24 Responses to IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD…

  1. Martin says:

    Like I said elsewhere. Jeremy Clarkson managed to drive 4 tonnes of Toyota to the North Pole, so why did tihs bunch of losers have a problem when he didn’t?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone’s going to have to explain the bias in this report to me, I’m afraid.
    It looked like pretty straight reporting …


  3. Anonymous says:

    This consistent BBC global warming alarmism, is no better then common state sponsored terrorism.

    I contend that the BBC is indeed a terrorist organization.

    However that aside, this does give us an almighty clue as to who controls the BBC.

    All you have to do is look for and identify all those that support,have vested interests in, finance with interest, or sponsor this self evidently unscientific, piss taking, poverty creating, AGW nonsense. Then look for and identify the people who lend or give these people money.

    Then you know who is really pulling the strings at the BBC.


  4. deegee says:

    Anonymous 12:37 AM
    Someone’s going to have to explain the bias in this report to me, I’m afraid.MMGW is not accepted scientific thinking but highly disputed. This article and almost everything the BBC broadcasts assumes and missionises the belief and its four components
    1- The world is warming [Apparently it is cooling]
    2- This is unnatural [There have been major climate changes in recorded human history and prehistoric times]
    3- Man is responsible through technology [The counter argument is the sun is the major contributor]
    4- Carbon Dioxide is the culprit [Much disputed as further studies indicated lower C02 levels in colder periods]

    There are some other implied assumptions.
    1- Global Warming (if it occurs) will be catastrophic. [In Roman times grapes were grown on the England-Scotland border]
    2- The World should devote immense sums to countering climate change in preference to all other spending [Of doubtful effectiveness and ignoring the contribution of Russia, China and India who refuse to spend those sums]

    To use an analogy. I have a theory that an alliance of Leprechauns and Witches brought down the Twin Towers on New York Sept 11. The BBC would discuss the theory, even express mild skepticism, all from the perspective some conspiracy must have caused the disaster without ever relating to the conventional wisdom that a two planes were deliberately flown into the towers.


  5. Peter says:

    Me, I’ll just wait (and from some quarters a wee while, I suspect) for the objective science.

    Mr. Black’s blog seems to be struggling in this regard at the moment as he and his fellow climate fighters from around the globe fly to New York to commune. For all the genuine outreach to and impact on the general public, Global Warming is looking more and more like an exclusive travel agency for ‘environmental reporters’ with near zero science expereince.

    Meanwhile I am not sure the message is quite helped by such as ‘…two planes landed safely on the floating Arctic ice to collect Pen Hadow, Ann Daniels and Martin Hartley.’I know it’s ‘not like that’, but it does rather read a bit like when Ginger Spice stood up at that climate concert and claimed it was ‘for my daughter’ before the sisters all took their own Lears on the world tour in case they had a spat en route.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Nor do any of the stories about Caitlin allow any comments to be posted.

    Nor do they mention that Caitlin used a route that only went over first and second year ice because it is easier.

    Nor do the BBC even report the Polar 5 survey which has strangely reported ice twice as thick , up to four metres , and which has surprised them !!


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    The Chicken Licken piece on last night’s Ten O’Clock News made a big thing about how in some places the ice was too thin to walk on, showing the intrepid explorers swimming through some slushy ice.

    It looked to me like a crack in the ice opened up by the ocean currents below which had started to refreeze. This is something which has always been known to happen and nothing to do with so-called global warming. I refuse to believe the reporter didn’t know this.


  8. cassandra says:

    The Catlin expedition is a fraud, the whole basis of the trip was fraudulent, no real science was completed and it was an expensive propaganda stunt payed for by companies with a vested interest in creating false alarm.
    The mission statement actually stated the results of the expedtion BEFORE they set out and low and behold their prejudice was confirmed(quelle surprise)!
    Their equipment failed and they lied about the technology they claimed would monitor their biosigns and they actually left hundreds of gallons of toxic fuel on the ice which will in time pollute the seas they claim to love.
    An airborne expedition(DC3) using an advanced towed aray sensor package completed a highly successful survey of a huge area of the ice pack never before surveyed and the ice was found to be much thicker than was thought to be the case, the area covered far exceeded the Catlin area of survey BUT guess what? Ooooh yes the BBC didnt want to report on this, they had nothing to say about it because it didnt align with their prejudiced narrative on AGW.
    The Catlin route was selected to take them through the thinnest part of the pack ice and I can imagine the temptation to use their manual drilling(very heavy work)only on ice they knew to to be thin, drilling through six feet of ice with a hand drill takes hours to complete and only two or three can be drilled in a day.
    The effort requires a massive intake of calories and that is just what the Catlin crew didnt have!
    They were on emergency rations for much of the time due to terrible weather and any Arctic survival expert will tell you, you cannot undertake hard physical work while in minus 30ish weather plus windchil on a normal calorie intaake let alone a starvation diet.
    The BBC is fully aware of the inconsistant justifications and adverse and uncomfortable facts that have dogged this mission yet the BBC WILLINGLY peddle the lies and propaganda when its their job to find out the FACTS alone.

