HI folks. If I seem quiet at the moment it is because recent events in Northern Ireland have resulted in a massive surge of traffic to my Tangled Web blog and it is taking up a lot of my time managing all of this. With the Daily Telegraph and – gasp – the BBC! – linking to my site, life is very busy. Please bear with me – I have not abandoned you!

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8 Responses to MISSING IN ACTION.

  1. Preposteroso says:

    Linking to your blog is hoisting themselves by their own disingenuous impartial petard.


  2. martin says:

    David. You really should listen back to the Radio 5 phone in this morning. Utter classic!


  3. Gus Haynes says:

    I’m so glad the mass media is picking up David Vance’s blog. Maybe now more people will visit this site and realise what a load of tosh the ‘bias’, aka, opinion, is.


  4. AndrewSouthLondon says:

    GH: No doubt some will, and no doubt some won’t. Most people look for sources that support their existing views. But then I expect many will find here support for what they have long believed – that the BBC is not fit for purpose as our national broadcaster. And they will find they are not alone in that belief.


  5. martin says:

    Gus Haynes: You really are a loon. You remind me of those mad people you see standing in the town square on a Saturday morning ranting on with no one listening ot them.

    As for bias. Perhaps you might like to explain why Radio 5 REFUSES to refer to the bushy bearded wankers that spat at our soldiers yesterday as Muslims? When they all clearly were?


  6. Gus Haynes says:

    Actually I do go to town centres and rant on saturday mornings. It’s uplifting.

    I don’t listen to 5live. The TV referred to them as Islamist. The world service beats 5live anyday, I’d only listen to it for the sport.


  7. I need medical help too George says:

    I dont need 5live for sport I pay plenty enough for satellite sports coverage.

    Why should I have to pay a compulsory regressive poll tax enforced by fine and jail for the inferior bBC service?

    If you want it then you pay for it or let it take advertising.

    Why should I pay for it

    Will you be paying my phone bill?

    Of course not.

    The licence fee must go.