Given that more people have died needlessly at Stafford Hospital than in the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED, I was wondering why the BBC is not running a new campaign to get the Healthcare out of the “quagmire” that is the NHS? No blood for bureaucracy?

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  1. Garden Trash says:

    I wonder what Sir Liam Donaldson,Chief Medical Officer has to say about.Ideal interviewee for the Turdy programme and NewsNight.


  2. centre-right says:

    Perhaps a bit of an odd comparison there, but it is the unfortunate end result of Stalinesque, heavy top-down government control. Whatever happened to having proper medical staff in control?
    You could probably cut the top half of the NHS workforce in half and deliver care that is at least twice as good. Mindboggling.


  3. centre-right says:

    oh, and c****** Brown apparently apologised, of all things, about the hospital mess.

    who knows, maybe it’ll catch on with him…


  4. David Vance says:

    centre-right – language!


  5. nrg says:

    Do you think Michael Moore would like to make a film about NHS? – remember how the Beeboids wet their pants over Sicko. Imagine how they would reacted if this had happened in an American hospital.

    This has gone past annoying, people are getting really angry. I doubt centre-right will be the last to succumb to a wee sweary.


  6. Martin says:

    No mention by the BBC that much of the mess created by this hospital was caused by its desire to be a Foundation status hospital, which of course was a Liebour policy and in particular was ONLY forced through by the block Scottish Liebour vote which as we know has opposed such similar hospitals in Scotland.

    You can’t help but think if the Tories had forced this on the Scots the BBC would have been up in arms.

    McPol Potty escapes again.


  7. Dick the Prick says:

    Fair point – well made. In PMQ’s I nearly fell off my sofa when GB said that it might be a good idea to see if any other hospitals suffered from the same problem. D’ya think? Maybe in a bit.

    Or alternatively – chuck £13bn at Connecting for Health with few discrenable results. Huzzah!


  8. Tarny says:

    even by the standards of pi$$ poor ‘analysis’ used on this site, this update is lame and pathetic. comapring NHS deaths to Iraq???

    A new low for B-BBC?


  9. d says:

    The Looney lefty empire is crumbling. Even Brown’s desparate borrowing will not save it. The Euro could collapse and so could the EU . Nigel Lawson recently said “socialism is a busted flush” The reality is that the left is desparate. What further harm will they do to save their own necks? It is little wonder that the BBC wishes to control the news and treats us like mushrooms ( keeps us in the dark snd feeds us on …..).


  10. martin says:

    Tarny: Utter nonsense. Liebour used the claim ’24 hours to save the NHS’ as one of their many pathetic slogans to get elected.

    We’ve seen billions pissed down the drain on the NHS with very little to show for it. Our hospitals are dirtier than ever, people are left to rot and die and you stand more chance of dying in an NHS hospital than you do in Afghanistan.

    The Liebour party have utterly failed the NHS, just like they’ve failed on reducing crime, cutting immigration running the economy or improving education.

    What they have done is boost the public sector by employing hundreds of thousands more ‘Tarny’s, Hillhunt’s and Gus Hayne’s types (mincing lefties) that is people who carry out no useful function yet claim a nice big salary off the state in return for a big fat X in the box for Liebour every 4 years.

    McPol Potty has totally wrecked England in particular and the UK generally.

    I don’t see the BBC going after this fat mad one eyed Nokia phone throwing jock twat in the same way they go after Caroline Spelman for example.


  11. Dagobert says:

    I was interested to be told that the hospital in Stafford employed too few nurses and doctors, but we were never told if there was also a shortage of bureaucrats. Anyone prepared to bet there was such a shortage. The best way to improve most public services is a purge of the pen-pushers with their useless degrees in Business and Administration and such like.


  12. Garden Trash says:

    “even by the standards of pi$$ poor ‘analysis’ used on this site, this update is lame and pathetic. comapring NHS deaths to Iraq???”

    Too true,even when foam flecked fanatics couldn’t kill as many as the NHS can with C Diff,prescription drug side effects,bad surgical procedures,misdiagnosis and super bugs.


  13. centre-right says:

    David: Apologies!


  14. martin says:

    Perhaps the Taliban are at work in our hospitals? Oh hang on the bastards already are!



