The  death of Jack Jones, the Trades Union baron from the 1970’s who helped bring Britain to it’s knees, has produced grand eulogies on the BBC this morning, with the game being how often the word “socialism” could be repeated in one sentence. Determined not to let the moment pass, BBC stalwart St Tony Benn was invited on to talk about his good fried Jack and instantly turned it into an attack on Margaret Thatcher, without a hint of BBC disapproval. The Free Market was also castigated by Benn as the cause of the recession, without any contrary opinion. One can only assume Jack Jones would have been proud. As a post-script, Thought for the Day followed. This time, the Rev Jones launched an onslaught on our “consumer” society. All in all, a wonderful little 10 minutes for socialism – brought to you by our State Broadcaster.

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