I see that the BBC is flagging up that next week’s UN Hate Israel aka “Racism” forum will suffer a boycott. Thankfully, Australia and the Netherlands has joined the US, Israel, Italy and Canada in boycotting the talks. TItaliche gutless Brown administration IS sending a delegation, but at least no senior official will be present. The hard left, including the BBC of course, approves of these UN assaults on the West in general and Israel in particular and so when the BBC finishes this item by stating disapprovingly that “Human rights groups and UN diplomats are dismayed that what should an important event has descended into politics” can we be surprised? It may come as a surprise to the BBC correspondent but the UN is an entirely political organisation and the only importance of this event next week is to laud vermin like Ahmadinejad and bash Israel.

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  1. adam says:

    yes indeed, entirely political.
    that is why the ipcc is not trusted.

    Not that science has ever really worked that way.


  2. piggy kosher says:

    Obama is sounding quite robust outlining the U.S boycott, as reported in Haaritz.


  3. George R says:

    The BBC is also complicit in not opposing the anti-freedom of speech activities of the Islamic bloc at the UN:

    ‘National Review’:

    ” 2009: A Year to defend free speech, of lose it ” (by Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer)


    “The Islamic bloc has been on record for two decades as opposing free speech. In 1990, foreign ministers of the 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), currently the largest voting bloc in the United Nations, adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. It states clearly that Islamic law—sharia—is the only true source of human rights. Few analysts in 1990 understood that this was tantamount to declaring the legitimacy of institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims, and signing the death warrant of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience as well. And not just in Muslim lands: The OIC and allied organizations have been aggressively pursuing efforts to extend elements of sharia into the West, though few people realize it even today.

    “Due to the relentless efforts of the OIC, passage of a resolution on combating defamation of religions is now a yearly ritual in the United Nations. First introduced in the General Assembly in 2005, the resolution has been adopted with landslide votes every year since. While this resolution is non-binding, the OIC has declared its intention to seek a binding resolution—one that would require UN member states to criminalize criticism of Islam, as the OIC defines such criticism. This is a clear indication of the progressing Islamization of the United Nations.”


  4. TPO says:

    Thank goodness my new home is boycotting this foolish conference.


  5. piggy kosher says:

    Its a pity a counter conference, addressing the real issues, including Islamic rasism, and the many other injustices that exist in the world, both East and West.
    And yes, criticism of Israel should also be aired, but not in a racist manner.Maybe an idea for next year?


  6. disillusioned_german says:

    The whole idea behind this “conference” is to curb freedom of speech. Let’s be clear about that. The muzzies have taken over the U.N. and that’s another reason why the U.N. needs to be abolished. I can’t believe any Western nation would send anyone to that “conference”.

    Let me take a stance here: I hate islam. We don’t want islam to take over. Al Beeb is pro-islam so it is the enemy.


  7. deegee says:

    I’m curious about how many BBC staff are attending the conference?


  8. Robert says:

    I note that the latest BBC website story mentions that “Germany and the USA” (Boo!) are boycotting the ‘conference’… if you go to the small print, you also find that just about the most admirable and civilised group of nations on earth have also boycotted this disgusting failed-state hate-fest: New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Italy and Israel. As David says, “gutless” Brown has, of course, sent a delegation.
    When is someone in the MSM going to raise the lid on this sickening example of Orwellian newspeak?


  9. TedN says:

    I was listening to the World Service in the states tonight and really noticed that. About every 15 min they mentioned that the US & Israel (aka “The Usual Suspects”) were boycotting.

    Finally they had a go at it where they listed several EU countries as signed on to the boycott..


  10. George R says:

    ‘Spectator’ blog:

    Melanie Phillips –

    “Short shrift for Israel’s human rights in Londonistan”


  11. tax-payer-to-the-queen says:

    Listened till 7.30 this morning. Seems radio 4 is also boycotting the Geneva hate fest. Not even mentioned, although they did cover the boycott on the “World” Service and on the 6am news.


  12. deegee says:

    The UK decision to attend in Geneva should surprise no one. For the first time I read the Foreign and Commonwealth Office pages on the current situation in Gaza and the Middle East Peace Process and the very least you can say is that the BBC and the FCO are in step.

    One interesting feature is that the FCO site is translated into two additional languages. Guess what they are. (Answer in following post)

    The M.E.P.P. site is illustrated by children holding candles, supposedly to illustrate power cut-offs in Gaza and shown to have been staged Buying, selling and lighting candles for Gaza is considered a sign of solidarity.