  15. Garden Trash says:

    Amazing the NHS Bombers> It takes years of education to qualify as a doctor and these two couldn’t even blow their brains out properly.Sheesh,they can get retarded kids to do that,how qualified were they as doctors.
    Still,better they do this than have the facilities of the NHS to whack people.


  16. pmjk says:

    Bet these hospitals had plenty of outreach/diversity/smoke cessation councilors. You might have come in dying from an obvious wound but you can be assured your ethnicity was recorded! Still there is more jobs for the ambulance chasing ‘where theres a blame theres a claim!’ compo lawyers.


  17. Tracker says:


    The truth about the media


  18. Cassandra says:

    The NHS death camps can offer plenty of the ‘nu services’N’stuff’ quangocrats/beaurocrats/pen pushers/equality & diversity enforcers/lawyers/yuman rites enforcers/health’N’safety commissars(now there is a contradiction) nonjobbers/friends’N’family gravytrain riders on gold plated saleries and pensions!
    The NHS death camps have media’N’communication advisors by the bucket load, in fact the nu death’N’disease camps spend more employing the nu socialist parasite class than they do on cleaning! but hey, whats more important to the nu commissars, sick people or their own bloated sense of entitlement?
    The NHS management has become so bloated with useless non services whose only purpose is employ the nu parasite class that there is not enough cash left to provide clean hospitals!
    The BBC was so ‘concerned’ when the Tories were in power about NHS standards, remember the dozens of special undercover reports about all the Tory failures and shortcomings? The BBC took it upon itself to campaign against the hated Tories and their NHS funding levels, Oooooh look, where are all the damning reports about newlabour mismanagement and mistakes?
    Mass murder of our most helpless old people/sick people/helpless people, abuse of the most horific nature perpetrated by a nu socialist health system and the BBC are silent, almost as if the BBC are covering up the mass murder still going on in the NHS death’N’misery camps.
    The BBC are waiting for a Tory regime to come in and then their undercover units will spring into action with heartstring tugging stories by the bucket load!


  19. Middleman says:

    Death camps? Nothing like a bit of huuugggge exaggeration in the morning is there?

    Okay, that’s just an example of the rabid criticism of the NHS that surfaces whenever a scandal hits the headlines, so I’m responding to that here.

    The NHS is not a vile, negligent organisation hell-bent on killing as many patients as possible. Nor is it MORE likely you’ll die if you venture through their doors. In fact, the NHS is full of dedicated people, with a tiny minority of lazy incompetents making headlines. I know, I used to work closely with hospitals.

    The Staffordshire hospital is very much the exception rather than the rule.

    I also used to pass through Staffordshire for work, although never to the latest scandal-hit cess-pit. However, on more than one occasion I heard frightening stories about the place. Paramedics would drive emergency cases a further 10-15 minutes to Burton or similar hospitals because they were scared to take real emergencies to Stafford being one example. But the nurses and doctors who spoke personally to patients referred from that hospital ALSO FILED COMPLAINTS. But the real scandal – and one that the BBC should certainly pick up on – is that when a doctor or nurse has serious concerns about patient care at a different hospital all they do is fill out a form and send it off into the beauracracy, essentially a “Tell us what you think” form, and there is no facility to follow up the comments/complaint.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but so many commentators lump the NHS together under one vast entity, and it isn’t fair on the vast numbers of people who work there and work hard, caring for people who need it. In the vast, VAST majority of cases, doing it successfully.

    (If the Tories promise to do away with foundation hospitals and league tables, they’ll be on their way to sorting the problems).


  20. Preposteroso says:

    “more people have died . . .”

    So why not just offer the Taliban free treatment at Stafford Hospital?


  21. Robert says:

    Middleman: as far as I can see, this post wasn’t an attack on the vast majority of people working at the NHS, but rather on the BBC’s bias in shamelessly failing to carry out proper investigations into anything untoward in their favorite state-sector area. And so the comparison with Afghanistan IS fair, since when the slightest bit of bad news emerges from there, the bbc goes into all-out attack mode on trying to find “those responsible”.
    I’d like to agree with your paean to the NHS as a whole, but having had unfortunate dealings with the “New Royal East Surrey” in past years, I can only say that it wouldn’t surprise me if the Staffordshire debacle is the tip of an iceberg…


  22. Cockney says:

    To be fair Paxman absolutely mauled Alan Johnson on this fiasco the other night.

