I had to check if the date was April 1st when I heard the BBC item that our Dear Leader was inviting the Iranians to combat climate change by expanding “peaceful” nuclear energy. Bet the Israelis will really love that! Naturally the paper tiger caveat from Prudence is that there will be (more) strict UN resolutions (the sort that we know don’t work) if the Mullahs do what they are doing anyway and develop nuclear weapons. Truly pathetic stuff from Brown, designed to ingratiate himself with Obama, and all without a second thought for the nation that Iran has clearly within its atomic cross-hairs. Not that the BBC like to talk about that aspect of things. Iran is just a friend we have to meet.

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  1. piggy kosher says:

    Lebonon being the legal entity recognised under international law, was thus fully responsible for its actions of harbouring and colluding with foreign Islamofascists for an act of aggression against a sovreign state. lebanon made an armed incursion into northern Israel, and Israel exercised her duty of self defence under the U.N. Charter.
    Is there anything you dont understand now?


  2. piggy kosher says:

    If you are normally sane Addy I apologise, but it sounds like youre having a bad post day.


  3. piggy kosher says:

    Ady. Sorry.


  4. piggy kosher says:

    Intrestingly Ady, you also inadvertently touch upon the alarming and sinister “casualisation” of any violent attacks made upon the state of Israel in the eyes of the world meedya.
    Few rockets from West Persia/Lebanon? Hey wot the hell? One in the eye for the Zionists yeah? A southern Israeli town paralysed by incessent rocket artillery attack for YEARS? Look theyre Joos OK?
    But any retaliation, its fecking genocide eh?
    When was the last time there was a appreciable B.B.C. news report about the Jewish victims of Palo/Leb/Persian murder? A quick shot of a funeral scene usually suffices, larded with the usual viciously ambiguous commentary.
    Ive used up a weeks ration of postings lol.