Hi all – been away for a few days and just back in time to catch the screaming headline from the BBC that…. a BBC survey shows that Universities would like to be able to charge students more in tuition fees. In what way is this news beyond the stating of the bleeding obvious? I would be surprised if any University refused the chance for a higher income stream! What would be interesting would be a BBC survey to show us how well the crop of graduates under Labour have been faring in the job market with their shiny bright new degrees from our State backed universities. Then again the Education debate is always framed in a particular way, isn’t it, with radical egalitarianism at the heart of all the BBC offer us up on this topic.

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  1. Tom says:

    Two thirds of students don’t pay the full amount of top-up as it is. The State discriminates on the basis of how rich their parents are.

    In any other context, discrimination on this basis would be denounced by the Left.

    However, because it allows the State to pick the pockets of the middle class yet again – they get away with it.

    If someone is 18, he/she is an adult. It shouldn’t matter whether their father’s a captain of industry or a road sweeper.


  2. Martin says:

    Tom: But that would show up the state comps (you know the ones Liebour politicians say are great but never send their own kids to) as being shite.

    Last night on the Sky News paper review that geordie big nosed tosspot Kevin MaGuire was spouting unbelievable bollocks about the exam results.

    Liebour actually believe their own hype.


  3. LMO says:

    That would be English universities only.


  4. nrg says:

    The normal logic is that graduates earn higher salaries in the long run and can afford student debt, or thet go into a socially useful profession (teaching) and get a discount.

    However Nu Labour has created a university system that churns out substandard degrees in Mickey Mouse studies and Minnie Mouse Studies(for the Wimmin) and Kill Mickey Mouse Studies (for the frothy mouthed Islamists – men only naturally) studies.

    Many of the graduates would be pretty unemployable if it were not for the BBC.


  5. Chuffer says:

    Odd. Was the headline always “Universities push for higher fees”?
    I’m sure it was different first thing.


  6. ipreferred says:

    Tom, isn’t it generally the case that if one is from a rich family, then one has enough savings, or free income from parents, to afford university easier? Making it cheaper for underprivileged students to finish their degrees and get a good job afterwards helps social mobility and is fairer. Top-up fees were bad enough to make it tougher for poorer folks to get degrees, any widening of this system would be a disaster.


  7. Dr Michael Ross says:

    Why doesn’t the lying, cheating, grasping, propandist BBC do a poll on whether people want to be FORCED to pay for the privilege of financing the disgusting BBC?

    Loathsome organisation.


  8. Lurker says:

    The attack is solidly on the middle class. Thats where most graduates come from.

    The children of ‘captains of industry’ are not affected either way.


  9. Reimer says:

    ANOTHER BBC survey? So Soon?

    yesterday R5 was trumpeting a survey of the public where a majority said they’d be prepared to pay higher taxes to ensure the forces were properly equipped. I’m all for making sure our people at the sharp end have the best gear & systems but couldn’t the money be found from the existing tax-take instead of hiking it up? Like redirecting the hundreds of millions paid to India, pakistan and other countries?



  10. nrg says:

    Next BBC survey is expected to show that “climate change deniers” and not bears shit in the woods.


  11. Greencoat says:

    Yeah, the Pope is a Catholic and he’s got the Lefties raging with his latest pronouncement on AIDS and condoms.

    Gotta love that guy!


  12. peejay says:

    Yeah, right.

    With those words he’s just condemned thousands of people to death. His comments go beyond left or right into the realms of dangerous stupidity.

    Stil gotta love the guy, eh?


  13. Greencoat says:

    It is the depravity that the Pope inveighs against that has created the AIDS scourge.

    Trying to stop AIDS with condoms is like trying to put out a fire with petrol.


  14. Anonymous says:

    “Yeah, right.
    With those words he’s just condemned thousands of people to death. His comments go beyond left or right into the realms of dangerous stupidity.
    Stil gotta love the guy, eh?
    peejay | 17.03.09 – 9:59 pm”

    Well he actually says that sex should be just for marriage.
    If that was truly stuck to there would be no sexually transmitted AIDS at all.
    So with his words he should be saving millions from death.
    But people like peejay only listen to the bit that suits them…


  15. cjhartnett says:

    Today is May 1st 2010 but ,no doubt: you will have seen these trends in the intervening two years so let it stand as a monument to perennial BBC doublethink.

    1. ANY QUESTIONS-yet again Dimbleby Minor brings his PC bandwagon with complimentary tissues to yet ANOTHER “elitist” private school…funny that these bien-pensants “honourers of the Tribune “seem only to use elitist academies, private schools and colleges as well as churches for their backdrops to lecture we ,the serfs :about the need for more inclusion and more “comprehensive” education isn`t it?
    In the light of this week-any chance that they might go to All Saints in Mansfield for an episode of the show soon?…no,thought not…they couldn`t lift a dumbell let alone use one to attack one of their “vulnerable” or “challenging” children.

    2. THE PAPAL VISIT-looking forward now to the “blue sky thinkers” give vent to how best to employ a visiting senior cleric or imam in the same “outside the box” spirit as they used on Benedict…don`t hold your breath! These fearless secularists seem to go all respectful when it comes to Islam…can you tell me why boys and girls?

    Feel free to read these again in two years time…the Beeb needs replacing!