BBC guest selectivity

: it’s not just David.

“I should point out that Labour’s tax trap soon brought me a phone call from the BBC. Would I like to go on to condemn the 45p? If I said yes, that would make the story “Tory tax wars”, which they would love. Meanwhile yesterday an offer to appear on Newsnight to discuss the debt petered out without any explanation before I had the details of time and place, and an accepted offer to do the Today programme this morning on the same subject was cancelled. Was it something I said, or something I would not say?”

John Redwood reports on the Left’s agenda

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31 Responses to BBC guest selectivity

  1. Ron says:

    John Redw00ds a horrible little **** anyway, who cares what he said.

    more than anyone else it was him who brought down the tories in the mid 90s.

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  2. Cassandra says:

    Aaaah and so it begins eh? The editing out of the Tories and the highly selective interviews always done to minimise and obscure the Tory side.
    The dark art of propaganda has many facets and peddling the new labour/socialist/leftist narrative is only a small part of it.
    The Tories still seem blind to the BBC enemy, they seem unable or unwilling to grasp just how dangerous the BBC has become and just how much the Tories are despised and hated by the BBC, what will it take for the Tories to wake up to the threat?
    If the Tories win the next election they will be sabotaged form day one by an utterly hostile and bitter mortal enemy and yet the Tory high command minces on whistling a happy tune as if there is no problem!


  3. Martin says:

    Cassandra: I don’t know. I hopefully think that Camerons comment about freezing the TV tax was a shot across the bows of the BBC.

    I see the BBC were bigging up an opinion poll that claimed to show McSnot was only 11 points behind in the polls.

    McLiebour are f**ked and so is the BBC. If they want money for drugs, rent boys and expensive wine, they can bloody earn it themselves.


  4. Cassandra says:


    Threatening to freeze a tiny part of a multi billion pound income is hardly going to instill fear into the BBC monster is it?
    The threat of a public inquiry into the BBC may do the trick or the promise of a wholesale reformation or the dismantling and rebuilding of the oversight and quality control mechanisms and the removal of newlabour political appointees, these measures might well be effective in the short term. A long term solution is essential, root and branch reform of a corrupted monolith drunk on power and arrogant beyond belief is long overdue IMHO, a Tory regime that fails to deal with a dangerous enemy on its flanks will have big trouble on its hands from day one.


  5. Jon says:

    Ron | 22.03.09 – 2:27 pm |

    This has nothing to do with the person – but the BBCs agenda.


  6. Jon says:

    Tory regime that fails to deal with a dangerous enemy on its flanks will have big trouble on its hands from day one.
    Cassandra | 22.03.09 – 5:00 pm | #

    Except Cameron is not the one who will do it – I see him trying to use the BBC just as Labour has done – its all to do with power not principles.


  7. Cassandra says:


    Dave may well think he can either supp with the devil or come to some sort of arrangement, he may well think he can install a number of party hacks into the BBC high command, he will be making a fatal error, if he thinks that he can ride the tiger/buy it off or hypnotise it then he is in for a shock when the beast turns on him.


  8. Jon says:

    Cassandra | 22.03.09 – 5:17 pm |

    True – but Cameron was elected by the media for the media – the conservatives lost their nerve and their principles.


  9. Millie Tant says:

    I don’t know…but the problem is that Cameron, like many in this country, thinks the Biased Corporation is a venerable, valuable -indeed indispensable – British institution and he would no sooner threaten it than he would, say the Monarchy or Parliament. That is why all he would think of doing to it is to tinker around the edges.


  10. ed says:

    “I don’t know…but the problem is that Cameron, like many in this country, thinks the Biased Corporation is a venerable, valuable -indeed indispensable – British institution and he would no sooner threaten it than he would, say the Monarchy or Parliament. That is why all he would think of doing to it is to tinker around the edges.”

    That’s right, but I think that for most issues it is politic for a politician to be seen to think “like many” in his country. Does he actually? I don’t think so on this count, and I think the BBC will gradually be filtered into the private sector if the Conservatives win. But shhhh! don’t tell anyone!