    What we are doing

    * we’re working alongside the wider international community to continue to advocate a just, lasting and comprehensive peace allowing both states to be secure and respected within international borders
    * we are offering political support to both the Palestinians and Israel
    * we are working for an end to Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank: The UK government’s position on settlement activity is clear – it’s illegal and completely undermines the peace process
    * on the Palestinian side, we support the unification of Palestinian factions and the promotion of non-violence
    * we have called on the Israeli government to end the closure of crossing points into Gaza and to allow humanitarian supplies to enter, as required by international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    The purpose of this blog is to analyse the BBC and not British foreign policy. So I will refrain. I do ask this question: with these aims how could Britain or the BBC have stayed away.


  13. deegee says:

    The FCO site is translated into two additional languages: Urdu (Pakistani) and Arabic.


  14. Cockney says:

    The Beeb article consists almost entirely of pushing the criticisms of the anti-Israel and anti-free speech bits of the conference. Where’s the bias?


  15. ‘Racism’: would that include suppression of Kurds, Tibetans, Berbers, Copts etc?


  16. ady says:

    It would definitely help if Israel didn’t keep stealing bits of Palestine and declaring them as Israeli territory.

    But the UN borders are repeatedly ignored, up to 80% of the barrier…which is quite a good idea, is in Palestinian territory…which is quite a bad idea.

    And so the ugga buggas and ooga woogas squabble their way into history.


  17. mailman says:

    Which lands are you talking about ady, and who do you feel they should be handed back to?

    The problem, for arguements like yours, is that we have seen what Israel gets back in return for dismantling settlements havent we.



  18. La Cumparsita says:

    Anne Bayefsky is a human rights lawyer who has served as an academic member of the Canadian Delegations to several international meetings, including the U.N. Human Rights Commission (1993-1996), the U.N. General Assembly (1984 and 1989), and the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights (1993).
    She has said that those democracies choosing to attend the current Geneva conference “are ultimately responsible for what can only be called an appalling disservice to real victims of racism, xenophobia and related intolerance around the world.”

    Full statement at:


  19. deegee says:

    It would definitely help if Israel didn’t keep stealing bits of Palestine and declaring them as Israeli territory.ady | 20.04.09 – 9:37 am

    Israel declared Jerusalem, “complete and united”, to be the capital of Israel in 1980 although it is usually argued that Israel declared sovereignty in 1967 and annexed the Golan Heights (from Syria) in 1981. For the last almost 30 years, no declarations of anything as Israeli territory.

    In 2006 Israel withdrew from the entire Gaza Strip and forcefully evicted Israeli citizens legally living there. The entire Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt between 1979 and 1982 and the Israeli citizens legally living there were forced out. Adv you don’t have a case.

    But the UN borders are repeatedly ignored, up to 80% of the barrier…which is quite a good idea, is in Palestinian territory…which is quite a bad idea.
    There are no UN borders only ceasefire lines from 1948 and 1967. Neither the UN, the Palestinians nor any Arab state has ever accepted them as permanent borders.

    If you accept anything that was annexed by Jordan in 1948 as Palestinian territory (a very debatable point as the Palestinians claim the entire state of Israel and by some accounts the entire state of Jordan as Palestinian territory) and ignore agreements made about Area C in the Oslo II agreement (full Israeli control, except over Palestinian civilians) as preventing any building of any kind whatsoever then you still would be hard pressed to explain how up to 80% is in Palestinian territory. B’tselem – who I would consider a dubious anti Israel source claims 11.9% of the West Bank (which I assume you mean by Palestinian territory) is enclosed by the fence. That is half of your figure.

    And so the ugga buggas and ooga woogas squabble their way into history.
    WTF are you talking about?


  20. Ethan says:

    Just seen on al jabeeba main news page that those evil ‘joos’ are inflicting a water shortage on the saintly martyrs, the residents of Gaza. Seems the IDF is reluctant to allow passage of pipes. Now given that Gaza Water, Power, Bombs and Rockets Plc has been using them to make Quassam rockets I don’t find that too surprising.
    Odd then that al jabeeba didn’t suggest that Gaza Water and Rockets could just pop over to Sderot and ask for their pipes back.
    In fact I understand that Hamas randomly dig up pipes from water and sewers for the rocket pipes. Then when sewage is running everywhere they whine to the ‘meeja’ and blame those pesky joo’s. None of this on al jabeeba mind.

    Al Jabeeba – half the story all the time. Then with a Palli tinted slant.


  21. Dr Michael Ross says:

    Give me Al Jabeeba over the lying, cheating, stealing, nepotistic, London-centric, bigoted BBC any day. At least I don’t have to fund it, or have it dominate and undermine the intellectual and cultural life of my country.


  22. mailman says:


    Not forgetting that Israel was within its borders in 48, 67, 73 and every other year arabs felt they had to attack the country.

    Given this start little bit of history, what makes people think arabs will suddenly stop trying to kill every last jew if Israel did pull back to its earlier borders?



