Brown Boosting Choreography

It was interesting listening to BBC world service reflections on the G20 summit. The analysis focussed almost totally on the mood music- no mention was made of actual outcomes, as for instance the UK press has focused on. It was left to commentators to discuss that in a debate section.

The summit was presented mainly along the lines of personality. The BBC presenter couched the question as: the Obama – Brown relationship; respectful courtesy or something better?

How about utterly predictable, without political cost, and mainly for the cameras? In other words, no room was given for a genuinely critical perspective

The presenter continued:

Are we seeing the birth of a new and incredibly significant special relationship?

10 more years, I tell you!

The next question involved the comparison of the so-called “London Summit” with Camp David, Yalta, etc. Wow, that big huh?- until we were called on to remember that most summits are finally not too significant. Thus it was that expectations were lowered and Brown’s reputation elevated in the same broadcast.

Icing on the cake was the little ad for the BBC’s economic coverage which followed the broadcast, beginning with Brown’s gutteral “no time for a novice” soundbyte from one of the Great Leader’s top hits.

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11 Responses to Brown Boosting Choreography

  1. Gigits says:

    The BBC may be going all out to ‘Save Gordon’ but I think the vast majority of the public see through their clumsy machinations. Brown is, quite simply, terribly disliked.

    The only problem is that there does not seem to be a really viable alternative at the moment. The Lib Dem’s are a joke and the Conservatives are led by Dave ‘Tony Blair’ Cameron.

    I think a lot of people will simply not vote and, I fear, enough abstentions in a General Election will hand it to Gordon Brown (if he lasts until then).


  2. Cassandra says:

    Newlabour in association with the BBC world media empire are proud to bring you the special feature of the year….


    Starring Gordon Brown and featuring Barack Obama as they save the entire universe from evil and nasty capitalists out to destroy everything.

    The Tories will get a handfull of five minute party political broadcasts near the election, meanwhile back at the ranch, the newlabour party will get/is getting hundreds of hours of free primetime propaganda slots with adoring and fawning interviewers many with close links to the party they are supposed to be calling to account!

    The newlabour brand is about as appealing as a plate of cold dog spew to the electorate so the newlabour/BBC axis powers have their work cut out.



  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Can we start calling Gordon Brown “Obama’s Scottish Terrier” now?


  4. NotaSheep says:

    Some 5Live programme after midnight last night had people suggesting heroes or some such category. I heard Vince Cable being mentioned approvingly whilst David Cameron was denigrated.


  5. Cassandra says:


    The beeboid drone collective would rather have the libdems in power than the Tories if forced to choose, they may be political heretics in the eyes of the ‘pure’ socialist beeboids but at least they are nearly socialists and every bit as corrupt and dishonest as the newlabour commissars, in fact the libdems share many of the BBCs political ideals and goals so I suppose they would talk up the libdems wouldnt they?
    If you think that newlabour was terrible I can assure you that the libdems would be worse!


  6. jimbob says:

    the g20 afterglow has faded fast. and others have pointed out that emperor brown is wearing no clothes…

    “The true point is that despite The Guardian, the Daily Mail and BBC Online, united in describing the outcome with the headline “Brown’s new world order”, it is no such thing ”

    “In this sense, as in others, the London G20 meeting masterminded by Gordon Brown bore some resemblance to what JK Galbraith, in his book on the 1929 crash and its aftermath, characterised as “the meeting which is called not because there is business to be done, but because it is necessary to create the impression that business is being done. Such meetings are more than a substitute for action. They are widely regarded as action”.


  7. saucepan says:


    “The only problem is that there does not seem to be a really viable alternative at the moment. The Lib Dem’s are a joke and the Conservatives are led by Dave ‘Tony Blair’ Cameron.”

    Isn’t that what the BBC wants you to think?


  8. RR says:

    Was canvassing in a Labour marginal the other night. Never seen anything like it. People furious MPs looting the public purse. “Labour sleaze” will do for Brown. Oh, and the incompetence, of course.


  9. emil says:

    Sky’s rather helpful debt counter is rapidly cooking the charlatan’s goose on this one.


  10. Travis Bickle says:


    Barack I love you but we only have 5 minutes to save the Earth ……..


  11. CSS says:

    Somebody said this video site has Bush masterbating on it!! Filmed by secret service at the white house!! Then he has dinner without washing his hands!!