    The Iraq comparison only stands up if you believe that no allied deaths have been “needless” in the pursuit of freedom and democracy, or if you believe that Yanks and civilians don’t count. Otherwise it’s completely spurious.


  23. Chuffer says:

    I’d with Robert, who said: “I’d like to agree with your paean to the NHS as a whole, but having had unfortunate dealings with the “New Royal East Surrey” in past years…”

    My wife, my first child, my father and mother are all still alive DESPITE their visits to the Royal Hampshire in Winchester.


  24. ANTI-BEEBOID says:

    Stafford Hospital is a disgrace. Just like Maidstone and Tonbridge Hospital.

    Similar story too! Years of complaints by the public are ignored. No action taken by a self-serving bureaucracy until there are deaths and a public scandal. Top managers are suspended on full pay while there is an investigation. Finally politicians weigh in and top executives given pay-offs / retired early and told to keep quiet – only to be hired as consultants on bigger packages elsewhere in the NHS…

    I wonder how many other hospitals are in this state. My guess is that there are dozens that have been corrupted by government box-ticking management mentality and can’t see the wood for the trees.

    The BBC should investigate. You can be absolutely certain that if a private health care provider behaved in the same way there would be extensive coverage of the failures on the BBC. Yet coverage of Stafford Hospital was very limited and there has been no follow through.

    The real question here is not just why the hospital was allowed to get into such a bad state – but why nothing was done about serious complaints over a period of years.

    I was also surprised that there was such limited coverage by the BBC of the recent think tank paper by Reform on the public sector being politicised and unfit for purpose. Or maybe not…



  25. Garden Trash says:

    Having had personal and family,also friends, experience with the local hospital wild horses wouldn’t drag me in there.


  26. Alex says:

    “more people have died needlessly at Stafford Hospital than in the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED”

    That’s British military deaths only, I’m guessing. Obviously Iraqi and American deaths are entirely necessary.


  27. Chuffer says:

    Alex – welcome back!!!

    How goes the tumbleweed blog?


  28. Garden Trash says:

    “That’s British military deaths only, I’m guessing. Obviously Iraqi and American deaths are entirely necessary.”

    You would,quite erroneously.Necessity has not been mentioned in the equation.
    Obviously your lobotomy didn’t go too well?


  29. martin says:

    Cockney: How many soldiers have died as a result of their treatment (or lack of) in NHS hospitals? How many have died as a result of mental illness since returning from Iraq and Afghanistan because they’ve been failed by the grubby NHS?

    That is something the BBC really could investigate.


  30. Greencoat says:

    Not in my name!
    Not in my name!
    Not in my name!

    Oh – sorry chaps.


  31. Chuffer says:

    Over at Angry Young Alex’s riveting if sparsely populated blog (my visit probably boosted his traffic by 20%), he says:

    “It’s odd, being an ex-pat I don’t watch British TV…”

    It’s even odder that he should come to this blog to argue against us!


  32. it's all too much says:

    lets pretend for a minute.

    Imagine the reaction of the BBC if a hideously privitised Rail provider systematically killed half a dozen passengers a week, every week, for three years entirely due to “poor management”, and aiming to “game” performance statistics to ensure that they got a “gold star good boy sticker” to add to their logo.

    Imagine that the trains were so filthy that you vomited spontaneously on getting on board, that the train company made you wait for three hours and fifty nine minutes before letting you board the trains which then ran to the wrong destinations. Imagine that the junior drivers all worked double shifts back to back and that the signalmen were actually office receptionists with a single sheet of paper called “this is how to set a signal” for guidance.

    I am afraid the quangocrats that run the NHS have utterly lost sight of their real purpose. the whole “market reform” and “world class commissioning” structure (I am not joking) is simply pointless make-work to allow fairly useless middle managers to feel self important. their self important gaming and bureaucratic maneuvering has caused real suffering.

    Will the BBC come out with a “secret A&E receptionist” to film the abysmal performance of hospitals.

    Thought not