  23. Ricky Martin says:

    The Iranian Fuerher Adolf Ahmadjinedad – who systematically persecutes Jews, Israelis, Christians, gays, women, the B’Hai people, Kurds…has just addressed the specious, venal, corrupt and Jew hating “United Nations” conference on how best to commit genocide on the Jews.

    The conference hosts – made up of gangster regimes worldwide – introduce the Fuerher as His Excellency and proceed to warm to his theme.I’m surprised the Fuerher didn’t wear his blackshirt and full SS regalia.

    How does CNN announce the story:

    U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, other nations boycotting conference (at 2pm UK time today)

    How does the Iranian Nazi sympathisers and fellow travellers at the BBC announce the story:

    Israel protests over anti-racist conference (at 2pm UK time today)- imply that Israel supports racism.

    Isn’t it time to jettison this farcical money laundering scam and set up a Union of Democratic States?


  24. Dr Michael Ross says:


    You’re right – the Beeboid headline says it all. Vile, disgusting organisation.


  25. Martin says:

    Classic beeboid crap.

    “…The walkout is a public relations disaster for the United Nations, which had hoped the conference would be a shining example of what the UN is supposed to do best – uniting to combat injustice in the world, says the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva…”

    Shining example? Of what? Corruption, in action, Muslim arse licking, anti Jewish propaganda?

    Can anyone give me an example of anything ‘shining’ the UN has achieved?


  26. JohnW says:

    The good folks over on UN Watch are reporting on a victim of Libyan human rights abuses confronting the Libyan chair at Durban II. See the video here (in French):


  27. will2001 says:

    Also from BBC’s Imogen Foulkes

    When it became clear what direction the speech was going, they [the ambassadors] walked out to huge cheers from a large number of pro-Israeli groups in the audience who had already tried to disrupt the proceedings.

    might they have been anti-racist or anti-tyranny groups?


  28. deegee says:

    Walkout at Iran leader’s speech

    It wasn’t quite missing although you had to read through 12 paragraphs to find:
    British ambassador Peter Gooderham, also among those who left, said Mr Ahmadinejad’s comments were “offensive and inflammatory”.
    “Such outrageous anti-Semitic remarks should have no place in a UN anti-racism forum,” he said.

    It would be refreshing if the British Broadcasting Commission had thought the activities of Her Majesty’s Government at an international conference was worth more than a by-the-way the British rep also left.

    BTW The correct adjective form of Iran is Iranian. SLOPPY :o(


  29. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Why was the BBC pretending that this time, the Durban conference was going to be fine, especially with Ahmadimjihadi giving a speech?

    Everybody knows what happened last time, and every time these jokers get together. Can’t the BBC admit that if Ahmadimjiahdi is invited to speak, then the whole thing is a joke.

    Not to the BBC, though. Just shilling for the cause.


  30. pounce says:

    I too am surprised at how the bBC covers this story. It appears from reading the article that Am-a-nut-Job is a just man and that the main force against him are only the Jews and their lackeys.
    The thing the bBC doesn’t bother mentioning is that those people who walked out represent countries where human rights are a given. (Yes the Old bill in the UK are getting a kicking at the moment. (well actually it appears they are the ones doing the kicking)
    Iran on the otherhand (like almost every other Islamic country) only respects those who follow Allah.

    Yet the bBC instead of reporting the news as it stands reports it as it presumes it should be. That is a stance against ‘Islam’

    But the most important question the bBC isn’t asking is;
    Why is Am-a-nut-job doing everything possible in which to vilify Iran in the Worlds eyes.
    Could it be that any future action taken against Iran and her nuclear ambitions could be classed as ‘Islamaphobia’
    I’m sure the bBC under Abu Bowen already has the script written out.


  31. Ricky Martin says:

    Of course, given Sheik Bowen’s unique take on Middle Eastern history, is it possible he was Fuerher Ahmandinejad’s speech writer at the farcical UN conference today? If not, he is assured a tailor-made job after the BBC Trust’s recent report on him.


  32. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    Has anyone mentioned this article in todays ‘Independent’?


  33. Peter says:

    Has anyone mentioned this article in todays ‘Independent’?…bc- 1669281.html
    Fat Face Penguin Seal | Homepage | 20.04.09 – 7:01 pm | #

    Noticed it, but I must confess that as it (like a few the Guardian trots out that they don’t fancy CiF’ing because it might not suit the narrative – as when their in-house Bowen-chum demanded to know why his mate Jezza was being hounded for being a pretty rubbish reporter and/or editor ) doesn’t have comments enabled just ignored it for what it was/is.


  34. Dagobert says:

    Although technically Israel is not a racist state – it is difficult to believe that Jews from Ethiopia and Poland, say, are the same race – it is a state which only welcomes as citizens people of one religion. Admittedly it has an Moslem and Christian Arab minority, inherited from when it was Palestine, but some Israeli political parties wwnt these people expelled.