    The toady show has given us its daily pack of AGW lies, this tie a prat called Costello from London university treated us to the longest list of complete lies and falsehoods I have yet heard!
    All of his gloomy predictions were peddled as fact when in fact they are all based on rising world temperatures when in fact world temperatures are falling and have been for years, all of his predictions of disaster were in fact false and yet he wasnt challenged once, it was pure dishonest fear mongering based on flawed predictions based on flawed computer models and he was nver asked any difficult questions by the nodding fool of an interviewer.
    People still claim that the BBC is unbiased? There are none so blind as those who will not see!
    The BBC liars peddle the AGW lies and believe them so blindly that even normal people can now see their true agenda.


  9. Bert Rodinsky says:

    There was some gonk called Costello on the today program this morning bleating on about the end of the world. His justification for the truth of his facts was that they came from America.

    This was followed by a peice in which Humphries spoke to a german and an italian about how british MPs were viewed in their contries. This was going fine, rght on message untill the pesky german said speaker martin should be fired and the prime mentalist looked like a ditherer over expenses. I get the feeling this must have been live. Priceless


  10. cassandra says:

    I feel I must tack on a note to my previous post to any passing beeboid drone that passes, I dont know why because they will not listen but ill do it anyway.

    The ends NEVER justify the means, if the means are grubby and dishonest then the ends will be too.
    Such justifications have given us the USSR and nazi Germany among others, lying to the public about a fake and false man made doom to get the public to accept sweeping social changes will not bring about the socialist heaven you dream of, it will in fact lead to disaster on an epic scale, when the public find out they been lied to in order to sell them a new social model they will rebel and rightly so!

    If the cause is honest then the means will be true and honest, the ends will then be true and honest, lying and cheating to deceive honest and trusting people to change their ways is evil and evil should never triumph, by supporting a political cause based on falsehoods you demean the very thing you profess to believe in and by doing so you condemn our children to a dark future.


  11. mike worst says:

    The Catlin debacle was just pure PR and nothing else. There is no way that any meaningful scientific result could have come from this and it was in effect an utter failure. Visit http://wattsupwiththat.com/ to get some more insite on this and have a look at previous entries including that of the looped biometric readings falsely posted on the Catlin website as “live data”


  12. MartinW says:

    The 10 pm TV News report (BBC1) by David Shukman was one of the most shocking displays of ignorance and bias by omission I have ever heard/watched on the subject of ice and ‘global warming’. It was so full of half-truths and lies that it is difficult to know what to start with first. However, many of the points have been already discussed above.
    The BBC News photos of the submarine surfacing “last year” in open water or thin ice at the north pole was doubtless to persuade the uninformed viewer that this is an unprecedented event. However, this has happened for 50 years ! In April 2009, a report in Watts_Up_With_That included many photos of submarines surfacing at the pole, the first of which was in 1959. Several photos show open water.
    As for the Cambridge scientist, I don’t doubt he has data showing thinning in places, and that he said the Arctic COULD become ice-free. However, the BBC allowed him few words, and I also don’t doubt that he added many caveats (such as it would only happen if temperatures rose alarmingly – which we know is not happening). The BBC never broadcasts the caveats.
    Who is there to take the BBC to task? The BBC Trust is toothless, and the Press, with notable exceptions, is unthinking.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Bert 9:29
    Did they mention that German politicians are even more corrupt than British ones ?


  14. Jack Hughes says:

    The catlin crew got ridiculed most weeks on Watts Up With That . com.

    And here’s a different take from the titillating telegraph:

    Lacy underwear secret tool of polar expedition


  15. Anonymous says:

    i can only repeat comments made above. Shukman’s report was jaw dropping.

    Either he has not read Watts up with That and their dilligent debunking of the numerous untruths and bias of the Catlin Fraud Team or he is being deliberately ignorant.

    Shocking stuff.

    As for the scientist rummaging around in old duty boxes, it may make good tv, but as many people now know there are ice buoys and more importantly the AMSER-E satellite which definitively shows no change in artic ice over many years.

    thank god for the internet but what is worrying is the number of people who will have belived shukman’s nonsense.