  11. nrg says:

    I see another labour minister has been caught with is snout in the trough and his hand in the till. Today.

    Not that you would know from the State broadcaster which is busy trying to manufacture or exagerate differences of opinion over the opposition’s potential tax policy a year and more hence.


  12. nrg says:

    After some searching I did find a reference to today’s Labour sleaze buried well beneath the surface in the news website. Look how it is handled:

    McNulty defends expenses claims

    Tony McNulty: “I think I’ve complied entirely”

    Employment minister Tony McNulty has said he did nothing wrong by claiming second-home expenses on a London house where his parents live.

    A three strike repetition to spin thing for the corrupt labout sleaze merchant.

    This isn’t just propaganda, it’s BBC propaganda.


  13. David H says:

    Just caught the Sunday evening news – top story, no less – Tory `confusion’ over inheritance tax pledge! (Clark opens his big mouth and inserts foot!)
    Compare with the posting by nrg, above, Speaks volumes about the BBC’s agenda!


  14. Mark says:

    The most blatant bit of BBC bias you’ll ever see today.

    Tony Mcnulty accused of slease, where’s the story? Down the agenda under Jade etc.

    What’s top?

    Ken Clarke saying Inheritance tax cut maybe ‘put off.’ Hold the front page! Wow, amazing stuff.

    Yet the beeb are spinning this like there is a rift and let labour spokesmen talk about economic uncertainty in tory ranks.

    And the beeb come up with the spin of Clarke maybe a problem for the leadership.

    Maybe, the bias will become even more in your face now after the Cameron speech. But this is taking the piss, I saw the interview it’s the tamest thing going and they make this the head of the news.


  15. Martin says:

    Cassandra: Yes but there is a growing element within the Tory party that thinks they can finally move on the BBC.

    Most people now have some form of pay TV be it Sky or cable. The idea of paying for what you watch is no longer unusual.

    I think Cameron was sending a signal, not much of one (yet) I agree but I think as we build to the election the BBC will become ever more desperate to see the fat one eyed jock win.

    Just look at how the BBC through ‘balance’ out of the window with the corrupt one from Illinois.


  16. nrg says:

    Just watching BBC TV news, the Beeboids are going on and on and giving it the full bore Tory splits / Tories protecting the wealthy spin.

    Jade Goody second in the running order and it is being dragged out ad nauseum, looks like a desperate attempt to avoid covering the rest of the news.

    Not a word, yet, of Lord Myners running his tax haven business, of a Labour Minister trousering a dodgy £60k of taxpayers money.

    The Beeboids are really off the leash and have given up any pretence of quality, objectivity or balance.


  17. Andy says:

    Cameron will always get the shitty end of the stick from the BBC mafia and wants the BBC to believe that he will not destroy it so the BBC does not try and destroy the Conservatives.

    I reckon Cameron has one or two things in store for the BBC including a change in the funding model, but for now he has an election to win, and does not want to risk repercussions yet.

    He has already written that the BBC’s Telly Tax “tends to make the BBC instinctively pro-Big State, distinctly iffy about the free market and sometimes dismissive of a conservative viewpoint.”

    I think Cameron is right on this: first be nice as pie to them, then get into government then shaft the living daylights out of them.


  18. Martin says:

    nrg: The BBC have actually been spinning that having someone who is a tax dodger is a good way to plug the loopholes.

    So perhaps the BBC think we should employ paedophiles to Police child porn as well?


  19. David H says:

    It will be a glorious day if Cameron really does give the BBC a good shafting IF he gets elected. The BBC will do all in its power to prevent that.


  20. GCooper says:

    I have yet to see a shred of evidence to dissuade me from the opinion formed when call me Dave was given the driver’s seat: that he is a product of the media classes, chosen because he will get less of savaging from them than previous Tory leaders.

    Unless people have inside evidence, I can’t see why anyone would believe he will de-fang the socialist BBC.


