world?

    All this grief just to say hello to Atlas Shrugged. The medication still not working?


  28. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The New Anti-capitalist Party of Olivier Besancenot manages to scrape between 2 and 4% in French Elections. Our ex Revolutionary Communist Party man is here


    He is a “revolutionary” in his own words, which cuts a sort of romantic figure the Beeb idolise like Che Guevara. And he is against Sarkozy – so thats two points from Beeb.

    To anon – if there is food on your dinner table tonight, it is there because of Capitalism, not because someone grew food so that you wouldn’t be hungry. If you think Capitalism is broken, then you have still to learn what it is.


  29. Roland Deschain says:

    Ratass, at least you worked out how to comment under your own name.

    Which is more than poor Atlas has managed.

    Still, most of us work out it’s him LONG before the bottom of the post.