Hail Obama!

Isn’t the tone of the coverage of the G20 excitable and sort of hysterical?
“Obama Hails ‘historic’ G20 Summit” as a headline; subliminal message = “Hail Obama!, You’re Historic”

Then there’s this weird article breathlessly describing the mardi gras. Halfway through, under the heading ‘Achievements’ Dominic Casciani has suddenly written:

“The death of a man near the Bank of England appears to be a human tragedy.”

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41 Responses to Hail Obama!

  1. Battersea says:

    Quick everyone! Down your tools and rush to watch Airforce 1 at Stanstead. The One is leaving Britain. It’s on BBC Breakfast.

    And that includes you Winston Smith.


  2. Martin says:

    Battersea: More semi erections at the BBC then.


  3. Battersea says:

    Martin, have you heard the stock market guy just now on BBC1, Aaron something? He was having his own ‘le petit mort’ moment about the stock market.
    This is sickening beyond belief. How much longer can honest people take all this syncophancy?


  4. frankos says:

    More worringly –Brown as Chancellor of the World -look forward to the world suffering the same fate as Britain then.
    Does the BBC suffer from an acutely selective form of Altzheimers with Brown + Labour?
    Any bounce will be temporary and putting 2p on fuel just when they needed it like a hole in the head has enraged a lot of businesses.
    Brown is fatally holed


  5. mailman says:

    Yep, Al Beeb was going over the top last night in its fawning but what made me laugh were the political correspondents who were talking about Browns endorsement from the Light Worker when one of the goons said “Vince Cable didnt get the endorsement”.

    As if Vince Cable has a chance of being PM. Surely the more appropriate inappropriate comment would have been to say Cameron didnt get Barry’s endorsement?

    But god, arent Barry and his bint so beautiful! So much more so than us mere mortals! 🙂



  6. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Verging on homo-erotic fawning on GB and BO everywhere on the Beeb.It must be something they put in the coffee.


  7. frankos says:

    I see all the Leftie idiots have come out of hibernation and are blogging about the wonders of Brown again.
    Perhaps they have sniffed a new revival and hope that it will last until the next election.
    Unfortunately elections are won on domestic not foreign policy so with that in mind Labour are screwed.
    It is a wonderful thing to see how dumb these Guardian reading Brownites are.


  8. George R says:

    In contrast to BBC’s Dominic Casciani gushing for Obama, the BBC’s economic editor, Stephanie Flanders makes a sensible, sober assessment of the impact of G20 on the UK economy:

    “Bringing it all back home?”

    [Concluding extract]:

    ..”there is no getting round the fact that the greatest beneficiaries of today’s summit are not in a position to vote for Gordon Brown. When the leaders have all flown home, the story in the UK may be much the same as it was before.”



  9. JohnA says:

    George R

    Yes, Flanders was pretty balanced.

    Even Obama apparently said that G20 did not deal with the central question of toxic assets on the books of banks here and in the US.

    It is like an insolvent person having his house on fire, already on fire for a long time, but he decides that what is needed is expensive new landscape gardening plus a massive hike in charitable contributions – and a whole load more debt.


  10. Bert says:

    The Today program had Quentin Letts on this morning to talk about the G20. He said reporters had not been let anywhere near the politicians at any time during the conference and that all news from G20 was controlled and spun. So does the beeb dig deeper? No, wheel on Mariella Frostrupture to tell us what came out of the G20 is not as important as how wonderful Mrs The One is. I’m sure she wet her knickers at least twice during her peice.


  11. Jamie says:

    I was appalled that 5 live presented sound bites of Gordon Browns Speech summarising his success at the G20 talks interlaced to a sound track of The Kings of Leon: I could use somebody, on this mornings breakfast show. This was ment to be a news article but set out to deliberately glamorised Gordon Brown sucess at the G20. This treatment represents the BBC’s bias. Are we to expect all new articles to be given a make over sound track to indicate the mood at the BBC. Perhaps while Gordon Brown is announcing he’s put up Taxes on Fuel and the TV licence we could have that set to Stand and Deliver by Adam Ant!


  12. frankos says:

    Frosty has form with Brown –at least she has had the honesty to say she worships at the altar of New Labour and is to be generally ignored.
    Many others hide their shame under a BBC veneer


  13. Liquid P Gasse says:

    ..Am i alone in thinking that if Bush had presented the Queen with an ipod – or even spoken the slow, careful non-comments of Obama…there would have been general uproar and clever-arse self congratulation ….


  14. JohnA says:

    Apparently the iPOD contained video of Obama giving speeches. Probably the main purpose – the guy is an utter narcissist.

    IMHO he has insulted Britain itself as much as the monarch and PM by his crass gifts. Evidently he has not appointed anyone to deal with protocol – and his staff did not realise that the State Department has a full-time protocol unit.