  21. Martin says:

    Unbelievable!!! The BBC is running the so called Tory tax plan as the top story.

    Really above another Liebour scumbag fiddling his expenses? Or that 2 million people are unemployed?

    George Osborne gets another bucketful again.


  22. nrg says:

    Yes, an opposition party rethinking tax policy a year out from an eletion withression biting and Government scorching the earth is clearly mo newsworthy than a second senior current government caught in a big expenses dodge while dole queues lengthen.


  23. sawtooth says:

    The BBC’s current attempt to promote a “Tory Tax-Split Wars” narrative is an indication of why Cameron needs to be cautious at this stage in his approach to broadcasting reform. He needs to get elected first, and with a workable majority.

    Once in power, the Tories will find the BBC behaving exactly as they did during Mrs Thatcher’s term of office.

    But this time, there need be no mercy.


  24. It's all too much says:

    Front page of BBC web “views”

    Tory tax cut ‘not high priority’

    and in a small box on the politics page
    “McNulty defends expenses claims”

    Compare and contrast the style of headlines – guess which is related to Zanu-lab?


  25. Gus Haynes says:

    well martin to be fair, McNulty (bruiser) didnt break any rules, though thats cos the rules favour these corrupt politicians. The Tory tax thing is a bit of a storm in a tea cup, I am surprised its the headline. Still, its better that Jade Goodys death.


  26. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    Not good enough Gus – when someone claims they “complied with the rules” you get all the people that signed off those rules and you nail every one of them. Like the “anonymous” remuneration commitees that sign off Goodwins pension arrangements. There is an assumption that those who make the rules are entitled to be anonymous. Names that are not celebrity – “viewers wouldn’t understand” patronising nonsense.

    Nothing works better than NAMING the second tier. Like when you recognise the names of the same four trot-lawyers that represent terrorist mulims – the same ones every time. Louise Christian, Gareth pierce, Clive Stafford Smith, Michael Mansfield. Its not difficult.

    Journalists just yawn and avoid the follow through. If trousering £60k is “within the rules” its just as obscene and those who “make the rules” need to don brown trousers because we are on to them. They will become household names to.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Just what planet are you Dave-ists from?

    He only wants to freeze the licence fee for a year during this credit crunch.

    Thats a miniscule amount more than nothing.

    He also stated:

    “he supported the BBC”

    He said: “The BBC is an important national institution. I want to see it prosper and succeed and be a fantastic cultural asset.”

    He also said: “We are not cutting it, just freezing it.”

    He added specifically that he was a “supporter of the licence fee”

    So much for Dave.

    What a joke you are for believing he will say one thing then get rid of it/purge it in office.



  28. Millie Tant says:

    I agree with you Anonymous (except for the spelling of minUscule.) He really does revere the BBC and it would be simply unthinkable for him to do anything drastic to it. In fact, not many politicians would contemplate that, or be able to carry it out.


  29. Anonymous says:

    I stand admonished and corrected.
    How do I get spellcheck to work with haloscan?

    As for Cameron, his pronoucements have been more pro BBC than virtually any other Conservative and he has fallen over himself to be friendly to them.
    Even though a growing number of conservatives have wised up, Dave is alas definitely not one of them.
    I utterly reject that he will do anything after the election, too many saying he will are living in an unevidenced dreamworld.


  30. Millie Tant says:

    I stand admonished and corrected.
    How do I get spellcheck to work with haloscan?
    Sorry, I have no idea how to use a spellchecker with haloscan, unless one did a complicated copy and paste into Word… which would be far too laborious. I don’t even know how to do simple editing tasks such as using bold or italics with haloscan. Heh…


  31. xlr says:

    Anonymous | 23.03.09 – 3:07 pm

    Totally agree with you and have said so here before (I got admonished for it by someone from near Oxford!) bwaaa!

    Spellcheck, if you use Firefox then just tick the box in options, and install the ‘English’ dictionary plug in