    Having partially agreed with Ahmadinejad , he is himself a vicious racist. Apparently he is vehemently opposed to Israel, which recently killed about 1300 Arabs in Gaza, but has no condemnation for the racist massacre of 300,000 of his black co-religionists by the genocidal Moslem Arab regime in Sudan. But he is in good company here, since the BBC and our liberal elite have shown no concern recently about Sudanese Arab racism recently.


  35. piggy kosher says:

    The HYS comments on the boycott are rock solidly sane, with the apologists and nut jobs starting to appear on pg 3.
    A small victory methinks.


  36. deegee says:

    Fat Face Penguin Seal | Homepage | 20.04.09 – 7:01 pm

    Few people can claim to have been immortalised by a word. Think the sandwich, boycott and in Robert Fisk’s case ‘fisking’. The newspaper The Observer defined fisking as “savaging an argument and scattering the tattered remnants to the four corners of the internet.

    No, Robert Fisk doesn’t do that. His work is so full of ‘pusillanimous, cowardly, outrageous, factually wrong and ethically dishonest’ reporting that the only way to respond to it is a line by line rebuttal.

    I wouldn’t bother.


  37. piggy kosher says:

    There are two or three gutsy Iranian posters on the current HYS also.


  38. Ricky Martin says:

    Doesn’t it speak volumes about the weird mix of naivity and nastiness at work in the UN that they did not see anything wrong in inviting an unashamed bigot, homophobe, racist and holocaust denier to headline a conference on racism.

    What on planet are these idiots on? Didn’t it ever cross their politically correct minds that – despite the pressure of their Muslim masters – that the whole thing would backfire?

    I say Ban Moon now!


  39. piggy kosher says:

    Irans pres Adolf Dinnerjacket claims exemption from the Islamic crimes of homogenocide, paedophilia etc at this abortion of a gathering, by claiming it as “cultural diversity”
    Pass the sick bag Alice!


  40. piggy kosher says:

    A true democraic league of states now! let the barbarians and terminally, wilfully backward wither on the vine.


  41. Ricky Martin says:

    piggy kosher | Homepage | 20.04.09 – 8:27 pm | #

    A Union of Democratic States would quickly weed out the gangsters, thugocracies, authoritarians and reptiles.

    Oh dear, that means our government too……


  42. Fat Face Penguin Seal says:

    The problem with McCain’s plan for a league of democracies (or whatever it would have been called) is that Russia would want in, as they call themselves a democracy. All that we need to do is beef up and redirect NATO, nothing new needs to be created.


  43. pounce says:

    Watching this incident via CH4 I noticed that Am-a-nut-job is actually laughing as people walk out. Laughing so what does that tell me about his motives.
    Yet the likes of the impartial public funded bBC promotes this view that, this is simply a case of Islamophobia and that the jews are behind all this.

    Meanwhile Abu Bowen gets on his knees to swallow what his muallah unzips in front of him. Glug,glug,glug.


  44. piggy kosher says:

    Ricky Martin:


  45. Battersea says:

    News at 10: Al-Beeb gets Bowen to put Ahmadenijad’s words in the best possible light. Naturally Bowen, condemned recently for anti-Israel bias sees an opportunity to put the boot into Israel.


  46. Ricky Martin says:

    Battersea | 20.04.09 – 10:11 pm | #

    As I said before, that nasty little creep (Bowen) probably wrote the UN hate speech for that other nasty little squit (The Iranian Fuerher).

    Maybe the obnoxious and hateful Bowen is hoping for a job at Alja Jeering at the West or FrontLine, the Iranian propaganda channel once the BBC is finally dismantled and his invective makes him virtually unemployable outside of the rarefied world of the Beeb-Guardian.


  47. Ricky Martin says:

    Come to think of it the Iranian Fuerher is an ill educated ignoramus.

    He just can’t help himself. His view of history is warped by prejudice, Islamic fundamentalism, Jew hatred, childlike classes in the Mullah’s madrassahs, bigotry, street politics and stupidity.

    The perfect choice for a top job at the BBC!


  48. Grimer says:

    Paxman now trying to hold UK delegate to account for walking out of the conference.

    ‘Political Stunt’ apparently.

    ‘Don’t you believe in free speach?’

    ‘Why did you sit down to listen to him then?’

    ‘What is the difference between racism and Zionism?’

    ‘So is Zionism, just like some forms of racism’ [I didn’t fully catch this bit, might be worth getting it off iPlayer, it could be damning]

    ‘I’m-on-a-Jihad has won today’

    ‘In that case, why was he laughing?’

    ‘You did exactly what he wound you up to do’


  49. JohnA says:

    Glorious clip of the Libyan chairperson being mocked by a victim of vile Libyan actions :