The BBC just loves Sir Al Aynsley-Green, the children’s commissioner for England. Al was on Today this morning calling for an end to the arrest and detention of the children of failed ie illegal asylum seekers. When these illegals enter our country, Al would prefer a more “community based” solution be found ie. no effective action is taken. Once more – this item report is dripping in pro-illegal immigrant sentiment. The one solution Al seems oblivious of is that illegals should stay out of our country. Too radical, I guess.

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  1. moorlandhunter says:

    The simple solution is that failed or bogus asylum seekers or illegal immigrants are deported on the day of their arrest. No need for detention centres then, well, only for a few hours until their flights or train ride home.


  2. novparl says:

    That’ll be the day. – One of the best articles last year was when the Daily Mail sent a reporter to have a look at Sir Al’s fortified home in …Hackney? Brixton? Nope, 99% white Salisbury. Not exactly multi-kulturell.

    His usual solution wd me more yoof clubs.


  3. Gerald Brown says:

    Lovely sympathetic item on the Toady programme not long after 7 a.m.

    How terrible it is being woken early by mob handed officers of the state and carted off to Yarlswood.

    As you would expect no “comment” by the BBC. Early morning – all likely to be there. Less likely to run off in your nightclothes and/or be belligerent. Mob handed – immigration officers plus police to counter resistence, doubtlessly based on experience. By the time this arrives those about to leave will have long exhausted legal avenues to stay but obviously have not gone down the voluntary route when the children would not need to be taken to Yarlswood. No stopping en route – doubtlessly due to attempts to abscond.

    Good of Sir Al to draw attention to his quango. Another one on the list for very close scrutiny of value for money in the forthcoming times of stringency.


  4. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The illegals are obviously not as smart as our African friends. They merely send their children here “to stay with a relative” – an “aunt” or such like. Free education, free healthcare. Clinical friend had a mother turn up with “her” diabetic child – but seemed very vague on any of her details, or even date of birth.

    The older ones register as a “student” – we have lots of “Theological Colleges” here in South London. As a student, you are entitled to NHS health care – in this case – treatment for AIDS – £30-50k a year on antiviral drugs.

    We now have lots of pregnant women from around the world turning up eight and a half months pregnant to ensure their child has a British passport. And free delivery.

    If you come from a shithole, don’t think a few stupid rules are going to stop you? Our borders leak like a sieve. Why bother bolting the front door while the back door is wide open?

    Sir Al is famous for his bleeding heart, but like Billy Bragg, lives in a nice place far from the consequences of their liberal handwringing.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    What, exactly, is a “community-based approach” to deportation? Sarah Montague wasn’t particularly interested, that’s for sure. As long as they don’t make any more children (or Beeboids) feel bad, it’s not important to her that he had no alternative plan whatsoever. All she did was patiently nod at his answers, then ask the obligatory devil’s advocate questions. The last one was obviously a straw man as well.

    Why isn’t the BBC interrogating the illegal parents who put the poor child in a position to be locked up in the first place? Rhetorical question, I know.


  6. Betty Swollocks says:


    You are spot on my son.


  7. Jeff says:

    I agree 100% with AndrewSouthLondon. It’s just so very easy being liberal when you live in areas far removed from the dire consequences of an open door immigration policy. That’s why I can’t take seriously the opinions of some of the main cheer leaders for multi culturalism.
    If it was so wonderful then Billy Bragg would live in Peckham and not Dorset and Rosie Boycott would leave her lovely farm in Somerset for a council flat in Tower Hamlets.


  8. Jon says:

    Jeff | 27.04.09 – 8:08 pm |

    Quite right and as soon as thier part of this green and pleasant land starts to resemble Saudi Arabia – they will move on – maybe to the Outer Hebbrides.


  9. piggy kosher says:

    They can run but they cant hide.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mark Easton continues the BBC Narrative on his blog:

    Children in detention at Yarl’s Wood

    Look, full sympathy for children that have to go through this crap. It’s not pleasant for them at all, probably scary, certainly a bad experience all around.

    But the government policy is not responsible for putting children in this situation in the first place. Again, I ask: Where is the BBC investigation into the illegal parents who willingly put their children in a position to get locked up?

    They aren’t “failed asylum-seekers” because of draconian UK immigration policies, that’s for damn sure. But the BBC isn’t interested in facts, only emotional sensationalism. And they’ll badger politicians to change laws to make themselves feel better.


  11. JohnA says:

    For the first time for years I switched acrodd to LBC (London chat channel) this morning. The item being discussed was the Pakistani girl who had appeared on The Apprentice, had invited a cousin to visit the UK on a 6-month visa – had to appeal against initial refusal – the kid has disappeared, she reported this to the home Office PLUS police and MI5. Apparently he had been totally uncommunicative since his arrival in March.

    LBC presenter seemed to think this suggested a more widespread evasion of visa restictions – turning often into illegal immigration – by the Pakistani community. Why don’t they pwn up to this, he asked ?


    As a separate item, he mentioned an internet online game that lets you choose whether you will be gabesh, Buffha, Jesus, Mohammed etc and then fight the others. Paintball beat’em-up sort of Internet nonsense. His question – guess which religious group was totally unwilling to take a joke ?

    It all made a refreshing change for PC rubbish on the BBC.


  12. katherine says:

    i hope an incoming tory government will be brave enough to get rid of these ridiculous Childrens Commissoners but i somehow fear they wont


  13. novparl says:

    “gabesh”? Mean you Ganesh, the elephant-headed one of Hinduism?


  14. JohnA says:

    Yes, Ganesh – sorry, was typing fast.