  16. Jack Hughes says:

    The catlin expedition was truly Post-Modernism in action.

    They had their conclusions planned before they even set off. The whole effort was designed to look like a terrible personal struggle – and of course the personal suffering means that whatever they say is correct.

    Never mind that Jeremy Clarkson could have done the whole trip in a weekend and used motorised drills and possibly some winterised equipment so it carried on working in the … winter. Or a nuclear sub could have done a similar exercise – in fact they do but they don’t publish their findings.


  17. Jack Hughes says:

    Spot the language used in the BBC’s breathless account:

    new forecast [not real data]
    could vanish [not vanished]
    seems to suggest [is this science ?]
    brought forward his estimate [guess ?]
    he believes [ahh he believes…]
    about a decade [ummm]
    I can imagine [jackanory ?]
    almost a breakdown [not a breakdown]
    may form [or may not form]
    likely to retreat [ormaybe not]

    Is this from the BBCs science correspondent ?


  18. Anonymous says:

    But they very cleverly avoid saying what is causing the warming!
    They don’t actually inject any junk science into the article.


  19. Anonymous says:

    They are missing a golden opportunity to blame Israel, or at the very least America, for all the global warming. But I expect they’ll do it soon enough.


  20. Anonymous says:

    GBA (not Anonymous)

    Why would the BBC choose Pen Hadow’s tourist trip observations over those of the Pan-Arctic Measurements and Arctic Climate Model Inter Comparison Project?:


    Could it be because on this subject as on so many others they have a pre-determined social(ist) agenda. Accurate and unbiased reporting seems to serve no purpose for a ‘Nuspeak’ BBC that prefers its own ‘truth’. I am astonished and shocked at the depths the BBC has sunk to.


  21. Jack Bauer says:

    I imagine this would be the BBC Headline…



  22. David Preiser says:

    The Warmist religion is editorial policy across the spectrum of BBC broadcasting, even in BBC World Propaganda America.

    Scientists’ alarm over Arctic ice

    Alarmed? Yeah, I’m sure they’re shocked to learn that it’s twice as thick as they expected. No? That’s not what the BBC is reporting?

    Leave it to the BBC to find the thin ice (no metaphor intended). I’m no scientist, or even an English major, but I’m pretty sure the ice is going to be really thin at the edge where it meets the ocean.

    No mention by the BBC that the Caitlin people have a vested interest in keeping the Warmist religion going.


  23. Anonymous says:

    cassandra said…

    Great stuff. I do hope all contributors have read your last comments.

    It is a shame the establishments puppets that are supposed to represent our interests, clearly do not share your opinions.

    But then people like Gordon Brown for example are not normal people. GB for example is an indoctrinated and committed Marxist Communist. When did Marxism have anything to do with being honest? Even Marx never claimed that his idea state of affairs could or would be achieved by being honest with the public. Quite the opposite in fact.

    Radical political change in a democracy is by definition a minority ideal. Therefore radical change and democracy are incompatible with each other. Conservative change on the other hand comes more from the people, and therefore is slow enough for the profane masses to naturally adjust to their changing circumstance.

    Created economic booms and busts are not conservative acts, although they may be Conservative ones. They are Communist/establishment inspired revolutionary acts. Designed to transfer vast amounts of personal wealth and therefore power, into the owners of the MARXIST International Banking System. Marx simply loved the whole idea of a World Central Bank. Mainly because he worked for the people who set it up, and currently own it.

    If anyone out there thinks that the above is utter rubbish. Then please think again, a bit harder. Then if you still think it is rubbish. Then please think again, very much harder.

    Eventually, far from believing it to be utter rubbish, you will start to realize that it is the ONLY rational explanation for our current situation. Especially as it was supposed to have been the old USSR that fell 20 years ago.

    Where is the end of the Cold War peace dividend?

    Why do we even need an army? No one is planning on invading us. With out our very own international banking system lending despots like Hitler and Stalin billions, no one would be able to afford too either.

    But there again it was the same international banking system that lent us the money to fight Hitler and apparently resist Stalin with.

    What a perfectly great business being a capitalist, a Communist and a murderously greedy capitalist psychopath at the same time really is.

    Just a shame that millions had to die otherwise premature and horrendously nasty deaths. Just so we could eventually all end up living within a world Communist type Nazi dictatorship, just like Hitler and Stalin had in mind all along.

    Quite funny really, if it were not so very sad.

    Atlas shrugged