So, here are tonight’s boneless wonders for us to dissect! We have Postman Pat, Charles Moore, Susan Kramer, Baroness Warsi, “comedian” David Mitchell and Mr Dimblebore. Hope you will be able to join in the liveblog. I’ve been away all day so just back here at B-BBC and looking forward to our usual cracking debate, regardless of what the panelists come out with!

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12 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE

  1. centre-right says:

    Why the deuce do they get people like David Mitchell on?
    Maybe they’re scared of Ian Hislop…
    It would be nice to see Jeremy Clarkson on.


  2. Reimer says:

    “Lots of teachers in tonight?” Dimblebum asked at the response to the fast-track-to-teaching matter’s elicited appluase. He asks as if he’s unaware of the apparent rules governing the composition of the audience.

    Re David Mitchell: when did so-called comics first get a regular slot on the panel? 10 years ago? less? I’m not a regular like many of you but am struck by the creation of a niche for (ostensible) entertainers. One way of looking at it is to call it the dumbing down of politics – the corollary (esp in the light of the story I caught tail-end of concerning 15 ‘comics’ protesting to Iran’s govt about persecution of Bahai-ists) is that the domain of entertainment has been subverted into that of doctrinal management.



  3. TaffSquaddie says:

    Lots of muslims in on about their rights to protest, but no one can protest about islam.
    Also why do people keep on about,their right to free speech? Yet the dutch mp wilder was not allowed to voice his opinion,cause it was anti islam


  4. Gus Haynes says:

    I assume David Mitchell, and his ilk, go on these shows as part of the BBCs attempt to draw in the ‘yoof’. Shame that no one remembered how little insight his like provide.

    He wants to increase the tax on flights….wtf? Does he know anything about the cost to the environment of flying? I doubt it highly.


  5. adam says:

    jesus. its amazing how terrible ‘this week’ is
    it gets worse and worse


  6. Dave S says:

    I find it odd that Islamists, who utterly reject our separation of church and state and of any law that is not the expression of God’s unalterable will, should claim the right to political protest. This being a secular tradition and ,as far as I know, not sanctioned by the Koran or in the Hadiths. But then human beings, by their very nature, lack consistency.


  7. The Beebinator says:

    i think for next weeks show we should have some sort of lottery about what the first question from the leftist scumbags will be


  8. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: The environmental cost of flying? So tell me Gus why so many of your leftist mates fly so much yet spout on about having to cut back on flying?


  9. John Michael Ward says:

    My long-term suspicion about the celeb/comedian position is that it has been a way to justify a five-person panel (not counting the chairman, of course) without apparent political slant, but mathematically of course it is generally a 3-to-2 Left-heavy panel.

    It isn’t difficult to pic=ture in one’s mind the production team’s thought processes leading to this wheeze, in the full knowledge that most celebs (and nearly all current comedians) are Lefties anyway, so there would be no difficulty achieving the BBC’s political ends via this device.


  10. emil says:

    David Mitchell had nothing whatever to say, might as well have had Geoff Hoon on the panel instead.

    Higher taxes are NEVER the answer , yet these trendy fuquits still bang on and on about how we spend what little we have left after brown has frisked us again and again already.


  11. Hugh Oxford says:

    Nothing against David Mitchell, but aren’t there about 50m people with proper jobs and actual life experience that might have something valuable to add?

    The BBC’s direction with joke panellists tells us a great deal about the insular and narcissistic mentality of the BBC and another reason to abolish the licence fee.


  12. Harry says:

    Does anyone watcgh this pc crap anymore? Really?