Mmm, maybe I should rephrase that! Did you catch this item on BBC Today this morning concerning the fate of alleged British drug smuggler Samantha Orobator? At NO point was the possibility even discussed that she might have actually committed the crime of which she is accused by the Laos authorities. The BBC has been bigging up this story, with sympathetic interviews with her family. As has been remarked, funny how they are always innocent when caught. We had the usual human rights lawyer invited on to tell just how awful it all is. Not as awful as the consequences of letting drug dealers and their mules getting away with the dreadful crimes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i hope thay shoot the bitch
    why spend tax payers money on her she not from uk and if she was still shoot her
    the uk can take a lesson on how to deal with smack traficers


  2. David Preiser says:

    Scott Matthewman @ 5:29

    Maybe they know their McNae’s? Media law still applies, even if the criminal charge originates outside the UK.Nonsense. She’s Nigerian, she was arrested for drug smuggling, the BBC has done previous reports on the problem of Nigerian drugs smugglers. They can put a link to it, and speak openly about the phenomenon without saying anything that would violate media law. To deny that would be like saying the BBC can’t ever have articles about Islamist terrorism or terrorist plots in the UK every time one of them goes on trial.


  3. TPO says:

    “Maybe they know their McNae’s? Media law still applies, even if the criminal charge originates outside the UK”

    I’ve always been amused by theatre luvvies who rush to quote law.
    McNae is a publication not law. There is a difference.
    Now as to the application of “McNae’s essential law for hacks”, the application of this is something that the BBC is very selective about.

    DP’s point is upheld.
    I’ve never held the opinion that UK adversorial courts are superior to the inquisitorial system.
    Always open to grandstanding shysters.


  4. Dick the Prick says:

    Not very good but an anagram of her name is: OH NO AR MASTABATOR. Hmm.


  5. not A Tangled Web lol says:

    Those who steal the name of my website and try to pass themselves off as me require professional care, banning them is a mission of care.This is just fun. I had a look over there and don’t see how some guy is trying to be you.?? Same web site name = big deal.

    What are you doing over on your tangled web? Have you seen the Prescott thread.


    Are you all looney over there?


  6. The Beebinator says:

    i dont think executing this woman by firing squad is the correct course of action to take in this matter.

    her organs are greatly needed by the nhs and bullets would make them
    useless. i think hanging is the way to go with this woman


  7. Scott Matthewman says:

    “I’ve always been amused by theatre luvvies who rush to quote law.”

    If by “theatre luvvie” you mean me (fair enough – after all, I use “ignorant lying idiot” to describe David Vance, and that’s just as accurate), I wasn’t quoting law – I was suggesting that media law may apply, and using the name of the most well-known reference as a shorthand to that effect. As I suspect most people recognised.


  8. Dagobert says:

    Just what right have the liberal elite to tell the Laotians what their laws and punishments should be, it is gross cultural imperialism. This woman chose of her own free will to go to Laos with drugs. The advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about this matter is:- Do not get involved with illegal drugs. Possession, trafficking and manufacture of such drugs are serious offences in Laos. Those caught face lengthy prison sentences or the death penalty.

    She has absolutely no excuses. Her pregnancy is quite irrelevant, since our liberal elite are quite happy to levy taxes to fund abortions, they can’t have any genuine concern about her unborn foetus.


  9. TPO says:

    "As I suspect most people recognised."

    And the phraseology you used:
    "Maybe they know their McNae's? Media law still applies"

    As for theatre luvvies, in that I encompass every guitar strummer and every thesbian who pops up, from the idiotic Richard Wilson standing in Parliament Square with selloptape over his mouth (the only sensible thing he ever did) to Boneo & Geldorf with pretensions well beyond their IQs, their knowledge or their experience.
    People who have actually walked the walk hold such entertainers and their hangers on with contempt.

    One shining example to the contrary was Richard Todd (Guy Gibson in the Dam Busters). In WWII he was attached to 2 Battalion of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and one of 181 men who were the first to land in Normandy on D-Day, capturing Pegasus Bridge. Apart from people like Todd, the rest are as you describe "ignorant idiots" (I left out the lying which seemed to be gratuitous ad hominen on your part).

    I take it from your past posts that you are under the delusion that the BBC is not biased. Well if the 'ignorant idiots' cap fits then best you wear it.


  10. Anonymous says:

    vance is a unionist bigot


  11. Dark Lochnagar says:

    She shouldn’t have done the crime….etc. As soimeone said previously, they’re always innocent when they get caught. My Arse!


  12. Anonymous says:

    RPO, what are you on about? This government HAS passed draconian laws against freedom of speech. Wilson is entirely correct.


  13. TPO says:

    Anonymous 7:40 am
    What are YOU on about?
    Wilson is a card carrying member of the BBC sofa slouching, rent-a-mob, instapundit, leftie luvvie mob, guaranteed to spout fairyland bollocks.

    Oh, and your ‘wit’ RPO instead of TPO fell flat.


  14. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    How much did Orobator expect to be paid for shifting one and a half pounds of heroin? Or was this a community service she was carrying out for her charity “Help the Drug-addled”? She’s not a child – she’s an adult and did this for gain, no?

    She is referred to as “Briton” when she is another of those Binyam Mohammed “British residents” – maypole-dancing Arabs and Africans. Being sent here from Nigeria doesn’t make her “British”
    Presumably she was following the well trodden path of thousands of Africans sent here to stay with a relative for a better life and free education. (Damilola Taylor ring any bells? Victoria Climbie?)Since when did Africa a join the EU?

    Oh and her mother is studying in Dublin. What – Theology? Now we are supposed to give a stuff about a useless Nigerian drug mule. Why FFS?


  15. Anonymous says:

    you lot r so stupid she is nigerian.. and has citizenship in briton.. therefore she is technically a nigerian and british citizen if she wasn’t a citizen they the british goverment wouldn’t be able to get involved..

    and why is everyone over looking the fact she was raped in there noone’s tlking about shooting her rapist..

    i bet u any money wen the baby comes it will be half asia half black…

    for the fact that they didn’t even inform the british goverment shows that they know what there doing ot her is wrong