“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which….”

I am advised that Mark Popescu, former Editor of Daytime News at the BBC, is joining the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as Head of News at the end of this month. “I am really excited by the challenge of joining Defra and will be working with the news team to develop the department’s communications strategy across all platforms.” Mark replaces Mark Devane, who is joining the BBC Trust as Head of Communications at the start of April.” Impossible to say which was which….

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32 Responses to NO DIFFERENCE?

  1. Garden Trash says:

    How much were the transfer fees?


  2. David Vance says:

    Too much.


  3. Jon says:

    More here

    “Scream if you wanta to go faster: it’s the BBC-Ofcom-government merry-go-round”


  4. martin says:

    The BBC and Nu Liebour is like a s**t stained arse and toilet roll. They need each other.


  5. Sproggett says:

    Ah, that famous revolving door between government and the BBC is still whizzing round and around and around…


  6. David Vance says:

    Here in Northern Ireland, there was a staged press conference at Stormont by the First and Deputy First Appeasers. Co-ordinating it was a certain Mr Stephen Grimason – chief spin-meister and ..yes, you guessed, former BBC senior political editor….


  7. Jon says:


    This must be at least one chpater in the book.


  8. BJ says:

    So journalists get job as press officers in shocker?

    I could reel off a list of former BBC journos who now do PR for private businesses, as well as those you accuse of cosying up to the state. There’s a former BBC political journo working as a (politically appointed) spin doctor to the Conservative mayor of London, as well.


  9. frankos says:

    says a lot about the BBCs neutrality then;
    I don’t ask a lot of the vastly overpaid parasites at the BBC, but I would be pleased if they wouldn’t flagrantly parade their political bias after assuring us all that they are our humble unbiased servants–


  10. Jon says:

    “I could reel off a list of former BBC journos who now do PR for private businesses,”


    One example of a BBC “Tory” – would you like to see the other side?

    Scroll down – and this is not all.


  11. BJ says:

    Jon: off the top of my head, there is Darshini David (Tesco) Simon Montague (Eurostar) John Gelson (National Express). I can’t be bothered to research the others: it’s late.

    And Frankos: in what way is Mark Popescu’s new job at Defra “flagrantly parading his political bias”? He’s a civil servant, and will presumably keep his job when the Conservatives get in.


  12. GCooper says:

    BJ: Just out of interest, you sweet old fashioned thing, do you genuinely believe the civil service is politically unbiased?

    Or is this just another Reithian conceit?


  13. frankos says:

    point is why are so many taxpaid BBC employees so politically active and biased?
    I didn’t metion Popescu in particular, but why do we seem to be subsidising a breeding ground for unbalanced reporters and self serving semi politicos?


  14. Jon says:

    “Darshini David (Tesco) Simon Montague (Eurostar) John Gelson (National Express)

    Yes but so what? These companies do not live off the tax payer -they do not put out news that is supposed to be unbiased. They do not pass laws, they do not run the country.


  15. Jon says:

    GCooper | 12.03.09 – 12:58 am |

    I can tell you with experience that they are not.


  16. Robin Horbury says:

    BJ…that’s naive beyond words. The whole point of the NuLab spin machine is that it politicised from day one previously neutral civil servant posts. Alastair Campbell’s first job when he came in was to boot out all the senior communications people and replace them with aparatchiks of the calibre and mien of the delightful lady who is best remembered for burying news on 9/11.

    Bernard Ingham wrote an admirable book about this called Shoot the Messenger, in which he documented every sordid step of the way.

    From the other side of the coin, Martin Sixsmith, the former BBC journalist-turned-spinner, has recounted how he got his fingers burnt by the process.

    Of course, BBC journalists do go to jobs in places like Tesco, too, but it’s usually because the hirers know they have good connections with NuLab. And NuLab regards the corporation as its main recruiting ground.


  17. frankos says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens to these workshy maggots when the insanely expensive and cancerous New Labour project collapses.
    They might just get minimum wage


  18. Umbongo says:

    Transfers between the BBC and “big business” are not evidence of the impartiality or even non-bien pensant politics of BBC employees but rather of the corporatism rife under Labour. As Iain Martin writes in the Telegraph this morning, the Lloyds debacle is an example of the way big business and the government – and, I would add, the government’s broadcaster – have cosied up to each other since 1997. As Martin also writes, the Conservative passivity in the face of the Lloyds scandal is a scandal in itself.