    Now he has gone off to Strasbourg, still in a total security bubble – and I bet he does not really lower the boom on nations who are failing to give proper “ally” support in Afghanistan. France and Germany now have the uper hand financially – and they will use that leverage. Of course Brown himself has never demanded they up their military contribution.

    How are the mighty fallen !


  15. Hurf Durf says:

    I still need to get my head around something.

    $1 trillion to the IMF and $5 trillion to global “stimulus” (which always fail).

    Obviously you have to get that money from somewhere, so some of it will be borrowed from China.

    This will boost China’s surplus and run a greater risk of inflation in the West, creating a situation where the balance of power could shift even faster to the East.

    And the BBC are telling me this is a good thing?

    Today is the first day I’ve actually been angry about the financial crisis. I’m giving serious consideration to becoming a hermit.


  16. Suit Man says:

    France and Germany now have the uper hand financially

    Partly because they never bought into the Thatcherite bollocks that we did. Compound that with Blairite/Brownite bollocks that they also havnt bought into..


  17. Liquid P Gasse says:

    Why do BBC types never complain that Britain and US guaranteed security for them during the cold war by stocking West Germany with garrisons – to stop USSR invading – for 60 years – now its time to help us – and they dont – its indefensible – the gits! – but they get an easy ride from the media.


  18. Reimer says:

    Phenomenal gushing over Michelle’s visit to a London school on the R2 Vine show. What Diana was to Third World causes Michelle will be to career/life aspirations (aka talking about one’s self in grandiose but vague terms and one’s plans to make such talking into a career) given a hand from the MSM. Disadvantaged (or just dysfunctional?)parts of Britain are evidently an annexe of American counterparts, subject to the same issues and forces. Even the head girl at the school was foreign.

    Unintentional(?) irony of the day: heavy emphasis in the article on parental support & selfless contribution to shaping kids’ character was followed by a spin of Soul classic ‘I’m The Son Of Hickory Hollow’s Tramp’. Top banana.



  19. JohnA says:

    This New York Times article shows how Obama has retained most of Bush’s security policies – the opposite of what he was campaigning on – but has chosen to cloud it all in utterly spineless language.

    Having a socialist running the USeconomy is bad enough. But his foreign policy positions were well summed up by his deep deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, true brownnosing, compared with the properly-perfunct nod he gave The Queen.

    What a slippery piece of work the man is.

    Meanwhile – the BBC seems to forget that 46% of the US electorate voted against Obama – and there is much opposition to his crazy economic policies even among Democrats.


  20. JohnA says:

    Sorry – here’s the link to the NYT :



  21. JohnA says:


    I seem to recall that The One was a bit lacking in the parental support area when he was a kid ?


  22. Martin says:

    Nationwide were claiming yesterday that house prises were rising and remember how the BBC bigged that story up?

    Now we have another report that house prices are actually falling. That won’t be reported as widely on the MSM BBC.

    Oh and for all the BBC’s efforts, unemployment will hit 2.5 million by the summer and 3 million by the end of the year. Spin that BBC twats.

    The fat one eyed one is washed up and finished and if the Tories have ANY balls so will you drug taking bastards as well.


  23. Martin says:

    Suit Man: Not true. The Tories are to blame for 2 things.

    1. Taking us into the Common Market in the first place.

    2. Joining the ERM.

    Both screw up have cost us tens of billions.

    We need to get out of the EU. WE pour billions into the EU that go to France and other retards and we get nothing in return.

    Our fishing grounds have been fished dry and our ability to import cheap products from Australia and New Zealand have been damaged.

    We need to leave the EU now.


  24. Roxana says:

    An I-pod…and of his speeches yet! and I hear BO gave your Prime Minister a pair of DVDs, also of him?

    Oh dear.

    I apologize on behalf of the People of the United States. Okay granted the Steuben glass got a little monotonous but at least it had some class! It’s gonna be a loooooong four years.


  25. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    The swooning I take to be the search for symetry in the unbalanced mind. GB was the devil incarnate and the cause of all badness in the world, so The One who overthrew the devil must be the polar opposite, source of all goodness. Neither is true, but then the unbalanced mind has no external point of reference.


  26. Joe Noory says:

    It’s only a TRAGEDY if the victim in the incident conforms to some sort of political image that the BBC types would have sympathy for.


  27. knacker says:

    The BBC at full slobber and the smell of troll in the air, oh God, nothing new here then.

    To be fair, it’s a bit soon for detail and the bar’s too high for most at the BBC. Still, there’s one massive elephant missing from BBC coverage.

    The American voter will want to know exactly how much of the $1 trillion pledged to the IMF will come from the US and how much from the EU, especially Germany, and from China and Russia. Oh, and is Gordon about to put the British people’s money where his mouth is? Or is the UK now within the definition of basket case?

    We’re talking cold hard cash in all cases, not French strutting or kraut cant or pitiful Downing Street/BBC propaganda. Best guess is only China can box its weight, on wobbly legs at that.

    If Americans don’t like the answers, that’s the quick road to the end of One and lots of other things. Life will get much harder in Europe in any event, and the BBC can’t do anything except bullshit-as-usual. Doubt that’ll keep the peasants down.

    Interestingly, the heads-of-state posing at the summit seem to have placed their future in the hands of the American consumer, who ain’t feeling warm and fuzzy about our ersatz ‘allies’, who risk being accused of passing the buck one time too many.

    There’s also a decent argument for shattering the German economy for decades, just to encourage the others.

    The One is about self-preservation above all and won’t hesitate to act if he feels threatened. So, there’s a tough journey ahead for all. Sayonara, Gordon.


  28. Jon says:

    John Humphreys in full swing this morning on Radio 4

    “What can we make of the G20 triumph?” and then as an afterthought “triumph or not”

    It was so obvious that this last bit was slipped in.

    Then on the way home from work I heard some BBC reporter saying about Obama in Strasburgh (is that right?) – “I have seen many Presidents here in my time but the people are just lapping this up”

    The BBC are now making no pretence at impartiality.


  29. Jon says:

    “Vince Cable didnt get the endorsement”

    The problem at the BBC is that their Vince is not 100% behind Brown on this and the they don’t want to make people vote for the Lib Dems – may make it harder for Brown to win.


  30. adam says:

    fancy giving the queen an ipod. he really is a social bufoon


  31. Martin says:

    jon: They want people to vote Lib Dem not Tory, in particular areas where the Liebour party are not in the fight.


  32. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So is Gordon Brown “Obama’s Poodle” now?

    Also, did anyone hear an outcry over the massive carbon footprint caused by the President shlepping an entourage of 500 people, which required the diverting of cargo planes from the war effort?

    Or is it okay for The Obamessiah because, well, it’s Him? It’s not as if a President needs as many people help him attend the summit as the BBC needed to cover the Olympics or anything.


  33. Jon says:

    David Preiser (USA) | 03.04.09 – 8:45 pm |

    Indeed – Funny how the BBC mentioned the security when GW Bush came here.

    “Tony Blair has insisted he made the right decision by inviting US President George Bush to the UK as a huge security operation gets under way.”

    But when it come to the Great One, we get:

    “So it is easy to see why Mr Obama needs such a large back-up team to keep his presidential bubble inflated while he focuses on doing his job.”


  34. jimbob says:

    reimer – too true.

    the footage from elizabeth garrett anderson school was cringeworthy in the extreme. no one felt able to prick this balloon for some reason.

    two thirds of this school have english as a second language. their performance is pretty average for islington ( i.e extremely shit)and it seems that just ‘cos they is black michelle obama heaps praise upon them.

    i didn’t see one white face in the crowd – presumably educating white children is not a priority for the obamas ?

    most of the girls at EGA will not go to work anyway because their culture ( i.e their dads/husbands) will not let them.

    ofsted report on EGA here – getting better and hitting the targets as onw would expect in our socialist paradise ! only 8% permanent truancy ! carry on the good work, more money for education please!



  35. Jon says:

    “Gormless and his bosom friends at the BBC consider the whole idea of buying local as ‘protectionism.’ Sorry you bunch of environmental illiterates, it is ‘ENVIRONMENTALISM.’ It is very worrying. Throughout this whole crisis of the global economy, the BBC has never actually examined the alternatives. It has shown itself to be the propaganda arm of Government • the mirror image of East German television before the fall of the wall. Oh dear • and then there has been the appalling way in which it has shown the ‘violent demonstrations.’ More about that piece of police/TV choreography next week.

    So now we have another day • or even two • of globalised propaganda and brainwashing and then all these great world leaders will climb aboard their carbon footprints and globalise off into the sunset • leaving Gormless grinning, locked in the arms of the lovely Sarah • convinced that he has grown from Son of the Manse to World Statesman. Please pass me the bucket.”


  36. DP111 says:

    Jeff Randall sums up the position in the country.

    Forget the G20 mob, coping-class fury is about to reach boiling point


    Well worth reading.

    The country is fedup with the politicos and their lying. The deceit and immorality as they line their pockets from the common weal, while the wealth producing sector of the country lays off people, has meant that the country is a tinder box of anger. All it now requires is a spark.


  37. DP111 says:

    Ralph Peters writes of “President Obama’s foreign-policy botches have set new records for instant incompetence”.



  38. Jon says:

    DP111 | 03.04.09 – 10:45 pm |

    Brilliant – Sums up Britain today.


  39. JohnA says:


    That Jeff Randall article is excellent.


  40. mailman says:


    Eh, this guys should watch out or he will get a fatwa or summit!



  41. CSS says:

    Footage showing Barrack’s big you-know-what when he was in college!!