    Another facet of corporatism is the corporate climbing on to the AGW/”sustainability” bandwagon: a bandwagon given an extra heave by the shedload of warmist propaganda on “Today” yesterday at 8:10 am and BBC News at 10 yesterday evening.


  19. Backwoodsman says:

    As defra is a combination of all that is wost of the civil service and all that is worst of nulab idealogical suppression of the indigenous rural population, a beeboid will feel particularly at home there. He probably intends to moonlight for the shower of useless c**ts at natural england in his spare time.


  20. Tom says:

    What bugs me about the Popescu/Devane job roundabout is the huge waste of public money involved.

    If the BBC already had a man like Popescu on its books, who wanted to move into PR, then why not move him straight into the vacant slot at the BBC Trust? He would have the advantage over Devane of knowing a lot about the BBC and how it works.

    Meanwhile, it would be cheaper for Defra to retain the services of Devane, who knows all about Defra stuff, rather than teach Popescu one end of a cow from the other.

    No doubt two lots of recruitment agents have collected two hefty fees from the tax/licence payer for no apparent gain to the public.


  21. Derek W. Buxton says:

    What makes you think that DEFRA know one end of a cow from the other? Seems a big jump in logic to me.



  22. JohnA says:

    Many of then don’t know the difference between a cow’s ass and a pillar box.

    So never give them a letter to post.


  23. Tom says:

    Derek W. Buxton | 12.03.09 – 3:22 pm

    Yes – you’re right. A wholly foolish and unwarranted assumption on my part.


  24. martin says:

    Talking about fat useless ex BBC twats, Toynbee was on Radio 2 making accusations that the Tax Payers Alliance is just another arm of the Tory party and has no right to hold the public sector to account.

    Toynbee then ranted on about the private sector not being so scrutinised.

    But of course we’re not funding the private sector, if a private company f**ks up their management usually gets the chop. Oh and try to find out what a beeboid gets paid and the BBC claim that that information is private. Yet private companies are told by leftie dykes like Harman that they must publish their salaries so ‘wimmin’ can see they are not being victimised


  25. frankos says:

    Martin, I believe Polly Toynbee is a Tory plant as she is the best advert for Thatcherism since Scargill.
    I love her stupid rantings as every time she opens her dumb mouth every average hardworking real person in this country sighs in unison.
    The Left will be slaughtered in the next election if she is their mouthpiece!!!!


  26. Backwoodsman says:

    Derick / Tom / John

    I can confirm , and I’m sure Chuffa will back me up, that the only interest or knowledge that defra have in cows, is how to gold plate any EU directives concerning them, so as to cost UK agriculture as much expense and inconvenience as possible !
    Martin, Yes the Taxpayers Alliance are now up there with The Countryside Alliance , as SCARY BAD ORGANISATIONS in beeboid eyes – to be denigrated at every oportunity by all left thinking beeboids.
    Potty Polly of course, thinks we should give the civil service as much of our money as they want, and is incensed that the Taxpayers Alliance have the temerity to contradict her !


  27. RR says:

    As the grand-daughter of an earl, and someone who failed her 11+ but somehow still managed to get to Oxford (where she failed her degree), I’d say Polly Toynbee would have a natural attachment to the hereditary principle. Nowadays that makes her Labour. Self-made successful people are her sworn enemy. Got to keep the masses down, eh!


  28. Bobzilla says:

    Toyn’bee in her bonnet’ is like Tony Benn who is a former vicount.

    They’re narcasistic egotists in love with the sound of their own voice.

    They just want to destroy what they’re not good enough to be.

    ‘lesser spawn of greater sires’


  29. Sarah Jane says:

    If you knew how many ex-beeboids were at Google, then you would be really worried. At least in the Civil Service they are in the publice eye and not in a position to do much real damage. In fact I might invest in some tin know for when the news gets out.

    Polly Tonybee is a work of satirical genius. That is the only plausible explanation for her.


  30. Sarah Jane says:

    Hmm have I invented a new word?


  31. martin says:

    Get Toynbee and Littlejohn back on QT.


  32. Bobzilla says:

    ‘Narcissistic egotists’

    Sorry about the piss-poor spelling